Newsbrief: Board of Education approves condom use initiative

Nov. 14, 2002, midnight | By Nora Toiv | 20 years ago

The Montgomery County Board of Education passed an initiative that allows health teachers to demonstrate the correct use of condoms through a 10-minute in class video.

The initiative was passed on November 12 and was originally introduced by Blair health teacher Susan Soule. Soule first brought the idea forward in September 2000. After the introduction of the initiative, Soule was told to rewrite parts and to provide the board with more information. Finally, after being tabled numerous times, the initiative passed 4-1, according to The Washington Post.

Soule made the condom video and said that the board might use it but that she is not sure. She said that the reason they are starting with a video instead of direct demonstration is that some health teachers were "nervous" about displaying the correct usage of condoms. Soule feels this initiative is just the first step in teaching students more about the correct use of condoms. "This was a good concession," said Soule. The initiative "broke the ice."

According to the Post, students will only be allowed to view the video with parental permission.

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