Newsbrief: Planbook errors

Sept. 11, 2003, midnight | By Kedamai Fisseha | 20 years, 9 months ago

The mistakes in the 2003-2004 plan books will soon be fixed, administrators said on Wednesday. In the attached email to Silver Chips, Assistant Principal Pamela Shetley reported:

"There are a number of calendar errors in the 2003-04 Blair student handbook for the months of September - February. These errors are among others that the company was asked to fix in August when they submitted the first draft of the plan book. After speaking with the Squibb Company, and expressing great dismay, they are offering a number of alternatives to compensate for their error, which includes replacing the handbooks. Not passing out the handbooks and sending them back to be replaced would have created a great delay for the students, which was not a viable option.

Squibb Printing Company will be sending Blair a set of stickers for students to make corrections to the student handbook calendar errors. They will be sending one set of stickers for each booklet in the building. In conjunction, to compensate for their error, they will be giving us a discounted rate on the price of every booklet and forwarding Blair 700 (error free) booklets.

The stickers should arrive no later than Monday, Sept. 15th. Information regarding how to disseminate the stickers will be forthcoming."

Errors identified thus far...

Calendar Page for September
1. add wording for September 9: Registration Deadline for Oct. 11 SAT
2. add wording for September 11: Back to School Night
3. add wording for September 23: PTSA Meeting - 7:30pm SAC
4. add wording for September 22: Yearbook Portraits
5. add wording for September 23: Yearbook Portraits
6. add wording for September 26: Registration Deadline for Nov. 1 SAT
7. delete wording for September 16th (PTSA Meeting)
8. delete wording for September 18th (Back to School Night)

Calendar Page for October
1. add wording for Oct. 30: Registration Deadline for Dec. 6 SAT
2. add wording for Oct. 24: Homecoming Parade and Game
3. add wording for Oct. 24: Pep Rally
4. add wording for Oct. 25: Homecoming Dance

Calendar Page for November
1. add wording for Nov. 8: FIST Conference
2. add bar for November 14th and 15th: Fall Play: Pericles
3. add bar for November 21st and 22nd : Fall Play: Pericles
4. Nov 21, should read--Odd (In calendar portion of handbook---student homework page for Nov. 21 is correctly written as an odd day)
5. delete wording for Nov, 11: No School (It should just read "Veteran's Day")

Calendar Page for December
1. add wording for Dec. 22: Registration Deadline for Jan. 24 SAT
Calendar Page for January
2. delete partial wording for December 8th (Media Center) It should just read "9th Grade Parents Meeting – 7:00 p.m."

Calendar Page for February
1. add wording for February 20: Registration Deadline for March 27 SAT I only
2. delete "even" and "odd" boxes at the bottom of the page (after Feb. 29th- in the empty boxes)
3. February 20th – change time from 7:00 to 7:30 p.m. for Magnet Arts Night

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