NFL - Week 10 predictions early edition

Nov. 5, 2008, midnight | By Sean Howard, Anshul Sood, Kevin Teng | 13 years, 6 months ago

Thursday night football gets us started early

Welcome to an early edition of SCO's NFL predictions. Thanks to the Cleveland Browns and the Denver Broncos, football fans get an early dose of action on Thursday night. Our regular recap of last week will come in the full edition of this week's picks in the next few days, but to get you started, let's see how our experts fared last week.

Kevin maintains a strong lead, but Anshul and Sean were both able to narrow the gap. There is still plenty of football to be played. Can Kevin be caught, or will he be like Usain Bolt and dash past the competition?


Last weekSeason total
Anshul 9-577-53
Kevin6-8 84-46
Sean 7-7 74-56

Thursday November 6, 2008

Denver Broncos (4-4) at Cleveland Browns (3-5)

Anshul Kevin Sean
Denver Denver Denver

Anshul says:
I've waited as long as Cleveland fans to see Brady Quinn in action, but that doesn't mean I expect him to guide the Browns to victory. Braylon Edwards has had problems catching the ball all season, including the drop on the deep pass against the Ravens last week that may have cost them a win. The Browns have too many problems for Quinn to fix on his own.

Kevin says:
Once upon a time this season, the Broncos were crushing. Now they're downhill. But the Browns are even worse; I don't know how they beat the Giants. With a new quarterback, the Browns will struggle.

Sean says:
Once upon a time, there was a team called Cleveland and they were awesome - once upon a time.

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