NFL Week 13 Predictions

Dec. 1, 2014, 1:21 p.m. | By Robert Pfefferle, Agam Mittal, Samuel Popper, Sasha Tidwell | 6 years, 4 months ago

1. Sam: 116-60
2. Bobby: 110-66
3. Sasha: 108-68
4. Agam: 105-71

Due to thanksgiving travels, this issue of NFL Predictions is being posted a day late, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Photo: Wisconsin forward Frank Kaminsky is wisely regarded as one of the best players in the country

Bears at Lions
Sam: Lions
Bobby: Lions
Sasha: Lions
Agam: Lions

Sam says: The Bears defense has more holes than Spongebob, they've allowed more than 100 points in their last two road games. I like the Lions to score early and often in this one.
Bobby says: Calvin Johnson hasn't been at full form once this year, but this could be his breakout game against Chicago's secondary. Jay Cutler is also turns the ball over way too much for the Bears to stand a chance.
Sasha says: The Lions powerful offense will ravage this Bears defense. Detroit also has the top defense in football.
Agam says: The Lions have one of the league's best defenses, whereas Chicago has one of the league's worst. Wide receivers Megatron and Golden Tate should have big games on Turkey Day.

Eagles at Cowboys
Sam: Eagles
Bobby: Eagles
Sasha: Eagles
Agam: Cowboys

Sam says: If the Cowboys win this game, it will be because of their powerful offensive line. However, Chip Kelly's coaching is trend setting. The Eagles will pull something out of the hat to win this one.
Bobby says: The Cowboys are one of the most overrated teams in the NFL. DeMarco Murray is a great running back, but don't be fooled by Tony Romo's inconsistency. LeSean McCoy will power the Eagles to victory.
Sasha says: The Eagles running game hasn't been as strong as they would like it to be but this Eagles offense is still potent under Chip Kelly. Philly will pull this one out in Dallas.
Agam says: The Eagles can get after the quarterback but the Cowboys can ride their balanced offense to beat the Eagles and QB Mark Sanchez, who butt-fumbled the last time he played on Thanksgiving.

Seahawks at 49ers
Sam: 49ers
Bobby: Seahawks
Sasha: Seahawks
Agam: Seahawks

Sam says: In the last five games in this heated rivalry, the home team is undefeated. I like the 49ers to pound the football and control the clock, much like the Cowboys did to beat the Seahawks in Seattle.
Bobby says: The Seahawks have been hard to understand this season, but after beating the Cardinals last week, look for them to keep rolling all the way into the playoffs.
Sasha says: Seattle's defense has shown some serious life as of late and the San Francisco offense is on a skid. Look for Lynch to have a large amount of yardage and lead his offense to victory.
Agam says: The Seahawks are back to playing the ground-and-pound football that won them the Superbowl, and the 49ers and their struggling offense won't be able to stop them.

Redskins at Colts
Sam: Colts
Bobby: Colts
Sasha: Redskins
Agam: Colts

Sam says: The Redskins management is just embracing. At the end of the season, Dan Snyder will have to make a decision between his QB and his Coach.
Bobby says: The Redskins have had trouble all season on offense, and while the Colts defense isn't anything special, it's enough to shut down Colt McCoy.
Sasha says: Colt McCoy will save the day and win his third game of the season.
Agam says: Colt McCoy should at least partially improve this Redskins offense but their secondary is a mess and Andrew Luck should have a good day for fantasy owners.

Titans at Texans
Sam: Texans
Bobby: Texans
Sasha: Texans
Agam: Texans

Sam says: This pick is an easy one, the Texans defense will be too much for the Titans
Bobby says: Neither team has much going to talk about. The difference between them is the Texans have J.J. Watt.
Sasha says: This defense will shut down this weak Titans offense. Tennessee's #1 target, Delanie Walker, will also be needed to block J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney so he will be lost from their passing game.
Agam says: The Titans' run defense ranks last in the NFL, and Arian Foster may be coming back for the Texans, who is seventh in the league in rushing despite missing 3 games. This does not bode well for the Titans.

Browns at Bills
Sam: Browns
Bobby: Bills
Sasha: Browns
Agam: Browns

Sam says: The Browns defense is allowing about eight points per game in the second half. Easily the best in the NFL and a pretty exceptional total. The explosive Bills wide receiving corps is just too inexperienced to matchup with the veterans the Browns have in their secondary.
Bobby says: The snow has cleared out and the Bills fans are ready for a pivotal AFC win. Kyle Orton isn't too bad and should be able to take down the Browns defense.
Sasha says: This is a very weak Bills defense and the Browns can handle it.
Agam says: The Browns have won 6 of their last 8 games and now they have TE Jordan Cameron and WR Josh Gordon back. With a good run game and an improved passing game, they look like one of the better teams in the AFC as long as Hoyer is accurate.

Chargers at Ravens
Sam: Ravens
Bobby: Ravens
Sasha: Chargers
Agam: Chargers

Sam says: After their nice win in New Orleans, the Ravens seem to be clicking. In a division where they need to keep pace with all three other teams, the Ravens need a win today and will get it.
Bobby says: The Ravens are one of the most underrated teams in the NFL. With the best defense in the league, it creates plenty of opportunity for Average Joe to connect with his targets. It turns out Justin Forsett runs like a gazelle, too.
Sasha says: The Chargers will turn it around this week. Their defense is underated and Rivers looks to have a bounce back performance in Baltimore.
Agam says: Justin Forsett is having a career year for the Ravens, and if their offensive line can hold up then Flacco should have a good day. Rivers and the Chargers have struggled of late and now are facing a good Ravens team on the road.

Giants at Jaguars
Sam: Giants
Bobby: Giants
Sasha: Giants
Agam: Giants

Sam says: The Jaguars may never win again. The Giants will improve to 4-8 in a high scoring game.
Bobby says: Eli Manning hasn't looked good all season, but against an atrocious Jaguars defense, Odell Beckham Jr. will be seeing plenty of end-zone.
Sasha says: Rashad Jennings looks to have his first breakout game since coming off of his injury against one of the worst run defenses in the league.
Agam says: The Giants are only 3-8 and their season is over, but emerging star Odell Beckham Jr. should do some damage against the poor Jaguars secondary.

Bengals at Buccaneers
Sam: Bengals
Bobby: Bengals
Sasha: Bengals
Agam: Bengals

Sam says: In such a close division, the Bengals need a win badly this week.
Bobby says: After wins in New Orleans and Houston, the Bengals should continue to pound through the Buccaneers. Andy Dalton has been shaky this season, but the Bucs defense won't do much about it.
Sasha says: Andy Dalton will have a field day with his number one receiver back against the awful Bucs pass defense.
Agam says: With A.J. Green back, Andy Dalton has looked very good these past two weeks, although it was against bad defenses. The Bengals faces another bad defense this week and their powerful duo of running backs and elite receiver should overwhelm the Bucs.

Raiders at Rams
Sam: Rams
Bobby: Rams
Sasha: Rams
Agam: Raiders

Sam says: People forget just how much talent the Rams got in the RG3 trade. They are a good team with a bright future.
Bobby says: Let's be real, Oakland might have won a game, but they're still the worst team in the NFL. They don't stand a chance against a St. Louis team that has beaten Seattle, Denver, and San Francisco.
Sasha says: The rams have some terrific young talent and they have the firepower to beat any team in the NFL. Look for them to dominate this Raiders squad.
Agam says: Can the Raiders actually go on a win streak? I think so, as Derek Carr is looking good and the Rams have shown that they can be very inconsistent.

Saints at Steelers
Sam: Steelers
Bobby: Steelers
Sasha: Saints
Agam: Steelers

Sam says: After being on the Saints bandwagon, they have lost my support because of the holes in their offense.
Bobby says: The Saints just dropped three games at home, and give no indication that they can win on the road. Le'Veon Bell will break down the defense and run the Steelers to victory.
Sasha says: The Saints have been inconsistent but I think they have figured out their offense. Look for Breeze and Ingram to have big games in Pitt.
Agam says: The Steelers are undefeated at home this year and their powerful offense should exploit the Saints defense that is a shell of its former self.

Panthers at Vikings
Sam: Panthers
Bobby: Vikings
Sasha: Vikings
Agam: Panthers

Sam says: The Panthers have a great defense and are still alive in their division. The Vikings can't say any of those things.
Bobby says: The Vikings record doesn't quite agree, but the Vikings have been improving each week. Teddy Bridgewater is settling into his role at quarterback, and the defense has toughed it out with some of the best in the league. Vikings roll.
Sasha says: Cam Newton is the most inconsistent QB in the league and I don't trust him in this matchup.
Agam says: Coming off their bye, I think the Panthers set things straight and get back to their winning ways against the Vikings, who are without RB Jerick McKinnon.

Cardinals at Falcons
Sam: Cardinals
Bobby: Cardinals
Sasha: Cardinals
Agam: Cardinals

Sam says: The Falcons in the past three seasons have gone from a Super Bowl contender to an underachieving team to just a poor team this year.
Bobby says: I've officially given up on the Atlanta Falcons. Matt Ryan is frustrating to watch, and the team doesn't have a go-to running back. Arizona is coming off a loss, but that doesn't take away from the fact that they're one of the best teams in the league.
Sasha says: The Falcons are in first place but they are 4-7. The Cardinals will show them how a real first place team plays.
Agam says: The Falcons just can't seem to win consistently enough, even when it seems like they outmatch their opponents. The 9-2 Cardinals, on the other hand, are tied with the Patriots for the best record in the NFL and should bounce back from their loss to the Seahawks last week.

Patriots at Packers
Sam: Patriots
Bobby: Packers
Sasha: Patriots
Agam: Patriots

Sam says: What a big game this is! This is the game that the Patriots signed those two shutdown CBs for. The Pats complex defense and unpredictable offense will get a huge win.
Bobby says: Ah, now the fun stuff. Both teams are on top of the world right now, being lead by two superstar quarterbacks. In Green Bay however, Aaron Rodgers has the advantage. Eddy Lacy has also turned his season around, and is once again one of the best running backs in the NFL. The Packers are going to need him to take down the Patriots defense.
Sasha says: Brady will beat Rodgers.
Agam says: This is the first matchup ever between two of the best players to ever wear the number 12 - Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. This should be a great game that I think the Patriots will win because they have the more consistent defense and running attack, although Eddie Lacy has been great for the Packers of late.

Broncos at Chiefs
Sam: Chiefs
Bobby: Broncos
Sasha: Broncos
Agam: Broncos

Sam says: With just a 2-3 record on the road, the Broncos are not a feared team away from home. The Chiefs will rally, pressure and run the ball in route to victory.
Bobby says: Kansas City is one of the best teams at home, and one of the few teams to beat the Patriots. However, they looked awful against the Raiders last week. The Broncos offense will get it going in Kansas City.
Sasha says: The Chiefs are still crumbling from last weeks loss. Look for the Broncos to take advantage of this and get back to .500 on the road.
Agam says: The Broncos are still a bit banged up but it's hard to pick against them as the Chiefs just lost the Raiders a week ago.

Dolphins at Jets
Sam: Dolphins
Bobby: Dolphins
Sasha: Dolphins
Agam: Dolphins

Sam says: The Jets have just no talent offensively. Hard to win with that, even with a great defense.
Bobby says: The Dolphins are going to do anything they can to push themselves into the playoffs, including beating the Jets.
Sasha says: This Jets offense is already horrible and this Dolphins defense is one of the best in the league. New York will get shut down at home.
Agam says: The Dolphins lost a close game to the Broncos last week but face a much easier test this week against the Jets, who struggled mightily to get anything going against the Bills in Detroit, even on turf.

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