NFL Week Eight predictions

Oct. 28, 2005, midnight | By Abe Schwadron, Josh Zipin, Pratik Bhandari | 16 years, 3 months ago

Senility sets in

Amazing...Phil "forgot" to do his picks and Josh "forgot" to do the Monday Night pick. Amazingly, Abe remembered how to do his picks and actually sent in all the games. I should give him a raise. Let me see, 10% of nothing is...uh...carry the 0...oh yeah, nothing so he gets nothing + nothing = nothing. All right, now that I've ridiculed my colleagues, on to the picks...


Pratik 53-49-0
Abe 62-40-0
Phil 52-50-0
Josh 60-42-0

Last Week

Pratik 7-7-0
Abe 10-4-0
Phil 7-7-0
Josh 10-4-0

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Arizona (2-4) at Dallas (4-3) - 1:00 p.m.

Pratik's Pick Abe's Pick Phil's Pick Josh's Pick
Dallas Arizona - Dallas

Pratik says: As much as I loathe to pick Dallas to win, even I can't see a way that they can mess this one up. Look for an ugly Dallas win down in that ugly stadium of theirs.

Abe says: In my upset special of the week, I'll take the young and surging Cardinals over the old and running game-less Cowboys. Drew Bledsoe, meet Bertrand Berry. He will now be flattening you. Larry Fitzgerald is officially a superstar in the NFL. He's a classy kid with crazy skills, and he carries the Cards.

Josh says: Dallas dominates the Cardinals at home. If the Cowboys can contain the Arizona passing attack, most notably Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, they will run away with a victory.

Chicago (3-3) at Detroit (3-3) - 1:00 p.m.

Pratik's Pick Abe's Pick Phil's Pick Josh's Pick
Chicago Detroit - Chicago

Pratik says: I refuse to pick Detroit, even if Jeff Garcia is the quarterback. Besides, they are playing a very good defense in the Bears and if Garcia is still rusty, a defensive score for Chicago isn't unlikely at all.

Abe says: Finally, finally, finally the Lions benched horrible quarterback Joey Harrington in favor of veteran Jeff Garcia. All Garcia did was rush for a touchdown and lead his team to victory. The Lions light it up at home.

Josh says: Chi-town's finest won last week against the Ravens, and look for more of the same out of a team that is much better than people predicted. Running back Thomas Jones ran for 139 yards last week and Detroit's defense is much worse than Baltimore's.

Cleveland (2-4) at Houston (0-6) - 1:00 p.m.

Pratik's Pick Abe's Pick Phil's Pick Josh's Pick
Cleveland Houston - Cleveland

Pratik says: Yes, I think even Cleveland is better than Houston. Besides, if all Houston is going to do is throw nine passes a game (as they did last week), I'll sign up to play QB for them and for a lot less than whatever it is that they're paying Carr.

Abe says: It's tough to go 0-16 in a season with the parity established across the board in the NFL, which is why I'll take Houston this week for their first win of the year. Dom Capers could be looking at the Classifieds next week if the Texans drop their seventh in a row.

Josh says: If Houston is going to win any games this year, this is it. I just don't see it though. The offensive line is by far the worst in the NFL, with David Carr being sacked on nearly every other play. Jabar Gafney is their best wide receiver. Enough said.

Green Bay (1-5) at Cincinnati (5-2) - 1:00 p.m.

Pratik's Pick Abe's Pick Phil's Pick Josh's Pick
Cincinnati Cincinnati - Cincinnati

Pratik says: After facing a hard charging and aggressive Pittsburgh D last week, Carson Palmer will definitely get better against a very weak Packers secondary.

Abe says: Fantasy Stud of the Week: Carson Palmer. I predict about a thousand passing yards and a few hundred touchdowns. Green Bay fans should stay at home and munch on some cheese while crying. The farewell tour for Brett Favre continues to be a painful, painful season for the Packers.

Josh says: Cincinnati's offense gets back on track this week against a weak defense at home. Chad Johnson has a big game as he outruns the Green Bay secondary.

Jacksonville (4-2) at St. Louis (3-4) - 1:00 p.m.

Pratik's Pick Abe's Pick Phil's Pick Josh's Pick
Jacksonville Jacksonville - St. Louis

Pratik says: Byron Leftwich is gaining respect throughout the NFL for his toughness and leadership skills as well as that cannon he has mounted on his right shoulder. Sooner or later, the Jags will get to the playoffs again and I really believe that Leftwich is the guy that will get them there. St. Louis is in a bit of a quandary, especially with the news that head coach Mike Martz will not be able to return to the sidelines after being hospitalized for a heart condition. Also, backup QB Jamie Martin will start in place of the injured Marc Bulger.

Abe says: Jamie Martin...Jamie Martin...Jamie Martin...

Josh says: Jamie Martin doesn't have to make plays for the Rams and that's good because he's not capable of passing to his own team. Steven Jackson builds off his two-touchdown performance last week and lifts St. Louis at home.

Minnesota (2-4) at Carolina (4-2) - 1:00 p.m.

Pratik's Pick Abe's Pick Phil's Pick Josh's Pick
Carolina Carolina - Carolina

Pratik says: I laugh at Minnesota. They win a nailbiter at home against the Packers and then, they get to face the Carolina Panthers who are looking in Super Bowl form the last couple of weeks. The Panthers should annihilate the Vikings at home.

Abe says: I think Daunte Culpepper will throw a couple touchdowns this week- to the Panthers. Steve Smith is the best wide receiver in football right now, and Minnesota's secondary is one of the worst in the NFL. Look for a few new touchdown dances from SS this week.

Josh says: Minnesota finally got their second win of the season last week with a miraculous win over the Packers and Brett Favre, but look for them to get back to their losing ways this week against a solid Panthers team. I just don't think it's possible for Daunte Culpepper to have two good games in a row. Steve Smith torches the Vikings' secondary in a Panthers win.

Oakland (2-4) at Tennessee (2-5) - 1:00 p.m.

Pratik's Pick Abe's Pick Phil's Pick Josh's Pick
Oakland Oakland - Oakland

Pratik says: I propose the Moss Theory on Receivers: If you are a wide receiver and your last name is Moss, you are inherently phenomenal. Therefore Randy in Oakland and Santana in D.C. are simply a byproduct of the Moss Theory. On that note, I'll take Randy over the Tennessee Titan's horrible secondary.

Abe says: Elvis is dead. So are the Titans.

Josh says: The Raiders are awesome.

Washington (4-2) at New York Giants (4-2) - 1:00 p.m.

Pratik's Pick Abe's Pick Phil's Pick Josh's Pick
Washington Washington - Washington

Pratik says: of the week right here. Washington, coming off of a 52-17 slaughter of the 49ers, gets to face a high flying Giants team that won on a last second throw by Eli "I'm better than Peyton" Manning. Everyone who thought back in August that this would be a game that featured two of the top offenses in the league raise their hands. Put your hands down, you liars! These two teams have thoroughly outperformed all preseason expectations and the winner of this matchup will definitely be the favorite to compete with the Eagles for supremacy in the NFC East. Anyway, I think Washington will win the game based on an efficient, yet dangerous aerial attack led by Mark Brunell and Santana Moss (see Moss Theory), steady rushing provided by Clinton Portis and the Secret Weapon: LaVar Arrington. Gibbs has been waiting all year to introduce LaVar Arrington at the opportune moment and step the defense up to another level. Nothing else makes sense, as Arrington claimed he wasn't injured and that he wasn't opposed to playing special teams if he had to. Obviously I'm guessing here, but even if Arrington had some bad practices, how hard is it to make space for a dynamic playmaker like Arrington? Seriously, we're starting Warrick Holdman instead of Arrington? No...I refuse to believe that Arrington couldn't get into the lineup because of that. He had a monster of a game last Sunday with a team-high nine tackles while playing a limited role and I definitely expect to see him out on the field this Sunday against the Giants. He is too effective on the field to be rotting away on the bench.

Abe says: Hail to the Redskins! Hail Vic-to-ry! The Redskins will finally put an end to the Manning show in New York. The X-Factor in this one? Lavar Arrington, who finally got back into the mix last week against the 49ers. Look for Clinton Portis to find the end zone again this week. Oh, and will someone please truck Antonio Pierce.

Josh says: Renewing an old rivalry, the Redskins continue to move forward following their 52-point scoring output last week against the 49ers. Mark Brunell has the Redskins' offense clicking for the first time in…a really long time.

Kansas City (4-2) at San Diego (3-4) - 4:05 p.m.

Pratik's Pick Abe's Pick Phil's Pick Josh's Pick
San Diego Kansas City - San Diego

Pratik says: LT got shut down last week, but...the Eagles D is miles ahead of the Chiefs. I still expect LT to demolish Kansas City in a nice comeback game.

Abe says: I know Pratik, Phil and Josh like to talk about LT and how he's the key to all of San Diego's games, but this week's matchup presents us with a new key player. No, not Priest Holmes, not Larry Johnson, not even Antonio Gates. Two words: Willie Roaf. Roaf is the key piece on the Chiefs' offensive line. Without him, their entire offense is weaker. He can block the H-E-double-hockey-sticks out of any defensive player, opening holes for K.C.'s two cutback rushers.

Josh says: At home, LT plays angry after getting shut down last week in Philly. That's all you need to know: LT will dominate.

Miami (2-4) at New Orleans (2-5) in Baton Rouge, LA - 4:05 p.m.

Pratik's Pick Abe's Pick Phil's Pick Josh's Pick
Miami New Orleans - New Orleans

Pratik says: New Orleans has given up on their I'll give up on them.

Abe says: The Dolphins still aren't sure who will start at quarterback in week eight: Gus Frerotte or Sage Rosenfels. I don't care how bad the Saints' defense is, those guys are an embarrassment to quarterbacking around the league. Saints win big in another semi-home game.

Josh says: The Saints play passionate in front of a "home" crowd and beat the 'Fins. Ronnie Brown continues to play well for the Dolphins, but the Saints and Aaron Brooks take this one.

Philadelphia (4-2) at Denver (5-2) - 4:15 p.m.

Pratik's Pick Abe's Pick Phil's Pick Josh's Pick
Denver Philadelphia - Philadelphia

Pratik says: Philly may have had a great game last week, but the home-field advantage in Denver is simply too great to ignore. Denver lost on a near-miraculous late second comeback by the Giants down in the Meadowlands, whereas Philly won on a fluke blocked field goal that was run back for a touchdown. As long as Plummer doesn't turn it over and as long as Philly keeps failing to run the ball, I see Denver winning a good one at home.

Abe says: I can't decide whether Denver is a solid team, just plain lucky or completely inconsistent. Therefore, I'll take Philadelphia, the less complicated team to analyze. Philly has a great defense and a deep receiving threat unlike any other in the NFL (sorry, Oakland fans). Brian Westbrook should regain his rhythm this week at Mile High.

Josh says: A team known for its running game, the Broncos will have a hard time running on a team that held LT to seven yards on 17 carries last week. Even though it's at Mile High, the Eagles fly into the altitude and fly out with a win.

Tampa Bay (5-1) at San Francisco (1-5) - 4:15 p.m.

Pratik's Pick Abe's Pick Phil's Pick Josh's Pick
Tampa Bay Tampa Bay - Tampa Bay

Pratik says: Did you see the 'Skins game last week? Yes, it's the same 49ers team except with an even worse QB starting since Alex Smith is injured. Tampa Bay should win the game as long as they show up and they aren't drunk. Scratch that. They could actually still be drunk and win.

Abe says: Oh boy, Alex Smith better shield himself Sunday. Honestly, someone should send the kid some armor, because Tampa Bay's defense is going to come hard and often. The Niners have no chance of winning this game. The Bucs are playing musical chairs at quarterback, but even I could probably handoff to Cadillac Williams and Michael Pittman 60 times. The lone bright spot for San Fran is rookie running back Frank Gore, who is a speedster with an elusive ability to pop outside for long runs (hello, Washington).

Josh says: San Francisco wouldn't even be ranked ahead of USC in the college polls, so how do they expect to compete against the Bucs and their running game? What is a 49er anyways?

Buffalo (3-4) at New England (3-3) - 8:30 p.m.

Pratik's Pick Abe's Pick Phil's Pick Josh's Pick
New England New England - New England

Pratik says: New England is just gearing up for Indy next week, you can almost feel it buzzing in the air already. They aren't going to let a gadfly like Buffalo get between them and the Colts.

Abe says: To put it as lightly as possible, the Bills are just crummy. The Patriots love beating up on Buffalo, and Tom Brady always plays well in prime time. This Sunday nighter has the potential for a blowout.

Josh says: New England gets back on track and beats their division rival. Tom Brady picks apart the Bills' secondary, and who knows, Corey Dillon might actually have a good game.

Monday, October 31, 2005
Baltimore (2-4) at Pittsburgh (4-2) - 9:00 p.m.

Pratik's Pick Abe's Pick Phil's Pick Josh's Pick
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh - -

Pratik says: Last year, I had to suffer unprintable ridicules and insults while rooting for the 'Skins since just about every team in the league looked better than they did. Well, to all those Baltimore fans out there, the joke's on you. Even your defense isn't playing as well as it was expected to. And don't even get me started on the offense and Jamal "I'm too scared to run because I was in prison" Lewis...that 2.9 yards per carry is looking pretty good right about now, isn't it? Oh, I love sweet, sweet revenge. However, I will look like a fool if the Ravens somehow manage to win, so maybe I should shut up now.

Abe says: There has been speculation this week about the possibility that Jamal Lewis is purposely not giving a full effort at running back in order to voice his unrest with his contract situation. Personally, I think it's impossible for Lewis to be dogging it, because if he were, he would probably play better than he's playing right now. Something is amiss up in Baltimore, and to add insult to injury (literally), the Ravens will be without Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, the 2003 and 2004 defensive players of the year.

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