NFL Week Five predictions

Oct. 7, 2006, midnight | By Phillip Allen, Abe Schwadron, Josh Zipin | 17 years, 7 months ago

LaVar looks for revenge

For Redskins fans, this week is big. Real big. The difference between 3-2 and 2-3 could mean the difference between playoff contention and a season destined for Jason Campbell's development. Plus, the 'Skins travel to New York to face the Giants, who you may recall have a certain flashy linebacker by the name of Arrington who would love to lay out some Washington players. As for the rest of the NFL, the Bears may have established themselves as the league's top team and T.O. returns to Philadelphia. So pour yourself a cold drink, grab the chips and dip and plop down for a Sunday of zoning out on football.


Josh 38-21
Abe 34-25
Pia 42-15
Phil 40-19

Last Week

Josh 10-4
Abe 8-6
Pia 8-6
Phil 9-5

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Buffalo Bills (2-2) at Chicago Bears (4-0)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago

Josh says: Chicago's D should confuse J.P. Losman into throwing some picks, finally. I'm not used to this new J.P. Losman who doesn't turn the ball over. J.P., if you're reading this, holla at me in the comment section.

Abe says: Buffalo scares me every week because I just can't shake the fact that they might be a better-than-average squad. But Da Bears (!) get my vote for the top team in the NFL entering week five, so this one is a done deal.

Pia says: Even though Buffalo QB J.P. Losman isn't turning over the ball, his team is still losing. Doesn't look like they have much of a chance against the Bears, the team with the number one defense in the league (and the only one unbeaten in the NFC.)

Phil says: With Rex Grossman and the offense putting up 29 points per game and out scoring their first four opponent's by an average of 21.75 points per game it seems clear who the new team to beat in the NFC. The Bears will trample the Bills even with a great day from Willis McGahee. They have had an solid defense since 2002 but final seem to have an equivalent offense and even though it is early seem to have all the pieces to make a Super Bowl run.

Cleveland Browns (1-3) at Carolina Panthers (2-2)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina

Josh says: Carolina has Steve Smith and Cleveland has no defense, judging by the 21 points they let the freakin' Oakland Raiders score on them. Is that enough to make you believe me?

Abe says: Here's hoping Charlie doesn't Frye the Panthers.

Pia says: Now that Panther's WR Steve Smith is back in the game, Carolina is picking up steam. After dropping their first two games, they have turned around and won their last two games by a combined 47 points. Cleveland is still floundering, looking for their big break. They won last week after being down by 18 points, but in all fairness, that was against the Oakland Raiders.

Phil says: Despite their slow start the Panthers still should be considered a dangerous team and with Steve Smith at a hundred percent the Browns should be outmatched.

Detroit Lions (0-4) at Minnesota Vikings (2-2)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Minnesota Detroit Minnesota Minnesota

Josh says: Although a tad flamboyant, the Vikings jerseys are just way cooler than the Lions'. 'Nuff said.

Abe says: I'm picking the Lions because it's harder for an NFL team to go 0-16 than 16-0. Therefore, Detroit has to win sooner or later, and in a dome against a reeling team, this is their best shot.

Pia says: Minnesota's .500 record might look a whole lot better than Detroit's winless one, but in truth, both teams are struggling. Minnesota hasn't been able to score more than 19 points (which was in their first game, that too) and Detroit has a miserable excuse for a defense. The Vikings can hope to break out on offense this week.

Phil says: Personally I am still hoping the Vikings were really just a legitimate team when they uprooted my 'Skins week one.

Miami Dolphins (1-3) at New England Patriots (3-1)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
New England New England New England New England

Josh says: New England is pouring it on, with rookie running back Laurence Maroney running for 125 yards and 2 touchdowns last week.

Abe says: I got Maroney in the bank, shorty what ya drank?

Pia says: Umm. Miami lost to Houston last week. Yeah.

Phil says: Belichick got his Patriots ready for business against the Bengals Last Week and proved that, with proper preparation can beat the best the NFL has to offer. I guess that's how you stop #85.

St. Louis Rams (3-1) at Green Bay Packers (1-3)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
St. Louis Green Bay St. Louis St. Louis

Josh says: Last Week Steven Jackson ran all over the place. Expect the same from my fantasy first rounder this week.

Abe says: In my upset of the week, I like the Packers at home. St. Louis has been on a roll early this year, but their defense is suspect, and the Pack is infinitely better when playing at home. Bring it home, Brett.

Pia says: The Rams are defying expectations and are off to a great start. The Packers unfortunately are performing as expected, with a sluggish 1-3 start. Even worse, nothing in Green Bay's loss to the Eagles last week looked promising.

Phil says: Similar teams in many ways; like they aren't worth watching.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-3) at New Orleans Saints (3-1)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans

Josh says: Reggie Bush is due for his first NFL touchdown and Tampa Bay's quarterback has a name I can't spell. That's reason enough for me.

Abe says: Young Marques Colston is a speedy cat, and with Drew Brees at the helm in New Orleans, the Bucs stand no chance. "When the Saints come marching in…"

Pia says: The Saints' momentum was only slowed down a little bit by last week's narrow loss to the Carolina Panthers. But they look to pick themselves right back up this week against another division rival, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While the Saints anticipate picking up steam, the Bucs are stuck with a Cadillac that has run out of gas.

Phil says: Reggie Bush and friends aren't going to lose at the Super Dome.

Tennessee Titans (0-4) at Indianapolis Colts (4-0)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Indianapolis Indianapolis Indianapolis Indianapolis

Josh says: Vince Young versus Peyton Manning. Indy offense versus Tennessee defense. Whatever matchup you can think of, the Colts have the advantage.

Abe says: The challenge for Peyton Manning this week will be to see how many different players he can throw a touchdown pass to. My guess is roughly 10. And I feel for Titans fans.

Pia says: Time to rack up the fantasy points, Peyton.

Phil says: Just to give you perspective on how bad the Titians are going to be destroyed Sunday the Vegas line is giving them 17.5 and still has four to one bets for the Colts. Joseph Addia has a Career day.

Washington Redskins (2-2) at New York Giants (1-2)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Washington Washington Washington Washington

Josh says: I wasn't all that confident Last Week when I picked the Skins over Jacksonville, but I know we'll beat the reeling Giants this week. Hail to Santana…

Abe says: Last week, I went against my beloved Redskins. Luckily, the amazing fashion in which Washington beat the Jags cancelled out my disappointment with my incorrect pick. I can assure you I will never go against the 'Skins again. My heart just can't take the agony.

Pia says: Santana Moss, will you marry me? After his amazing three touchdowns last week, I'm convinced the Redskins can go somewhere this year. With the other division rivals Philadelphia and Dallas going head-to-head this week, Washington will be back in the running with a win over the Giants and an Eagles loss.

Phil says: Can you say winning streak?

Kansas City Chiefs (1-2) at Arizona Cardinals (1-3)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City Arizona

Josh says: Larry Johnson to the house. You'll be hearing that multiple times this week.

Abe says: Any Larry Johnson—the Chiefs' RB, the Charlotte Hornets' power forward in the 90s or the ex-Blair basketball standout—could put up 200 yards and 3 TDs against the Cards' D.

Pia says: Arizona is excited about rookie QB Matt Leinart's first NFL start this week against Kansas City, hoping that he will add a spark that was long extinguished under previous starting QB Kurt Warner. Kansas City, however, is not an easy opponent, as they have the third ranking defense in the league and seem to be doing fine under backup QB Damon Huard (who has replaced injured Trent Green).

Phil says: I know the Chiefs are coming of a big shut out win but the Cardinals aren't the 49ers.

New York Jets (2-2) at Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville

Josh says: Jacksonville bounces back after a crushing defeat to Washington and beats the surprising Jets. Who will be the star of this game? Matt Jones! Who? Matt Jones!

Abe says: The Jets are a nice story, but the Jags are too physical for Chad Pennington and friends. Byron Leftwich will sit back in the pocket and fire rockets down field to his emerging, young set of receivers as my Super Bowl pick gets back on track.

Pia says: The Jaguars are certainly disappointed after last week's loss to the Redskins. They look to make up for it with a win at home against the New York Jets. A ho-hum game; both teams have ailing defenses and mediocre offenses.

Phil says: Who? Matt Jones!

Oakland Raiders (0-3) at San Francisco 49ers (1-3)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco Oakland

Josh says: Oakland scored the most of their season's points Last Week against the Browns, and they won't approach that total again this season. I Got the Niners in this one.

Abe says: I flipped a coin.

Pia says: Even though San Francisco got shutout 41-0 last week, they are still better than Oakland, who is off to its worst start since 1961.

Phil says: Alex Smith and Antonio Bryant aren't going to get shut out two weeks straight, but still will lose miserably.

Dallas Cowboys (2-1) at Philadelphia Eagles (3-1)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia Dallas

Josh says: Definitely the game of the week. T.O. returns to Philly. I'm sure he'll step up and have a big game, but the entire Philly team will be motivated to punish the man who tore apart their team just one year ago.

Abe says: The return of T.O. to Philly has been hyped to death over the past week, but the most important player in this game will be Donovan McNabb. If D-Nab can avoid pressure, make solid throws and control the tempo of the game for the Eagles, the Cowboys defense doesn't stand a chance.

Pia says: It might always be sunny in Philadelphia, but that doesn't mean Philly fans are going to give a sunny welcome back to WR Terrell Owens, who left the Eagles last year after a series of conflicts between him and the team. After finishing 6-10 with TO on the team last year, the Eagles have soared to a 3-1 start without him. Dallas, who finished third in the division in 2005, has started 2-1 with their new acquisition. Sunday's game will allow one team to have the last laugh, at least for now.

Phil says: Lets be honest depressed or not no one on Eagles can match up single handedly with TO and with Jevon Kearse out, Drew Bledsoe hiding behind a line which has allowed only three sacks all season should find him every time.

Pittsburgh Steelers (1-2) at San Diego Chargers (2-1)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
San Diego San Diego San Diego San Diego

Josh says: I just have a feeling okay. I just know Shawn Merriman and LT will dominate. I have seen my crystal ball and a San Diego win is written in the stars.

Abe says: Every time the Chargers get a lead early in a game, they shut down and play "Martyball," coined after their aging coach. This means run the ball thrice and punt. That strategy didn't work out too well last week in Baltimore, though, making this pick a risky one. But I see LT being the X-factor in this game for the Chargers, and unless Big Ben suddenly transforms into Joe Montana this week, I don't see a Pittsburgh win.

Pia says: Maybe Pittsburgh QB Ben Roethlisberger shouldn't have come back. Since returning after missing Week One with an emergency appendectomy, Big Ben is 0-2 with five intersections, five sacks and no touchdowns. San Diego has inexperienced QB Phillip Rivers at the helm, but has fared much better, narrowly losing to Baltimore last week for their first defeat.

Phil says: Chargers suffered a heart breaker last week in a last minute loss to the Ravens. They'll bounce back in a big way.

Monday, October 9, 2006

Baltimore Ravens (4-0) at Denver Broncos (2-1)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Baltimore Denver Baltimore Baltimore

Josh says: Baltimore's Defense rocks my socks. They will hit you so hard your shoulder pads choke you and your chinstrap becomes an eye patch.

Abe says: Baltimore could easily be 2-2 through four weeks, but by virtue of some lucky breaks and some clutch play from wily vet Steve McNair, they come into Denver undefeated. I like the Broncos because they have the biggest home-field advantage in the NFL, and Jake Plummer finally looks like a serviceable QB. The Bell Bros. will git 'er done.

Pia says: Steve McNair is making last-minute victories a habit of his. After close wins against Cleveland and San Diego, the Ravens are still undefeated but face a tough challenge in Denver, who is coming off two wins and a bye. In the end, however, Baltimore and its defense will prevail.

Phil says: Still undefeated. With a real Quarterback they are one of the AFC's elites but don't over look the Broncos B-more will win but in a close one.

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