NFL week five predictions

Oct. 4, 2013, 1:17 p.m. | By Rohan Oprisko, Samuel Popper, Jacob Popper, Abel Chanyalew | 10 years, 8 months ago

Jacob overtakes his twin brother for the lead

The NFL season is now one quarter finished. There were a lot of great games last week, including the Seahawks' narrow victory over the Texans in an overtime thriller. This week, the Colts battle the Seahawks as draft class mates Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson face off. Also, the undefeated Saints match up against a tough Bears' team.

Regarding our SCO analysts, Jacob has taken a narrow lead over Sam at 43-20. Abel, despite losing his second place position, guarantees that he will win the NFL predictions this year. The standings go as follows:


1. Jacob 43-20

2. Sam 42-21

3. Abel 38-25

4. Rohan 34-29

Bills at Browns

Jacob: Bills

Sam: Bills

Abel: Browns

Rohan: Bills

Jacob says:

Somehow the Browns are on a two game winning streak but that should all end here. C.J. Spiller and the Bills' offense will put up enough points to get past Cleveland.

Sam says:

The Browns are a very surprising 2-0 since their infamous Trent Richardson trade, but that trend will not continue against a Bills team that is finding its strength especially on defense.

Abel says:

The Browns look like a completely different team with the play of Brian Hoyer, Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron. The defense is stout and the offense is clicking so I expect them to squeak out a win over a tough but hobbled Bills team.

Rohan says:

EJ Manuel is coming off of a big win against Baltimore and this week I think the Bills will pull out a win even though the Bills are away from home.

Saints at Bears

Jacob: Bears

Sam: Saints

Abel: Bears

Rohan: Saints Jacob says:

The Saints are due for a loss and the cold windy atmosphere of Chicago should help the Bears' D limit Drew Brees and the prolific Saints' offense.

Sam says:

The Saints are flying. They will become a consensus NFC Champion pick. I've said it every week in these NFL Predictions. They have Drew Brees on offense and their defense that was the worst in the NFL last year is all of a sudden allowing only 13.8 points a game. That's scary. I will pick them every week and keep praising them like I am.

Abel says:

I probably jinxed the Bears last week after praising them so much, but I don't care. I'm going to remain stubborn about this team because of its balance on offense and ball-hawking defense. The Saints can hardly run the ball (and definitely won't against this Bears' defense), and that will force Drew Brees to throw the ball a ton. Brees has a tendency to take risks and throw picks, which will be very detrimental against the Bears' opportunistic defense.

Rohan says:

With lil Breesy killing it and Jimmy Graham in unprecedented territory, the Saints look unstoppable and the Bears will succumb to their might this week.

Patriots at Bengals

Jacob: Patriots

Sam: Bengals

Abel: Patriots

Rohan: Patriots

Jacob says:

After a big win in Atlanta last week, look for Tom Brady to outgun Andy Dalton and come up with a fourth quarter comeback win.

Sam says:

If there's a team made to beat the Patriots it is the Bengals. Last year the Ravens beat the Patriots with a dominating front 7 on defense, and a constant run game with a deep threat.

The Bengals contain that exact formula, with a front 7 allowing only 99 rush yards per game, a nice duo at RB, and WR A.J. Green on the outside.

Abel says:

The Bengals' offense is essentially A.J. Green or bust, and while Gio Bernard is my guy, I'm not sure he can carry the running game. Aqib Talib will shut down Green and Tom Brady will find a way to win as his receiving corps continues to improve.

Rohan says:

They proved themselves last week in beating the Falcons in ATL. Even with new faces, Tom Brady can make a receiver out of anyone and will inspire his team to a victory

Lions at Packers

Jacob: Packers

Sam: Packers

Abel: Lions

Rohan: Lions

Jacob says:

Aaron Rodgers will take the offense down the field with ease against Detroit. The Lambeau faithful will propel the team to a win.

Sam says:

The Pack is allowing horrid 404 yards per game, but for some reason I like Aaron Rodgers to put enough points on the board.

Abel says:

The Lions haven't beaten the Packers at Lambeau Field in 20 years. Well, I hate history related stats. I do like the matchup that the Lions' defensive front has with the Packers' suspect offensive line, and the Lions' trio of Stafford, Bush, and Johnson is quite a force.

Rohan says:

With Reggie Bush having a monster game last week including a sensational TD run, I see him keeping up with this performance and inspiring the Lions to win this one in a hard fought game against the Packers.

Seahawks at Colts

Jacob: Colts

Sam: Colts

Abel: Colts

Rohan: Colts

Jacob says:

Although the Seahawks are undefeated on the season, they weren't a great road team last year. Look for Indy to run between the tackles with new RB Trent Richardson.

Sam says:

After being so close to picking the Seahawks to lose last week, the Seahawks play an underrated Colts team whose defense is surprisingly just as good as theirs. I'll take the Colts in a risky upset.

Abel says:

Upset alert! I don't trust the Seahawks on the road, and I definitely think their quarterback Russell Wilson is a bit overrated, especially with an average group of receivers to throw to. The Colts are rolling right now and are balanced enough to keep the Seahawks' tough defense off their backs. Don't forget: the Colts dominated a 49ers team earlier this season that is quite similar to the Seahawks.

Rohan says:

At home and with a solid record early in this season I see the Colts taking this one. With Andrew Luck and Trent Richardson, the Colts will beat a Seahawks team who has not impressed away from home.

Ravens at Dolphins

Jacob: Ravens

Sam: Dolphins

Abel: Dolphins

Rohan: Dolphins Jacob says:

Look for Baltimore QB Joe Flacco to have a big bounce-back week after throwing five picks last week against Buffalo.

Sam says:

What a matchup between two fairly even teams. Both teams are averaging exactly 22.8 points per game. I'll pick Miami because their wide receiver play is more consistent to allow for a better passing game.

Abel says:

I hate watching the Ravens play. They start every game slow, the offense is brutally sluggish, and the defense just gave up over 200 yards rushing to the Bills. The Dolphins are challenging the Patriots for top spot in the AFC East and as long as Ryan Tannehill can avoid the big mistakes, the Dolphins are contenders.

Rohan says:

After losing to the Saints the (3-1) Dolphins will rebound with a win against the Ravens. The Ravens offense looks poor with Joe Flacco throwing 5 interceptions last week among other concerns.

Eagles at Giants

Jacob: Eagles

Sam: Eagles

Abel: Eagles

Rohan: Eagles

Jacob says:

The Giants have been playing terribly all year and their win column is vacant because of it. Look for Chip Kelly's offense to have a field day.

Sam says:

Chip Kelly's high flying offense is too much for a horrid defense in New York.

Abel says:

They say if you've got nothing good to say, then don't say anything at all.

Rohan says:

Although the Eagles have not impressed in the last weeks, they will come up with a win against a very disorganized and poor opponent in the Giants.

Jaguars at Rams

Jacob: Rams

Sam: Rams

Abel: Rams

Rohan: Rams

Jacob says:

The Jaguars are just terrible, 0-16 is entirely possible.

Sam says:

Abel's Rams are a surprisingly bad 1-3 this year, but even Middle Tennessee State could get their season turned around against the Jaguars. They are scoring 7.8 points per game and are allowing over 32.

Abel says:

There's nothing to say here except that the struggling Rams could actually be the first team this season to lose to the woeful Jaguars.

Rohan says:

It's the Jags. The Rams should have no trouble winning this game

Chiefs at Titans

Jacob: Chiefs

Sam: Chiefs

Abel: Chiefs

Rohan: Chiefs

Jacob says:

With starting QB Jake Locker out with a hip injury, it will be hard for the Titans to produce enough offense to get by the undefeated Chiefs.

Sam says:

I ordinarily would have picked Tennessee in an upset, but with starting QB Jake Locker out, I'll take Kansas City and their defense.

Abel says:

This is would've been a tough call if Jake Locker was playing, but with the immobile, pick-throwing Ryan Fitzpatrick filling in, the Chiefs and their defense should roll.

Rohan says:

With Alex Smith playing wonderfully and being a solid team, the Chiefs are looking good so far this season. With backup QB Ryan Fitzpatrick starting the game, I have doubts in picking the Titans. The Chiefs will win this one

Panthers at Cardinals

Jacob: Panthers

Sam: Panthers

Abel: Panthers

Rohan: Panthers

Jacob says:

The Panthers' offense lead by dual threat QB Cam Newton will get it done in the desert.

Sam says:

QB Cam Newton is starting to hit his stride, with the Cardinals panting after barely beating Rookie QB Mike Glennon in his first NFL start.

Abel says:

This game comes down to the fact that the Cardinals' offensive line is very bad and the Panthers' defensive line is very good.

Rohan says:

This game is a hard one. Either team can come out as the winning team but personally I believe that the Panthers are a better team than the Cardinals. They will come out on top in this one.

Broncos at Cowboys

Jacob: Broncos

Sam: Broncos

Abel: Broncos

Rohan: Broncos

Jacob says:

Denver is looking like the league's best team, and Peyton Manning is looking like the league's best player.

Sam says:

The reason I don't say that the Saints will win the Super Bowl every week is because of the Broncos, I don't think I have ever seen a team perfect in all phases of the game this far into the season. The Broncos are the team nobody wants to play, and for good reason.

Abel says:

This game could be closer than many think, but the Broncos are clearly the best team in the league.

Rohan says:

With Peyton Manning in incredible form and an offense firing on all cylinders, I do not see any way the Cowboys can win in this one

Texans at 49ers

Jacob: 49ers

Sam: 49ers

Abel: 49ers

Rohan: Texans

Jacob says:

The 49ers have had an extra three days to prepare after playing last Thursday and will thus be able to get a win in front of the home crowd at Candlestick.

Sam says:

The Texans had a brutal loss at home against the Seahawks last week, expect more of the same from San Francisco 10 days after their last win.

Abel says:

I really want to pick the Texans because I think they will come out angry after last week's brutal loss. However, the 49ers are coming off 10 days of rest and preparation, and Colin Kaepernick's mobility will neutralize J.J. Watt and the Texans' pass rush.

Rohan says:

After week one I thought that the 49ers would continue to impress throughout this season but instead they have done everything but. I think the Texans will pull this win out of the bag.

Chargers at Raiders

Jacob: Chargers

Sam: Chargers

Abel: Chargers

Rohan: Chargers

Jacob says:

If the Raiders can't beat the Redskins then they're in big trouble.

Sam says:

The Raiders are really bad. And Chargers' QB Philip Rivers is playing really well. That's all.

Abel says:

Both teams are poor defensively, but the Raiders are worse.

Rohan says:

After week one I thought that the 49ers would continue to impress throughout this season but instead they have done everything but. I think the Texans will pull this win out of the bag.

Jets at Falcons

Jacob: Falcons

Sam: Falcons

Abel: Falcons

Rohan: Falcons

Jacob says:

Atlanta will get it done after losing at home to New England last week.

Sam says:

The Falcons won't lose twice in a row against two teams they are better than. Expect Atlanta to go off on Monday Night Football for the whole world to see.

Abel says:

The Falcons are NOT happy at 1-3. The Jets will pay.

Rohan says:

Although the Falcons have a record that is worse than the record of the Jets, the Falcons record is very misleading. They have a potent offense and one of the reasons they keep on losing games is because of their terrible defense. Against the Jets, defense will not be a problem so they will win this one.

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