NFL Week Five Predictions

Oct. 4, 2014, 2:08 p.m. | By Amalia Chiapperino, Robert Pfefferle, Rohan Oprisko, Samuel Popper, Sasha Tidwell | 9 years, 9 months ago

Standings: 1. Sam: 38-23 2. Bobby: 33-28 2. Sasha: 33-28 4. Romalia: 28-33


1. Sam: 38-23

2. Bobby: 33-28

2. Sasha: 33-28

4. Romalia: 28-33

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Vikings at Packers

Sam: Packers

Bobby: Packers

Sasha: Packers

Romalia: Packers

Sam says: Now down to their third string quarterback, and still without Adrian Peterson, expect nothing from the Vikings offense on Thursday night.

Bobby says: The Packers wrecked last week, and the Vikings defense is far from capable of stopping the cheese from rolling.

Sasha says: Both teams have the same record in the first four games but Aaron Rodgers looks like he's turned himself around. Look for the Pack to come out on top.

Romalia says: While the Vikings have proved that they are one of the most inconsistent teams in the league, the Packers have seemed to finally found their rhythm. If the Vikings don't show up, this is an easy victory for the Packers.

Bears at Panthers

Sam: Panthers

Bobby: Panthers

Sasha: Bears

Romalia: Bears

Sam says: The Panthers are usually great at home. Don't sleep on RB Darrin Reaves to come up big in this game.

Bobby says: The Bears defense was incapable of stopping the Packers last week, and with a matchup against a talented Cam Newton, Panthers roll.

Sasha says: Even though the Bears can't win at home they look to improve to 3-0 on the road this season.

Romalia says: The Bears and the Panthers come into this game with equal records and both teams were heavily defeated last week. The Bears look to be the most ready to rebound from their loss last week and defeat the Panthers away from home.

Browns at Titans

Sam: Titans

Bobby: Browns

Sasha: Titans

Romalia: Browns

Sam says: The Browns woes will continue today after the Titans went to Indy last week and did not play so badly.

Bobby says: The Browns have lost eight consecutive games on the road. However, the streak ends this week against a Titans team with numerous offensive problems.

Sasha says: The Browns should win this game but look for Delanie Walker to carry his team to victory with a couple touchdowns.

Romalia says: With Brian Hoyer keeping Johnny Manziel on the bench and Terrance West proving successful on the ground, the Browns offense is firing. The Titans on the other hand have had a series of disappointments after they won their first game. The Browns should further the Titans misery in this one and come out of Tennessee with a win.

Rams at Eagles

Sam: Eagles

Bobby: Eagles

Sasha: Eagles

Romalia: Eagles

Sam says: With the Eagles offense in as big of a fluke as they have had under Head Coach Chip Kelly, they turn it around today at home against the helpless Rams.

Bobby says: LeSean McCoy has failed to live up to the hype so far this season, but he is destined for success this week. The Rams defense has given up the third most rushing yards in the NFL this season. McCoy and Darren Sproles are going to have big weeks.

Sasha says: Even with the loss to San Francisco in week 4, Chip Kelly and the Eagles offense should have no problem against a Rams team trying to avoid their second straight 1-3 start.

Romalia says: The Rams are the Rams, a team always towards the bottom of the standings. The Eagles, after losing for the first time last week will want to come back with a win at home. Expect an uneven scoreline in this one.

Falcons at Giants

Sam: Giants

Bobby: Falcons

Sasha: Falcons

Romalia: Falcons

Sam says: After intense criticism of their offense from all angles, the Giants are quietly becoming an above average offense you can count on week to week.

Bobby says: Matt Ryan and the Falcons have one of the best offenses in the NFL. Last week, the Giants cruised against a weak Redskins team. Look for the Giants to be woken up by the Falcons.

Sasha says: Last week was a fluke for the Giants. The Redskins gave them confidence and they ran with it. Look for the Giants to go back to their usual selves and let the number one offense in the league score over 30 points.

Romalia says: The Giants crushed the Redskins last week, but let's not forget, it is the Redskins. In a game where they will face Matt Ryan, a quarterback who will not throw them four interceptions, the Giants will not know what to do. Expect the Falcons to take this one.

Buccaneers at Saints

Sam: Saints

Bobby: Saints

Sasha: Saints

Romalia: Saints

Sam says: After some woes on the road, the Saints are back where they thrive. No chance for the Bucs today.

Bobby says: Who would've thought in the beginning of the season that in Week 5 the Saints and the Buccaneers would be tied for last place in the AFC South? Well, it happened. Yet the Saints are still a legitimate Super Bowl contender, and being back at home this week has the matchup working in their favor.

Sasha says: Even with the rough start, there is no way Drew Brees and his offense don't beat a team that lost 56-14 against the Falcons in Week 3.

Romalia says: Drew Brees and the Saints have had a hard start to the season but luckily for them, they are coming up against the Buccaneers. The Buccaneers have looked terrible and it still comes as a shock that they beat the Steelers. Against the Saints the future does not look any brighter.

Texans at Cowboys

Sam: Texans

Bobby: Texans

Sasha: Cowboys

Romalia: Texans

Sam says: Coming off of two impressive wins, the Cowboys are looking like they could make the playoffs this year. Although they are still a very talented team and possibly the team to beat in the NFC East, they won't be able to stop a now healthy Arian Foster today.

Bobby says: Dallas stunned everyone last week with their dismantling of the Saints. But the Texans defense has been rock solid so far this season. J.J. Watt is playing like the MVP. If the Texans can get Arian Foster rolling, the Texans should win.

Sasha says: The Cowboys are oozing confidence from last weeks win against the Saints. Tony Romo looks like he's found his groove and between him and Demarco Murray this Texas v. Texas matchup should result in a Dallas win.

Romalia says: The Texans are always overlooked when a big team comes to play. Just because the Cowboys beat the Saints does not mean that they will finally live up to all the hype this year. Tony Romo will return to his crappy ways and it will start this week with at least one interception in this one.

Bills at Lions

Sam: Lions

Bobby: Lions

Sasha: Lions

Romalia: Lions

Sam says: The Bills just benched their starting QB and the Lions now have Megatron back healthy. I like the Lions defense to win this game for them

Bobby says: The Bills are without EJ Manuel this week, entrusting their offensive weapons into the hands of journeyman Kyle Orton. The Lions defense has also held Eli Manning and Aaron Rodgers to under 170 passing yards this season. Lions take the win in the Motor City.

Sasha says: Calvin Johnson has slacked off of late with nagging injuries but Matt Stafford certainly hasn't. Look for Megatron to be a force in the offense again this week, even if its just in a decoy role.

Romalia says: The Bills have been a surprise this season, but with EJ MAnuel out this week they have a slender chance of defeating the Lions. Detroit will take the win at home with this one.

Ravens at Colts

Sam: Colts

Bobby: Ravens

Sasha: Colts

Romalia: Colts

Sam says: This is a huge game for the Colts, they are currently behind the Texans in their division this late in the season for the first time since QB Andrew Luck was drafted. This is a statement game for the Colts against a Ravens team that has been playing great recently.

Bobby says: Before the season started, it seemed as if the Ravens would struggle to finish above .500. Now at Week 5, they have played like one of the best teams in the NFL this season. Ravens take the win on the road.

Sasha says: The Colts dominated the Titans in week 4 and Andrew Luck has certainly found his groove. The Ravens defense won't be able to hold this rolling Colts offense in Indianapolis.

Romalia says: Starting off the season in no special fashion, the Ravens rebounded and have become one of the most consistent teams. But there is one thing that one can not forget, Joe Flacco is still their quarterback. This detail will be evident this week as they lose to the Colts.

Steelers at Jaguars

Sam: Steelers

Bobby: Steelers

Sasha: Steelers

Romalia: Steelers

Sam says: The Steelers defense will have a field day today and be all over rookie QB Blake Bortles.

Bobby says: The Steelers were stunned last week by the Buccaneers. Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown have connected with each other like father and son so far this season. The Steelers will have a fun day in Jacksonville.

Sasha says: Everyone goes to Jacksonville to beat up of the Jaguars. They have completely fallen apart.

Romalia says: The Steelers season looked to be heading down the drain after losing to the Buccaneers for any fan, but as soon as they saw the matchup for the following week they were overcome with joy. The Steelers should be able to forget all of their doldrums and crush the Jaguars.

Cardinals at Broncos

Sam: Broncos

Bobby: Broncos

Sasha: Broncos

Romalia: Broncos

Sam says: With two great CBs on the outside, the Broncos offense will rely heavily on slot WR Wes Welker. He will have his biggest game in a long time this week.

Bobby says: This is the game of the week. The Cardinals pose a big threat in Denver with Michael Floyd and Andre Ellington. However, before their bye in Week 4, the Broncos lost a heart-breaker in Seattle. Look for them to bounce back in this game.

Sasha says: I don't see the Cardinals beating

Romalia says: The Cardinals are a lame team. In very few cases are they favored in matchups in my mind and this one is no exception. Expect the Broncos to cruise to victory.

Chiefs at 49ers

Sam: 49ers

Bobby: Chiefs

Sasha: 49ers

Romalia: 49ers

Sam says: Even after an impressive home win against the Pats, I don't like Alex Smith's chances against his former team on the road.

Bobby says: Kansas City is coming off an impressive win against the Patriots. Problems are arising in San Francisco, as Jim Harbaugh's job has been put into question. The 49ers are also without tight end Vernon Davis, as well as linebackers Navarro Bowman and Aldon Smith. The signs point to a Kansas City win.

Sasha says: The Chiefs have reintroduced Frank Gore as a serious threat to opponents and I don't see the Chiefs coming out of San Francisco with a W.

Romalia says: The Chiefs are so inconsistent this season that, I think in San Francisco with the help of the crowd, the 49ers will pull of the win.

Jets at Chargers

Sam: Chargers

Bobby: Chargers

Sasha: Chargers

Romalia: Chargers

Sam says: The poor Jets front seven can't help for all the yards QBs are putting on their secondary. That won't change this week..

Bobby says: Philip Rivers is about to go off this week at home.

Sasha says: The Chargers have gotten better and better as the seasons gone on. Look for Rivers and his squad to break out this week against a below average Jets defense.

Romalia says: The Chargers will show how much of a better team than the Jets they are in this one. In always sunny San Diego expect an easy victory.

Bengals at Patriots

Sam: Bengals

Bobby: Bengals

Sasha: Patriots

Romalia: Patriots

Sam says: It's time to start giving up on the Patriots offense. Even with Tom Brady not playing badly, their lack of talent is finally catching up with them.

Bobby says: The Patriots dynasty has officially collapsed. The Bengals have one of the best defenses in the league, so Tom Brady will fail to impress once again.

Sasha says: Tom Brady is getting fed up with this season. Belichick and his squad will make a plan of attack that will catch Cincinnati off guard in week 5.

Romalia says: Although whispers of the end of an era are circulating around, I still believe it is too early to draw conclusions on the Patriots. With a message to send to the rest of the NFL, look for the Patriots to win at home.

Seahawks at Redskins

Sam: Seahawks

Bobby: Seahawks

Sasha: Redskins

Romalia: Seahawks

Sam says: The Seahawks remind us all how they go to be Super Bowl Champs this week.

Bobby says: Blowout of the week in this game.

Sasha says: One of the biggest upsets of all time.

Romalia says: The Redskins have no quarterback and the rest of their team isn't that much better. Against the Seahawks arguably one of the best teams in the NFL look for the Redskins faithful to exit the stadium at the end of the third quarter.

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