NFL Week seven predictions

Oct. 22, 2006, midnight | By Pia Nargundkar, Phillip Allen, Josh Zipin | 17 years, 7 months ago

Another week in the NFL, and another probable Redskins loss. I hate to say it Skins fans, but this week looks bleak. With a loss here, we could be looking at a quarterback switch. As you can see, last week was a stalemate as we all picked horribly. Pia maintains her lead of four games, while Abe, the most egotistical of us all, retains sole possession of last place, a whopping nine games out. R.I.P. Abe's comments. Check out what the rest of us experts have to say this week…


Josh 57-29
Abe 52-34
Pia 61-23
Phil 56-30

Last Week

Josh 7-6
Abe 7-6
Pia 7-6
Phil 7-6

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Carolina Panthers (4-2) at Cincinnati Bengals (3-2)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Cincinnati Carolina Carolina Cincinnati

Josh says: It's time for the Bengals to live up to their potential. It all starts this week. I don't know if they can handle Steve Smith, but they should be able to outscore the Panthers.

Pia says: The Panthers are 4-0 after their star wide receiver Steve Smith came back from injury. The Bengals allowed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers their first win last week, in a slow 14-13 game. Now that I think of it, this was the match-up I originally picked for the Super Bowl. Well one thing is still the same—Carolina is going to win.

Phil says: Though they have struggled recently, the Bengals' offense will right the ship this week at home.

Detroit Lions (1-5) at New York Jets (3-3)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
N.Y. Jets N.Y. Jets N.Y. Jets N.Y. Jets

Josh says: The Lions are pathetic. 'Nuff said.

Pia says: After recovering from their 41-0 loss to Jacksonville two weeks ago, the Jets came back to beat Miami last week 20-17. They should be able to regain an over .500 record and tie their last year's win total with a win against the weak Detroit Lions.

Phil says: Laveranues Coles should torch the Lions pathetic secondary giving the edge to New York.

Green Bay Packers (1-4) at Miami Dolphins (1-5)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Miami Miami Miami Miami

Josh says: Why is Brett Favre playing this year? I think it's safe to say it was not a smart decision, unless he enjoys being the leader on one of the NFL's worst teams. They have a chance to win this week in Miami, but I don't see it.

Pia says: Everyone get on the edge of your seats, because this is the game of the week right here. Just kidding. I tried to make it interesting, but really, I just did Eeny Meeny Miny Moe.

Phil says: Packers have yet to win on the road and their not known for breaking trends.

Jacksonville Jaguars (3-2) at Houston Texans (1-4)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville

Josh says: Borat learning "not" jokes: This was NOT a tough pick. This was a tough pick not. This was a tough pick (30 second pause), NOT!

Pia says: Jacksonville hopes that last week's bye is enough to rest injured quarterback Byron Leftwich and revive their defense after a series of season-ending injuries. However, against the struggling 1-5 Texans and their dismal offense, the Jaguars can hope for their third shutout of the year.

Phil says: Matt Jones will be back in the line up this week giving Leftwitch another target and the Texans defense even more to worry about. Carr and Andre Johnson should put up enough points to make it interesting but the Jags will come away with the victory.

New England Patriots (4-1) at Buffalo Bills (2-4)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
New England New England New England New England

Josh says: I don't know how they do it. I can't name New England's starting two wideouts, but Tom Brady gets the job done week after week. Chalk up another W.

Pia says: New England is 3-0 against its division (including a Week One win against Buffalo) and are looking to improve that to 4-0. While the Patriots are fresh off their bye week, Buffalo should hope they can make it to their bye next week in one piece.

Phil says: The Patriots sent a message to the NFL with their victory two weeks ago over Cincinnati: this team is still a legitimate contender.

Philadelphia Eagles (4-2) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-4)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia

Josh says: This could be a really good game. The Bucs are better than their record and Philly is stumbling after their loss to the Saints. I got Philly in a tight one.

Pia says: Tampa Bay may have gotten lucky last week against Cincinnati, but it isn't going to happen again against the Eagles, who lead the NFL in total offense with 2,414 yards and average almost 30 points per game.

Phil says: Donovan looks like an MVP and Donte Stallworth fits perfectly into the Eagles scheme as a deep ball threat. Compound that with the fact that the Bucs can't consistently stop the pass, and the Eagles win.

Pittsburgh Steelers (2-3) at Atlanta Falcons (3-2)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Pittsburgh Atlanta Pittsburgh Atlanta

Josh says: The Champs are rebounding and Atlanta is unfortunate enough to be in their way.

Pia says: I had all but given up hope for the Steelers after a dismal 1-3 start, but they showed us they still have it after a 45-7 romp over the Chiefs last week. Although the Atlanta Falcons have been playing strongly, the Steelers' momentum may just overpower them.

Phil says: DeAngelo Hall will shut down Hines Ward leaving Roethlisberger with few options. Warrick Dunn will go over the century mark and Vick will seal it with a few touchdowns.

San Diego Chargers (4-1) at Kansas City Chiefs (2-3)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
San Diego San Diego San Diego San Diego

Josh says: The Chiefs have played well in a couple of games, but San Diego is just too talented on both sides of the ball for the Chiefs to win.

Pia says: While the Chargers had an offensive blowout last week—winning 48-19 against the 49ers, the Chiefs collapsed entirely—losing 45-7 against the Steelers. SD QB Phillip Rivers will continue to defy expectations this week.

Phil says: LT's back up has over 300 yards rushing. Wow.

Denver Broncos (4-1) at Cleveland Browns (1-4)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Denver Denver Denver Denver

Josh says: Jay Cutler could quarterback the Broncos to a win here. This game could be a blowout.

Pia says: Although the Denver defense has been good, it's offense has been sorely lacking. Still, against the sorely lacking Cleveland Browns, it shouldn't matter.

Phil says: Javon Walker and Rod Smith will run the Browns secondary wild. If Jake Plummer can feed them the ball this should be an easy win but if he's off, look for a surprisingly narrow victory.

Arizona Cardinals (1-5) at Oakland Raiders (0-5)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Oakland Arizona Arizona Arizona

Josh says: Whoever tunes into this game must be a diehard fan. I know the Cardinals don't have any of those, so I'm assuming the entire TV audience will be Raider fans. In the black hole, at home, I think it's time for the Raiders to get their first win against the reeling Cardinals. If not now, when?

Pia says: Arizona has been on the losing end of three close games, making their 1-5 record seem worse than they really are. Last week they made the now 6-0 Chicago Bears run for their money, dominating the game until the last minute missed field goal. The Raiders have still not won a game, but don't have the same problem as the Cardinals; they've been outscored 50 to 126 in those five games.

Phil says: Leinart doesn't look like a rookie. Art Shell does.

Minnesota Vikings (3-2) at Seattle Seahawks (4-1)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle

Josh says: The Vikings have surprised a lot of people, but Seattle is to balanced for them to handle.

Pia says: Seattle should finally show some semblance of its Super Bowl run from last year

Phil says: No Alexander, no problem. Matt Hasselbeck should put up some great fantasy points this week.

Washington Redskins (2-4) at Indianapolis Colts (5-0)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Indianapolis Indianapolis Indianapolis Indianapolis

Josh says: As much as it pains me to say this, the Colts are way better than the Skins. If we lose this game, it's definitely time to start thinking about getting Jason Campbell some time and writing this season down as one of the most disappointing in Redskins history.

Pia says: Indianapolis is looking to be the ninth team in NFL history to start two consecutive seasons 6-0. The Redskins are reeling from last week's loss to the previously winless Tennessee Titans. This is not going to be pretty.

Phil says: For only the second time in my journalistic career will I full heartedly pick against the Redskins. Brunell is too old, Campbell to young and the Colts are just too good.

Monday, October 23, 2006

New York Giants (3-2) at Dallas Cowboys (3-2)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Dallas N.Y. Giants N.Y. Giants N.Y. Giants

Josh says: T.O. steps up on Monday night and follows up his three touchdown performance last week with another good showing in a Cowboys win.

Pia says: The New York Giants started slow, but really benefited from their bye week and made a strong performance last week against Atlanta. The Dallas Cowboys matching 3-2 record is a bit inflated however, with wins against Washington (2-4), Houston (1-4) and Tennessee (1-5). Eli Manning and his Giants should dominate this NFC East showdown.

Phil says: Terrell Owens displayed last week no matter how many times he drives coaches crazy he is still the best at what he does.

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