NFL Week Seven Predictions

Oct. 18, 2014, 10:04 p.m. | By Amalia Chiapperino, Robert Pfefferle, Rohan Oprisko, Samuel Popper, Sasha Tidwell | 9 years, 7 months ago


1. Sam: 60-31
2. Sasha: 53-38
3. Bobby: 52-39
4. Romalia: 47-44

Let's see our expert's picks for week seven...

Jets at Patriots
Sam: Patriots
Bobby: Patriots
Sasha: Patriots
Romalia: Patriots

Sam says: The Jets are struggling in all facets of the game right now. I think the Patriots should flex their muscles this week at home.
Bobby says: Tom Brady has started to get back on track, he shouldn't have any trouble against the Jets defense.
Sasha says: Chris Ivory has been the only true bright spot in this Jets squad. I don't see the Pats losing at home.
Romalia says: The Jets have looked terrible this season, there is no way they can beat the Patriots in this one.

Falcons at Ravens
Sam: Ravens
Bobby: Ravens
Sasha: Ravens
Romalia: Ravens

Sam says: Its hard to believe the Falcons can drop to 2-5. But with the Ravens playing so well, and Matt Ryan's struggles on the road, I'll take Baltimore
Bobby says: The Falcons defense has struggled recently and the Ravens are red-hot.
Sasha says: Joe Flacco had a career game last week. Look for him to keep it rolling in another tasty matchup.
Romalia says: After beating the Saints it seemed like the Falcons of last season had vanished but once again they have appeared. The Ravens should cruise to victory in this one given the Falcons are an arena team who at the moment can't win anywhere, especially outdoor stadiums.

Titans at Redskins
Sam: Redskins
Bobby: Redskins
Sasha: Redskins
Romalia: Redskins

Sam says: In a matchup of two mediocre teams, expect WRs DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon to be too much for the weak Titans secondary.
Bobby says: When two mediocre teams go up against each other, someone has got to break out. That person will be Kirk Cousins, who has a great opportunity to shine in this game.
Sasha says: The Redskins may be 1-5 but they haven't played to their potential. They have weapons on offense and defense that can hurt on you on any given dsy. The Titans are going to have to watch out as the Redskins will try to use this matchup as a confidence builder at home.
Romalia says: Both of these teams have been disappointing to say the least but one of them has to win this game. Washington will emerge victorious because of the home field advantage.

Seahawks at Rams
Sam: Seahawks
Bobby: Seahawks
Sasha: Seahawks
Romalia: Seahawks

Sam says: With the QB run now being added to their offense, the seahawks offense should be enough to overcome their somewhere average defense in this one.
Bobby says: Seahawks will trounce the Rams in a bounce-back win coming of that disappointing loss last week against Dallas.
Sasha says: The Rams are 0-3 at home this season and even though the Seahawks are pretty beat up, they will have no problem adding to this Rams losing streak.
Romalia says: The Rams looked like a good team for a brief moment against the 49ers but then the world was reminded how bad they really are. They won't start as well this week and I expect the Seahawks to come away with an easy victory in this one.

Browns at Jaguars
Sam: Browns
Bobby: Browns
Sasha: Browns
Romalia: Browns

Sam says: In a matchup of poor teams, I'll take the less bad one.
Bobby says: The Browns are no elite team, but they're significantly better than the Jaguars.
Sasha says: There's a good chance Jacksonville won't win a game this season.
Romalia says: The Browns have been impressive this season and against a winless Jaguars team, they will win again and make Cleveland happy.

Bengals at Colts
Sam: Bengals
Bobby: Colts
Sasha: Colts
Romalia: Colts

Sam says: I'll take the Bengals in an upset here. I like their physicality upfront which normally serves road teams well.
Bobby says: The Bengals defense has struggled to keep point totals down the past couple weeks, and Indy's offense has been rolling at the helm of Andrew Luck. Colts win at home.
Sasha says: After a great start, the Bengals have almost derailed. Their defense just hasn't been getting the job done. Look for Luck and his squad to out score Cinci at home.
Romalia says: The Bengals have stopped overachieving and now that they are grounded, they will not be as impressive. Expect Andrew Luck to have a great game and come away with a victory at home.

Vikings at Bills
Sam: Bills
Bobby: Bills
Sasha: Bills
Romalia: Bills

Sam says: Expect rookie WR Sammy Watkins to have his coming out party in a big win for the Bills.
Bobby says: The Vikings defense is pretty bad, but so is Kyle Orton. I think C.J. Spiller takes over in this one.
Sasha says: The Adrian Peterson-less Vikings are relying solely on quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to carry this team. Look for the Bills to be over .500 after week seven.
Romalia says: The Bills come up against a defense not looking capable of stopping anything and the Vikings don't have much firepower up front. Look for a Bills victory.

Dolphins at Bears
Sam: Bears
Bobby: Bears
Sasha: Bears
Romalia: Bears

Sam says: At home, with the fierce home field advantage, expect the Bears offense to be overpowering in this one.
Bobby says: Chicago knows how to play at home, and so does Jay Cutler. Bears roll.
Sasha says: Even though the Bears are 0-2 at home, the Dolphins offensive line has been weak and their offense is without Knowshon Moreno. The Bears will get their first home win of the season.
Romalia says: The Dolphins haven't really been able to improve on last season and against the Bears at home in Chicago I don't see how they can win.

Saints at Lions
Sam: Saints
Bobby: Lions
Sasha: Lions
Romalia: Lions

Sam says: If the Saints don't win this game, it is clearly a mark that they are just not a good team this season. Since I don't believe that statement, I think they will win in Detroit this week.
Bobby says: The Saints have been the biggest disappointment of the year, and the Lions are a genuinely good team. If the Lions defense can contain Drew Brees, Lions win.
Sasha says: Even without Megatron, the Lions should pull this one out at home. The Saints offense will be stopped by the top defense in the league.
Romalia says: The Saints are not good this year for some reason. Away from home they won't get the extra support they need. Expect the Lions to take this one.

Panthers at Packers
Sam: Panthers
Bobby: Packers
Sasha: Packers
Romalia: Packers

Sam says: The Panthers defense will take this one on the road, their front seven is fierce and their secondary is good enough to stop Aaron Rodgers and his Packers receivers.
Bobby says: This game could fall either way, but Carolina's secondary defense isn't as good as they need to be to stop Aaron Rodgers and his number of receivers.
Sasha says: Aaron Rodgers is carrying his team like he usually does. The surging packers look to continue their dominance against Carolina.
Romalia says: Its always a close game when Cam Newton is involved, but in this one, I think the Packers will take this one at Lambeau Field.

Chiefs at Chargers
Sam: Chargers
Bobby: Chargers
Sasha: Chargers
Romalia: Chargers

Sam says: While this is a closer game than expected, the Chargers pull it out. I like their defense, even if Philip Rivers is not playing his best.
Bobby says: The Chargers are historically better at home, as is Philip Rivers. Chargers stay charged.
Sasha says: Philip Rivers has shocked the football world as he is playing a significant role in the Chargers longest winning streak in five seasons. Look for his squad to continue their streak against KC at home.
Romalia says: The Chargers are surprisingly good this year and in this one I'm going with my hometown team and picking them against the Chiefs who have massively fell off from last season.

Cardinals at Raiders
Sam: Cardinals
Bobby: Cardinals
Sasha: Cardinals
Romalia: Cardinals

Sam says: The Raiders are historically bad on both sides of the ball. Expect nothing from them this week.
Bobby says: Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald are turning into a nice combo, and the Raiders surely won't be able to stop them.
Sasha says: The Raiders can't stop anyone from winning and the Cardinals are coming off a nice win against Washington. Arizona tries to continue a good start to the season against this weak Oakland team.
Romalia says: The Raiders are so awful this season that I can't see how they can beat the Cardinals.

Giants at Cowboys
Sam: Cowboys
Bobby: Cowboys
Sasha: Cowboys
Romalia: Cowboys

Sam says: The Cowboys are looking for real. Their defense was mocked at the beginning of the season but is now looking elite. The Cowboys move up to 6-1.
Bobby says: DeMarco Murray is going to run the Cowboys into the playoffs.
Sasha says: The Giants are coming off a horrible 27-0 loss to the Eagles. They won't be able to bounce back against Murray and the Cowboys at home.
Romalia says: I don't know how but the Cowboys are winning games. DeMarco Murray has been amazing and this trend will continue against the Giants who in this big division game will come out empty handed.

49ers at Broncos
Sam: Broncos
Bobby: Broncos
Sasha: Broncos
Romalia: Broncos

Sam says: I will be shocked if Peyton Manning does not beat Brett Favre's record for career touchdown passes. He only needs two.
Bobby says: Even an impressive 49ers defense can't stop Peyton Manning.
Sasha says: The 49ers are an extremely solid team but Manning and Denver will hold them at home.
Romalia says: The 49ers started a little slow last week against the Rams, but were able to survive. Against a clinical team in the Broncos they will stand no chance and lose.

Texans at Steelers
Sam: Steelers
Bobby: Steelers
Sasha: Steelers
Romalia: Texans

Sam says: The Steelers have won a record 15 straight Monday Night Football games at home. Expect a 16th from the turnover prone Texans.
Bobby says: Antonio Brown has been money as of late, but so has J.J. Watt. However the Texans defense might be without star rookie Jadeveon Clowney, which makes a huge difference.
Sasha says: Pittsburgh looks to go above .500 at home against a weak Texans squad.
Romalia says: While both teams have not been amazing, the Texans have MVP candidate J.J. Watt who will somehow win them this game away from home. The Steelers also have not been the strongest at home losing to the Buccaneers after they were pummeled by the Falcons the week before.

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