NFL: Week Six predictions

Oct. 17, 2004, midnight | By Pratik Bhandari, Isamu Bae, Nick Falgout | 16 years, 3 months ago

Revenge, returns and an undefeated streak

The Panthers come into town against the Eagles trying to hold themselves together, while the streaking Eagles look to have revenge for last season's NFC Championship game. Green Bay tries to make a come-back after an embarrassing loss to the Titans last Monday night. Seattle goes to New England as the first of very few legitimate threats to a perfect season for the Patriots. Not a bad week at all.


Izzy 47-27-0
Pratik 44-30-0
Nick 44-30-0
Mike 41-33-0


Sunday October 10, 2004 Carolina at Philadelphia - 1 p.m. (Philadelphia -9)

Izzy's Pick Pratik's Pick Mike's Pick Nick's Pick
Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia


Izzy says: The schedule-makers probably put this game in the schedule with the envisioning that it would be a sweet rematch of last year's NFC Championship game. Too bad. The Panthers lost so many players in the off-season they look like Swiss Cheese now. DeShaun Foster being injured for a good portion of the season, Steve Smith out for the season, half their offensive line revamped, the Panthers are in trouble. On the other side of the spectrum are the hot-shot Eagles led by fiery receiver Terrell Owens. Who imagined one player could affect a team this much? Owens will be covered by diminutive cornerback Ricky Manning Jr. and will help the Eagles show the Panthers just how much the Eagles needed a single good receiver. Revenge, though? Hardly.

Pratik says: Carolina comes off a loss to Denver in which no name Reuben Droughns had a ridiculous 193 yards rushing against the vaunted defensive line of Kris Jenkins, Mike Rucker, Kindai Moorehead (in for the injured Brentson Buckner) and Julius "Longest Run of Futility" Peppers. If Reuben Droughns can rip apart the Carolina defense like that, I shudder to think of how Brian Westbrook will fare. Philadelphia comes off a bye week in which the Eagle's high-flying offense got a chance to catch their breath after running all over opposing defenses. Frankly, I don't think the Carolina secondary composed of Ricky Manning, Chris Gamble, Colin Branch and Mike Minter can deal with T.O., Todd Pinkston. L.J. Smith and Freddie Mitchell. Unless Peppers has a 101-yard return for a touchdown, instead of getting tackled at the three, expect Philly to demolish the Panthers.

Nick says: So, with all the craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy picks I've been making, I guess it's about time to start defending them, eh? So, week six, game one: Carolina at Philly. The last time these two met, in 2003's NFC Championship game, Carolina turned in a fairly dominating performance to advance to their first Super Bowl. Unfortunately, things change, and have they ever. The Cats sit at 1-3, with both of their top-flight running backs on the injured list, and Jake Delhomme struggling to find his stride. Carolina's stifling defense is still intact, but with the way the Iggles have been plowing through people this year, there's just no good reason to bet against them. The only real question here is how TO is going to celebrate his touchdown this time.

Cincinnati at Cleveland - 1 p.m. (Cleveland -3)

Izzy's Pick Pratik's Pick Mike's Pick Nick's Pick
Cincinnati Cincinnati Cleveland Cincinnati

Izzy says: One quarterback is a rookie while the other one wishes he had gone to a familiar offensive playbook. Carson Palmer has been spectacular in his rookie season, but he desperately needs to cut down on his mistakes (interceptions) in order to have the Bengals back to a winning style. Jeff Garcia, on the other hand, needs to learn the Browns' playbook and shed his habit of the Niners' playbook if he wants to get the Browns back in contention. The Browns have far too much receiving talent (Andre' Davis, Quincy Morgan, Dennis Northcutt) to keep Garcia struggling this much. I give this to the Bengals, who have shown games close enough that they could be won by one or two less mistakes by Carson Palmer.

Pratik says: The Browns come off a loss to Pittsburgh and the Bengals come off a bye week. The X-factor in this game, as he is for all of the Bengals games, is Carson Palmer. Can he avoid costly turnovers? Can he play like he did in the preseason, lighting up opposing teams while hooking up with Chad Johnson? I think he can and I think he has a great head coach in Marvin Lewis to help him get there. Expect Palmer to have a big day against the depleted Browns defense.

Nick says: As much as I'd like to pick against the Bengals, who screwed me two weeks ago against the Steelers, they are playing the Browns. Carson Palmer has had time to ruminate on his sub-par performance, and the Johnsons look like a formidable pair against Cleveland's inconsistent (at best) defense. Plus the Browns' starting QB is Jeff Garcia. The Bengals may not be up to beating much this season, but I think they can handle the Browns.

Green Bay at Detroit - 1 p.m. (Detroit -2)

Izzy's Pick Pratik's Pick Mike's Pick Nick's Pick
Green Bay Detroit Detroit Detroit

Izzy says: Green Bay had an epic collapse against the Titans last Monday Night, giving way to many analysts deeming the Packers' season done. It might very well be too late to make it back into the playoffs now, but it can be done, and Favre knows that. The Lions, on the other hand, sadly look at another young, star receiver on the sidelines after stud rookie receiver Roy Williams injured his ankle. It is difficult to comprehend how a player like Ahman Green can regress so much in one season, so I'm going to go with the Packers in the belief that he, and the Packers, will turn it around this game.

Pratik says: Green Bay is officially in trouble. In Al Michaels words, "[Green bay] is in a crater at 1-4." In all aspects of the game, the Packers have been disappointing this season. The offense has been pretty good, but the defense has been horrible, especially the pass defense what with Mike McKenzie getting traded to the Saints and numerous injuries to the defensive secondary resulting in their first pick, Ahmad Carroll, getting forced into action on Monday. This does not bode well for their matchup against the explosive offense of the Lions. With likely Offensive Rookie of the Year Roy Williams leading the way, the Lions passing game strikes fear into the hearts of the Packers young secondary. Unless Ahman Green can run the ball like a monster, expect Joey Harrington and Company to tear up the dilapidated Packers defense.

Nick says: I hate to jump on the bandwagon (sort of), but Green Bay looks simply atrocious at the moment. Whereas Green Bay got it handed to them at home by the Titans Monday night, Detroit snubbed Michael Vick's wonder-Falcons at Vick's house. Favre is frustrated, Ahman Green is suddenly a fumbling machine, and the Packers' defense is mediocre at best (and terrible against the run). I'll take Joey Harrington and the reinvented Lions here, though I think at this point in the downward spiral there isn't a single team in the league (save maybe the 49ers and Dolphins) I would pick the Packers to beat.

Houston at Tennessee - 1 p.m. (Tennessee -6.5)

Izzy's Pick Pratik's Pick Mike's Pick Nick's Pick
Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Houston

Izzy says: Tennessee avoided a second 1-4 pitfall in three years by soundly running over the Green Bay Packers. Robaire Smith, a DT for the Texans, returns to Tennessee for the first time since being signed away. David Carr kept up with Daunte Culpepper for a good portion of the game last week, and it will be another shootout with Steve McNair this time. I go with the Titans, as their defense looks like it was meshing together at last against the Packers and tailback Chris Brown looks like a Pro Bowl veteran.

Pratik says: A great AFC battle down in Music City. Tennessee comes off a blowout against the Cheeseheads where the Titans crushed Brett Favre and company 48-27. Houston comes off a great overtime battle against Minnesota, whose defense suddenly looks very suspect. But anyway, expect a wonderful aerial battle with David "I just got a haircut" Carr matching throws with Air McNair. The difference in this game, however, is Chris Brown who is making Titans fans wonder, "Eddie who?" with his monster running performances in every game this season. Brown is averaging over 100 yards a game so far and is a threat to break it into the house every single time. Against a Houston defense that plays the 3-4 without any real superstars, expect a huge offensive showing from the Titans as they stick it to their AFC South colleagues.

Nick says: Both of these teams performed excellently last week, with the Titans drubbing the Pack and the Texans losing by the skin of their teeth to Minnesota. Houston's secondary didn't look great, but David Carr and Andre Johnson proved to be almost unstoppable. I like Houston here, if only because of the abovementioned pair and a one Dominick Davis against the Titans' suddenly weak run defense. It'll be close, though.

Kansas City at Jacksonville - 1 p.m. (Kansas City -2)

Izzy's Pick Pratik's Pick Mike's Pick Nick's Pick
Jacksonville Kansas City Jacksonville Jacksonville

Izzy says: There are so many doomsday predictions of the Jacksonville Jaguars after being trampled by the Chargers, but I don't buy it. The Chargers have turned out to be a high scoring team, surprisingly, and star tailback LaDainian Tomlinson has been monstrous, again. The Chiefs finally won against the Ravens on Monday Night Football two weeks ago, but their offense still looks iffy, and Jacksonville will be back trying to prove their defense again. Jacksonville grind.

Pratik says: Jacksonville seems to have lost a bit of their fairy-dust magic after losing big to the surprising Chargers. Their vaunted defense couldn't stop the running game or the passing game as LT V2.0, Antonio Gates and Jesse Chatman vandalized the Jacksonville D. Anyway, they now face an offense that is as potent, if not more so, than the Chargers. Kansas City comes off a bye where the Priest got to rest up his bruises. With the best offensive line in football leading the way, I'll be disappointed in anything less than 150 yards of total offense from him to go along with a couple of touchdowns. Byron Leftwich may be a great quarterback, but I don't think that Jimmy Smith and Fred Taylor are as good as Tony Gonzalez and Priest Holmes. Expect Kansas City to return to the form they were in last week when they beat the Ravens and last year when they went 13-3. With the Priest leading the way, the Chiefs should slaughter the Jaguars.

Nick says: A toughie. Jacksonville looked really good the first four games of the season, then dropped their fifth by 15 points to the… Chargers? KC dropped three straight, won a close Monday-Nighter against my Ravens, and then hit their bye week. I think KC's got the momentum, but that Jacksonville has the better overall team, especially (and obviously) on the defensive side of the ball. I also think Byron Leftwich is clutch, and playing at home will re-invigorate the flailing Jags. It'll be close, though.

Miami at Buffalo - 1 p.m. (Buffalo -6)

Izzy's Pick Pratik's Pick Mike's Pick Nick's Pick
Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo

Izzy says: Two teams trying to eek it out as the most disappointing this season. Well, at least Miami has an excuse. The Dolphins put Sage Rosenfels under the gun, as both their first and second-string quarterbacks have become injured. They have no running game. At least Buffalo has an offense, barring a ridiculous pass-rush against their horrible offensive line. Buffalo has a slightly better offense and therefore will come out of this close game with its first win.

Pratik says: Wow. An absolutely wonderful matchup of two 0-5 teams greets the fans at Ralph Wilson Stadium. If I was in the shoes of venerable Mr. Tagliabue, I would simply give both teams a loss and spare the poor fans of both teams from having to endure the agony. However, the show must go on and sadly for the Dolphins, it must go on without the services of Jay Fiedler or A.J. Feeley as they are both out with injuries. Therefore, we welcome…uh…hold on…oh, Sage Rosenfels?! Yes, the one and only Sage Rosenfels who had a wonderful year with Steve Spurrier in Washington. Yes, the same Sage Rosenfels who beat out Danny Wuerffel (whose name is a combination of worst and awful; how did Spurrier not recognize it?) and Patrick Ramsey for the quarterback job in Washington. That really helped us a lot. I feel really sorry for the Dolphins defense because the defense doesn't deserve any of the 0-5 record the Dolphins have created. In fact, the defense is the only thing keeping the games between other teams at least marginally close. Anyway, on the strength of the fact that the Bills actually have a real quarterback in Drew Bledsoe, I'm going with the Bills on this one.

Nick says: Blech. If I could stay awake long enough, I'd bet on Buffalo, since Miami will be starting Sage Rosenfels at QB and, um, some other guy at RB. Plus Buffalo's at home. But the thought of actually watching this game just makes me so sle-

San Diego at Atlanta - 1 p.m. (Atlanta -5)

Izzy's Pick Pratik's Pick Mike's Pick Nick's Pick
San Diego San Diego Atlanta Atlanta

Izzy says: Vick vs. L.T. They are continually compared to each other, as the Falcons and Chargers made the infamous swap that sent the pick for L.T. to the Chargers along with other picks and players while Vick went to the Falcons. Both of these players have turned into super stars and neither team looks to have lost in the trade. Not bad. Atlanta's defense has been surprising after the debacle last season and so has the Chargers' defense. I say the Chargers are going to win this match-up. Don't get me wrong, I think the Falcons are a very good team and will make the playoffs. But Vick has looked way too tentative in the pocket and is struggling. LaDainian Tomlinson has been giving defenses other than the Broncos fits over his career and this game will be no different.

Pratik says: Wow…this is a game that features two of the best young stars in the league. Vick vs. LT V2. Unfortunately for me, both of these teams are so inconsistent, you can't tell who'll show up and play. One week, the Falcons look indestructible. The next, they lose to Detroit, who were without Roy Williams for most of the game. At first, I thought that this game was gonna be an easy Falcons victory, but now that I look at some of the teams the Chargers have beaten; Tennessee, Jacksonville and Houston; maybe they are for real. Expect a shootout in the Georgia Dome with a long pass play to LT being the difference.

Nick says: I'm not quite ready to give up on Michael Vick and his Falcons, despite the numerous cries for his head that have been floating around the various ESPNs for the past week. San Diego has looked surprisingly sharp despite a lackluster defense and little to no receiving corps thanks mainly to a streaking Drew Brees and solid running game, but Atlanta's been playing top ten defense and has several legitimate offensive threats. Let's not forget that Vick and the Falcons are 4-1, and that they lost to the 3-1 Lions. San Diego seems like a perfect bounce-back match-up to me.

Seattle at New England – 1 p.m. (New England -4)

Izzy's Pick Pratik's Pick Mike's Pick Nick's Pick
New England New England New England New England

Izzy says: Seattle gives New England their first true threat of the season. Seattle is considered a powerhouse and has dominated three and three-quarters games this season. That one missing quarter is where the Rams made that startling come-back last week. The Patriots have looked relatively flat this season but have managed to win games. I don't see it changing at all. Patriots with a Vinatieri kick.

Pratik says: This is a must-see game. Why? First of all, because its one of the only games featuring two superlative teams going at it this week and more importantly because this may be one of two games that the Patriots have a high likelihood of losing, with the other one being against Baltimore. This is also the classic matchup of defense vs. offense. In previous renditions of this matchup with Indianapolis playing Seattle's role in this one, the Patriots have spanked the Colts up and down the field all over the place. For some reason, Edgerrin James just can't seem to run down near the goaline or keep the football against the Patriots. Maybe James should take a page out of Pedro's book and just start calling the Pats his daddy; on that note, maybe Peyton should as well. Now don't get me wrong, I think Manning is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. I think he's accurate, smart and a great athlete as well; but until he takes his team to the top, people like me aren't going to put him up there with the likes of Elway or Montana or Young. He needs to prove to the world that he can beat these guys and win a championship. But I digress… The Patriots better watch out because they are coming into this game severely handicapped on offense with their talented wide receiving corps hampered by a myriad of injuries and Corey Dillon, their primary running back, out for this game as well. In contrast, the Seahawks are just about injury-free and pumped up after a close loss to the Rams in a very winnable game for them. The Patriots can't be overconfident because the Seahawks will tear them apart if they are, but Bill Belichick will make sure to keep 'em in line long enough to secure the twentieth straight win for the defending Super Bowl champs.

Nick says: If Seattle's defense hadn't absolutely melted down in the clutch last week against the Rams, letting the Rams score 17 points in the fourth quarter (14 of those over two minutes or so), then I might be inclined to pick the crazy upset. Seattle's defense is normally stifling, and has 13 takeaways this season, but New England is just so seamless. Their defense is solid, their quarterback is the savior reborn (*cough*), and their offensive line is brutal. Seattle would've been looking better and better as I listed the New England injuries, but the Hawks' defensive play last week tipped it back. Number 20, here comes the Pats.

San Francisco at New York Jets – 1 p.m. (New York jets -10)

Izzy's Pick Pratik's Pick Mike's Pick Nick's Pick
New York Jets New York Jets New York Jets New York Jets

Izzy says: Niners tight end Eric Johnson deserves a good slap on the… well, don't slap him on the back. He compiled 100+ receiving yards last week on a broken rib. Too bad the rest of the Niners are not like that. The Jets, en route to a 4-0 record, have looked extremely sharp and dangerous. Curtis Martin has been showing off perhaps his best rushing season in years and Chad Pennington is living up to his huge contract. The Niners? Well, they won last week, that's a bonus. They did it against the Cardinals though, and barely. They've been shut out once this season already and, forgive me if I'm being condescending, the season-ending injury to Pro Bowl linebacker Julian Peterson will doom them. Jets with a rout.

Pratik says: Ha! Pennington must be feeling real happy to play against the 49ers after facing the Bills last week. The Jets are simply too good for San Francisco to even begin to compete with, so I wouldn't be surprised if Coach Herman Edwards gets an opportunity to play the backups in the second half.

Nick says: 49ers QB Tim Rattay had a career week last week and brought his team back from 16 down to beat the… Arizona Cardinals. Um, wow? The Jets are undefeated (albeit barely), have an amazing running back in Curtis Martin, and a solid QB in Chad Pennington. And they're playing at home. I'd be surprised is this wasn't an outright slaughter (if the Arizona Cardinals can score 28 points on SF's defense, imagine how much a, you know, potent offense like the Jet's could score).

 Washington at Chicago - 1 p.m. (Chicago -1)

Izzy's Pick Pratik's Pick Mike's Pick Nick's Pick
Washington Washington Washington Washington

Izzy says: Washington got owned by the Ravens. Yeah, that's right Pratik. OWNED. With a kneel at the eight yard line. That gives very little confidence for the Skins coming into this week. But at least they play the Bears with no secondary. Azumah, out. Tillman, out. Brown, out. Man, who do they still have back there? That will be why the Skins will win.

Pratik says: Every single time I pick Washington, I get burned. Last time, my friends and I were on a high saying how Washington was going to be 3-3 after this game. Apparently not as the lowly Cleveland Browns beat us down before we literally gave the game away to the Ravens in the fourth quarter. I really don't like Ed Reed. Why can't Sean Taylor do this stuff? Anyway, the Bears are in almost as much trouble as the Skins are what with Mike Brown out for the season and Urlacher not feeling well either. Also, the Bears are without Rex Grossman and now have to rely almost completely on their running game against Washington's great run defense. Hesitantly, I once again, pick the Redskins.

Nick says: As much as it pains me to pick the Redskins again, Chicago's dead in the water. Their defense is ravaged by injury, and their best quarterback, Rex Grossman, is gone for the season. Washington, for all of its other faults, has an excellent defense, and the offense should be able to put up enough points against the weakened Bears to pull it out.

Denver at Oakland - 4:15 p.m. (Denver -1.5)

Izzy's Pick Pratik's Pick Mike's Pick Nick's Pick
Denver Denver Denver Denver

Izzy says: Is this even a question? I'll be surprised if the Broncos lose. Doubly so if they fail to hit 120 yards rushing.

Pratik says: Yay, an easy game to pick for once. Denver is playing some crazy D and with the secondary they've got, the Oakland wide receivers led by the Jerry's (Rice and Porter) will have no chance. I mean, come on: Jerry Porter vs. Champ Bailey? You decide. Anyway, Denver will come out of the Black Hole with a win.

Nick says: Denver'll be the first road team to win this week, and deservedly so. Oakland's been middle-of-the-road all season, and sports a defense that seems ill-equipped to handle the likes of Quentin Griffin and Jake Plummer. Speaking of defenses, Denver's is ranked first at the moment. I like Kerry Collins, but not against these odds.

Pittsburgh at Dallas - 4:15 p.m. (Dallas -3)

Izzy's Pick Pratik's Pick Mike's Pick Nick's Pick
Dallas Pittsburgh Dallas Pittsburgh

Izzy says: This is a close game. Pittsburgh has been absolutely on a roll with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger behind center, and the Cowboys just lose to the Giants. I will go with the Bill Parcells factor. I think the Cowboys under Parcells will be riled up to make a win after a loss, and the Cowboys will come out gunning.

Pratik says: The one word that describes this game: smashmouth. I don't think that there is a more physical team out there than the Steelers are right now. They are pounding the ball with Duce Staley and Jerome Bettis and Big Ben is airing it out to Plaxico Burress and Hines Ward. The offense is clicking, the defense is clicking; things are good in Steel Capital, U.S.A. On the other side of the field, we've got "America's Team." I think they stopped being "America's Team" ever since Arrington ended Aikman's career. Now, the Cowboys are a pass first team, very unusual, especially from a team that is coached by the Tuna. Anyway, look for Pittsburgh to get the Cowboys seeing stars down in Big D.

Nick says: Pittsburgh's on FIAH, and are winners of three straight (mainly) on the backs of Ben Roethlisberger and Duce Staley. Pittsburgh's running game is superb, with Staley running the long yardage and Bettis pounding it home. Pittsburgh's receivers are also quite capable, and Dallas's defense keeps slipping. While Dallas's offense is up there, the Steelers defense, especially their secondary, is up to the challenge of stopping… Keyshawn Johnson.

Minnesota at New Orleans - 8:30 p.m. (Minnesota -3.5)

Izzy's Pick Pratik's Pick Mike's Pick Nick's Pick
Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota

Izzy says: Daunte Culpepper threw for five touchdowns AGAIN. Meanwhile the Saints lost to the Bucs last week. Um, forgive me for being mean to the Saints, but I think they stand no chance against Culpepper and Moss.

Pratik says: Wow, what a blowout! Have fun Mike McKenzie…you win the prize for having the worst timing in a trade, ever. You traded to be on a team that was going to play Randy Moss. Let me repeat, RANDY MOSS. You see that big, tall guy burning you down the field? That's him. Anyway, guess we can all see how good you are really quick, right? The Saints can't compete with the Vikings, at least not until Deuce McAllister is back. Anyway, we might see a Michael Bennett sighting this week or next. Don't blink because he'll either be in the end zone or on the way to the hospital. Expect fantasy beast Daunte Culpepper to introduce to Mike McKenzie the folly of his trade. Good luck covering the Freak (Moss, for those of you who don't know), McKenzie. You're gonna need it.

Nick says: And here we have road winner number two. Dante Culpepper threw for 5 TDs, passed for 396 yards, and still needed OT to beat the Texans last week. This week, they play the floundering New Orleans Saints, who lost to the winless Tampa Bay Bucs last week. They'll probably have Deuce McAllister back this, but Minnesota has a surprisingly tough run defense, and it's mostly a moot point anyway, as I'll take the incredible Vikes passing game anyway, any day.

Monday October 11, 2004 Tampa Bay at St. Louis - 9 p.m. (St.Louis -6.5)

Izzy's Pick Pratik's Pick Mike's Pick Nick's Pick
St. Louis St. Louis St. Louis St. Louis

Izzy says: This is a match-up of Monte Kiffin's Bucs defense versus the possibly rejuvenated Mike Martz Rams offense. I like what the Rams did in the fourth quarter against the Seahawks defense last week and I think they'll continue to be effective offensively. St. Louis edges this one out.

Pratik says: The Monday Night game features two teams that won last week. But that's where the similarities stop. Tampa Bay has been reeling all year from the lack of a consistent offense to go along with their good defense. St. Louis has been reeling all year trying to find a defense that won't let the game get too far out of hand, even though their explosive offense could probably win the game if given enough time. Whenever defense has gone head-to-head against offense, defense has always won. But I think that tonight will be an exception because St. Louis just has way too much talent. If only Tampa Bay would talk to Keenan McCardell then maybe Brad Johnson or Chris Simms or whomever they put into the pocket might have somebody to throw to other than Michael Clayton. Anyway, without a running game or a passing game, Tampa Bay is going to regress back to their old ways and once again lose a ridiculous amount of games. I pick St. Louis to win with at least one touchdown.

Nick says: Tampa Bay won last week for the first time this season. Against the New Orleans Saints. On the back of Brian Griese. The Rams, on the other hand, improved to 3-2 against a very good Seattle team, and came back from 17 down in the fourth quarter. I'll let you do the math, sucka.

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