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Oct. 14, 2007, midnight | By Anshul Sood, Andrew Kung, Pia Nargundkar | 16 years, 1 month ago

New England at Dallas is the game to watch here in Week Six, although our Redskins are looking good, picking up another win last week by holding the vaunted Detroit offense to a single field goal. A win at Lambeau this week will surely bring about the inevitable, misguided Super Bowl rumblings. Meanwhile, our analysts are once more engaged in a three-way tie after Pia impressed last week by going 12-2, while Andrew took a tumble and saw his lead evaporate. Anshul has been steady all year to claim his share of first place, but Nitin continues to lag behind. Will Week Six bring the fix? Sorry, that was really bad. Here goes...


Last weekSeason total
Andrew 6-846-30
Anshul 11-3 46-30
Pia12-2 46-30
Nitin 8-6 42-34

Sunday October 14, 2007

Washington Redskins at Green Bay Packers

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
Green Bay Washington Washington Washington

Andrew says: I've been wrong on every Redskins game so far this year, and here's hoping I'm wrong again. Hey, I'd rather see a win for Washington than a tally mark by my name anyway. The Packers won't choke away two games in a row at home, will they?

Nitin says: Washington's secondary is legit having held the NFL's top passing offense to 3 points. Green Bay is very similar to Detroit; the Packers run game is non-existent at the league's second-worst 67.6 rushing yards per game. Sean Taylor and LaRon Landry will keep Brett Favre from improving his already bloated passing yards total.

Pia says: Washington managed to put the haters to rest last week with a sound whooping of Detroit. But are they a playoff-worthy team? The 'Skins look to prove that they with a win against the surprisingly strong Packers. If they perform as they did last week, without their top receivers, then that playoff fantasy is beginning to materialize.

Anshul says: The Redskin's defense is shutting down teams and the offense is starting to click. And that was without Santana Moss and with Antwaan Randle El playing only half of the game. Chicago showed that Brett Favre is still only human and the Skins will remind the world of that again.

St. Louis Rams at Baltimore Ravens

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore

Andrew says: What happened to the St. Louis offense? Injuries have made a supposedly dominant unit into a laughingstock. Marc Bulger and Steven Jackson will be on the sidelines, and Torry Holt is far from 100%. The Ravens have been beyond unimpressive on both sides of the ball, but not a whole lot will be needed to tame the crippled Rams.

Nitin says: These two underachieving teams will search for answers this week. Rams QB Gus Frerotte is still trying to get the St. Louis ship moving and with Baltimore playing mediocre defense a win could be somewhere in the picture, but Todd Heap's return will give Steve McNair a way to keep the chains moving.

Pia says: The only reason Baltimore is 3-2 is because of a decent defense and a pathetically easy schedule. Both appear to be in check for Sunday's game against the winless Rams, so look for another Raven win.

Anshul says: The Rams are still searching for their first win and Baltimore won't be the place they find it. Steve McNair is good at efficiently moving the ball downfield, but he is going to have to get more explosive in order for the Ravens to get anywhere.

Tennessee Titans at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
Tennessee Tampa Bay Tennessee Tennessee

Andrew says: I don't get how Tennessee is the underdog in this matchup. Vince Young has underachieved thus far (Madden curse?), but a dominant defense and a decent running game have returned the Titans to the upper echelon of NFL franchises.

Nitin says: Jeff Garcia is playing extremely well but his Buccaneer comrades can't seem to keep up. LB Keith Bulluck and the Titans will stuff the run, once again leaving the game up to Garcia. But on the other side, Vince Young isn't getting it done through the air and isn't so impressive on the ground.

Pia says: Things aren't looking up in Tampa Bay. With their top two running backs injured, the Buccaneers are left without many options this week. On the other hand, the Titans haven't looked this good since their last playoff run. A win this week for Tennessee and Indianapolis should start getting worried.

Anshul says: The Titans defense is forcing turnovers all over the place and their rush offense is getting it done. Tampa Bay is still struggling to find a good pass offense and the Titans defense will give Jeff Garcia a night to remember.

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Jets

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia

Andrew says: Andy Reid's squads have been money after the bye. Apparently, Donovan McNabb and Reggie Brown are finally on the same page, and that in combination with a healthy Brian Westbrook should be enough to overcome the floundering Gang Green.

Nitin says: A bye week ought to have given McNabb enough time to recover from his beat down in New York. Brian Westbrook, Lito Sheppard and L.J. Smith all practiced this week and at least Westbrook and Sheppard are expected to start. The Jets, looking confused as ever, don't know whether to bench Chad Pennington in favor of Kellen Clemens.

Pia says: Neither team has recent pleasant memories of the Meadowlands, but an extra week should have given the Eagles the rest and reflection they needed to improve their offensive line protection and get the ball rolling again.

Anshul says: McNabb returns to New York where he had some bad memories last time he played. Hopefully this time the offensive line will be able to allow only 10 sacks, but who knows? Still though, he'll return to his normal self and take care of a struggling Jets team.

Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
Kansas City Kansas City Cincinnati Cincinnati

Andrew says: The Cincinnati defense has allowed over 400 yards per game. That should get the 28th ranked KC offense rolling. Look for Larry Johnson to finally hit paydirt and Damon Huard to ward off Brodie Croyle for another game.

Nitin says: With the Chiefs' Dwayne Bowe and Tony Gonzalez spreading the defense thin, Larry Johnson has to be able to exploit Cincinnati. Rudi Johnson isn't expected to be back for another week so the Bengals won't have anyone consistent to work with out of the backfield.

Pia says: The early bye came in handy for a Cincinnati team trying to put an end to its losing streak. Cincinnati, which has one of the league's worst defenses, is going up against Kansas City, which has one of the league's worst offenses. It won't be a pretty game, but Cincy's extra week of rest and practice should help them come out on top.

Anshul says: The Chiefs aren't having the kind of season they thought they would, and it's because of a lack in the pass offense. Cincinnati meanwhile will look to bounce back from their loss in New England by putting up big numbers offensively.

Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
Jacksonville Jacksonville Houston Jacksonville

Andrew says: It's no surprise that the Texans sit at the bottom of the AFC South. What is shocking though, is that they're over .500, something that cannot be said by any team in the AFC West. But their prospects look grim this week, going against a defense allowing just 10.3 points per game with Andre Johnson still sidelined with a sprained knee. The Jags have improved every week since falling Week One, winning three straight since, and David Garrard, while not wowing anybody, has become a serviceable NFL quarterback.

Nitin says: Houston doesn't have a shot now that Jacksonville's run is heating up. David Garrard is developing nicely.

Pia says: Jacksonville lost both games against a lesser talented Houston last year - two losses that proved crucial to the rest of Jacksonville's season. With Houston in a much better shape this year, I think the Jags will get upset at home.

Anshul says: Jacksonville has a good running game and if boasting a decent defense. The Texans are a very good and balanced team, but on the road against the Jags will be a hard game for them to win.

Miami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
Miami Miami Cleveland Cleveland

Andrew says: Miami's bound to win one of these games eventually, and the Dawg Pound is as good a venue as any. Sure, the uninspiring Cleo Lemon looks to be the starter, but it's not like Trent Green was lighting it up out there anyway.

Nitin says: The Cleveland Browns may have shut down Randy Moss, but I don't see them stopping Ronnie Brown all over the field. Of course, Cleo Lemon will have to play a tad bit better than he did last year, but a win is not out of question.

Pia says: It's hard to have faith when the fate of an entire team lies on the shoulders of a man named "Lemon."

Anshul says: Miami will have to find its first win somewhere else. The Browns defense is getting better and its offense will abuse the weak Miami defense.

Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago

Andrew says: Whoever starts at quarterback for Minnesota, Tarvaris Jackson or Kelly Holcomb, is in for a world of hurt. After showing new life in their come-from-behind victory at Lambeau, the Bears look to even up their record and put themselves back into the division race.

Nitin says: This game is going to get ugly quickly. Minnesota's SS Darren Sharper laughed at Chicago's tight ends... the only players who seem to be able to catch for the Bears. Chicago will dominate Kelly Holcomb, Tavaris Jackson or whichever awful quarterback the Vikings throw at them.

Pia says: The Bears finally came alive last week with a win against the division rival Packers. They should continue to dominate against a inconsistent and floundering Viking team.

Anshul says: The Vikings have way too many problems within the team to get anything done on the field. Meanwhile, the Bears may be back on their way up after their convincing win over the Packers.

Carolina Panthers at Arizona Cardinals

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
Arizona Arizona Arizona Arizona

Andrew says: Vinny's back? Seriously? Whichever team signed him must be in serious trouble, and that looks to be the case in Carolina. And who knew Ken Whisenhunt could turn around a franchise this quickly? Arizona may easily be the best team in a slumping NFC West.

Nitin says: Matt Leinart is gone, Jack Delhomme is gone, David Carr is garbage. I'm looking forward to seeing an old school shootout between Kurt Warner and Vinny Testaverde. Somewhere out there, Steve Smith is crying himself to sleep.

Pia says: With each team embroiled in a quarterback turmoil, Arizona stands out as the more consistent team. The Cardinals have managed to score 20+ points in each of their games, while the Panthers have struggled to score a single touchdown in some of theirs.

Anshul says: The QB shuffle is over and Kurt Warner takes over. This may turn into a battle of old quarterbacks as Vinny Testaverde may get the start. It seems the NFL has taken a few steps back in time, maybe they should broadcast the game in black and white...

New England Patriots at Dallas Cowboys

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
New England Dallas Dallas New England

Andrew says: This battle of 5-0s is the best matchup we've seen this season by far. While both teams are undefeated, the Patriots have looked sharper in doing so. The Big D has been anything but that, giving up 24 points (and almost the game) to a quarterback-less Bills team a week ago, while the Pats' unit has Rodney Harrison returning. For once, TO isn't talking, and he'll have little to say after a brutal defeat.

Nitin says: Last week's comeback was nothing short of amazing. Who else can pull off a win with five interceptions and a lost fumble? If Dallas can keep an eye on Donte' Stallworth I think they can pull this off. I'm sure Dallas can do a better job stopping "the other 81" than Cleveland, anyway.

Pia says: Someone has to lose in this epic battle of the undefeated teams. Unfortunately, the Patriots' relatively easy schedule so far has inflated the public opinion on them, and they will be the ones coming away with a loss this Sunday.

Anshul says: Two undefeated teams enter. Only one leaves. And that one will be the Patriots. Tony Romo's performance against the Bills last week was disgusting and the Patriots won't be quick to let Romo forget. They boast a better offense and a better defense and should win this game by two scores.

Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
Oakland San Diego San Diego San Diego

Andrew says: One good showing by San Diego still doesn't change the fact that they're still coached by Norv Turner. Meanwhile, Dominic Rhodes is returning from suspension, and Daunte Culpepper has looked sharp under center for the Silver and Black. The Chargers have been victims of upsets, and another one this week is more than possible.

Nitin says: I still don't like the progress of the Chargers; it seems as though when the passing game is clicking, LT is mediocre and vice versa. But this is Oakland we're talking about and the Raiders' chances look bleak without LaMont Jordan in the backfield.

Pia says: Looks like the Chargers finally got their groove back. Philip Rivers connected big with 13 completions for 270 yards and two touchdowns and LT's backup tore up the field with a 100 yard rushing game in last week's 41-3 rout of the Broncos. Let's get a win streak going San Diego.

Anshul says: The Chargers are back and Oakland shouldn't prove as much of a challenge to end that. San Diego's defense will give Daunte Culpepper a hard time this week and their offense will torture the Oakland defense.

New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
Seattle New Orleans Seattle New Orleans

Andrew says: The Saints have officially reverted back to their abysmal pre-2006 'Aints form. Unless Drew Brees and Reggie Bush can get the ball rolling, the Seahawks will pick up an easy win.

Nitin says: Matt Hasselbeck doesn't have Deion Branch to go to this week, meaning Bobby Engram is all he has. Shaun Alexander is struggling and now he's lost his Pro Bowl FB Mack Strong for good. The Saints can march in and take this one.

Pia says: My patience with the Saints has run out. It might not be fair, but sometimes bad things happen to good teams. Better luck next year.

Anshul says: I'll give the Saints one more week. They need to find some kind of rhythm offensively and force some turnovers on defense if they want to win.

Monday October 15, 2007

New York Giants at Atlanta Falcons

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
New York New York New York New York

Andrew says: The Giants offense is rolling, led by a dominating line and incredible chemistry between Eli and Plax. With a healthy Brandon Jacobs, a fourth straight win for the G-men against the downtrodden Falcons should be a cinch.

Nitin says: Plaxico Burress. Need I say more?

Pia says: If the Giants managed to get 12 sacks on Donovan McNabb, I don't think they'll have much trouble with Byron Leftwich.

Anshul says: Four redzone plays for Byron Leftwich. Four incompletions. The Falcons still need to find an effective offensive gameplan if they want to win. The Giants have that gameplan. It says to throw the ball to Plaxico Burress.

Bye week: Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers

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