NFL Week Ten predictions

Nov. 11, 2006, midnight | By Phillip Allen, Abe Schwadron, Josh Zipin | 17 years, 7 months ago

Bye, bye bye weeks

The SCO sports staff is currently Ballin'!!, and with a full docket of games on the schedule, all our senior experts will be looking to close the gap between their records and Pia's. Too bad she never has a bad week.


Josh 77-50
Abe 72-55
Pia 82-43
Phil 77-50

Last Week

Josh 8-6
Abe 7-7
Pia 8-6
Phil 9-5

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Baltimore Ravens (6-2) at Tennessee Titans (2-6)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore

Josh says: The Ravens fly high over the Titans this week. Baullinnn!!

Abe says: Several weeks in a row of foiling my picks has earned the Ravens my respect. Plus, they face the woeful Titans this week.

Pia says: It'll be one sweet homecoming for Steve McNair.

Phil says: Vince Young gets to face his second top five defenses in two weeks. Good luck with that!

Buffalo Bills (3-5) at Indianapolis Colts (8-0)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Indianapolis Indianapolis Indianapolis Indianapolis

Josh says: C'mon, give me a pick that actually stimulates the brain.

Abe says: Peyton Manning is absolutely salivating, and the Colts are copping undefeated talk for the second straight year.

Pia says: I have a hard time seeing the 3-5 Buffalo Bills beating the league's only undefeated team.

Phil says: If we would pick with the spread I would probably take the Bills. But were not. So even though the Colts are going to stumble, that much I guarantee but not at home against the Bills a questionable McGahee.

Cleveland Browns (2-6) at Atlanta Falcons (5-3)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta

Josh says: Last week was a surprise for the Falcons, who somehow lost to the Detroit Lions. Ugghh. Luckily the Falcons pretty much get another shot, as the Browns, just as bad as the Lions, roll into town. This time the better team should win.

Abe says: Thinking about this game, the first thing that came to mind was that the Browns are horrible. That, plus the fact that the Browns are terrible, makes this pick easy. Oh, and the Browns are really bad.

Pia says: Michael Vick and his Falcons better bounce back this week after a surprising loss to the Detroit Lions last week or he'll find himself in some hot water. Cleveland may be 2-6 but they do have a good pass defense, so look to see Vick back at his scrambling ways.

Phil says: The Falcons live and die on Vicks performance. Last week he fell apart against the lowly Lions after having one of his careers most impressive four game streaks. Which Vick emerges against Cleveland will determine the outcome.

Green Bay Packers (3-5) at Minnesota Vikings (4-4)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Minnesota Minnesota Green Bay Minnesota

Josh says: This game disgusts me. Neither team has an identity or half a dozen good players. I guess the Vikes the W because they're at home.

Abe says: A few years ago, this was a heated division rivalry. Now, it's barely watchable. But at home with a solid running game, I like the Vikings.

Pia says: Brett Favre and the Packers should take advantage of Minnesota's downward spiral and work on bringing themselves back up to even.

Phil says: It's supposed to be below freezing Sunday and that means Favre will be at his best. When is cold all day Favre will play.

Houston Texans (2-6) at Jacksonville Jaguars (5-3)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville

Josh says: I would love to see Ohio State play Houston, just to see if Ohio State had a chance. Anyways, the Texans are not on the same level as the Jaguars.

Abe says: The Jags are once again without Byron Leftwich, but Jacksonville didn't seem to care last week, winning behind the play of David Garrard. My adoptive favorite in the AFC rolls on this week, getting revenge against the Texans, who beat them silly a few weeks back.

Pia says: A few weeks ago Houston creamed Jacksonville – but that was under the Jaguars' old starting quarterback, Byron Leftwich. With back-up David Garrard making his third consecutive start, the Jaguars are looking for their third straight victory.

Phil says: Do the Jags have a new quarterback? How did that happen?

Kansas City Chiefs (5-3) at Miami Dolphins (2-6)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City

Josh says: LJ for Prez…LJ for Prez…LJ for Prez…LJ for Prez…

Abe says: I just don't have enough faith in Dolphins QB Joey Harrington to pick Miami. Plus, the Huard-Johnson combo has lit a fire under the Chiefs. ("You play to win the game!")

Pia says: Kansas City is on fire like the rest of the AFC West (sans Oakland) and desperately wants to close the one game gap between it and Denver/San Diego. Miami is pumped after its stunning 31-13 triumph over Chicago. However with Damon Huard, Larry Johnson and Tony Gonzalez emerging as an interesting (and good) trio for KC, they'll ultimately come away with the victory.

Phil says: Miami surprised everyone with their sound victory over the Bears but they played all of their cards. Larry Johnson and squad will run them over.

New York Jets (4-4) at New England Patriots (6-2)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
New England New England New England New York

Josh says: The Patriots are like Jay-Z: aging, seasoned, one of the best of all time, but still at the top of their game. Kingdom Come.

Abe says: I am feeling extremely "Patriotic" this week.

Pia says: AFC East rivals. Head coaches who have 'beef' with each other. Interesting, interesting. Still, New England is the tougher team.

Phil says: Reeling off the loss to the Colts, the Jets will kick the Patriots while their down. Upset pick of the week.

San Diego Chargers (6-2) at Cincinnati Bengals (4-4)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
San Diego San Diego San Diego Cincinnati

Josh says: Even without Shawne Merriman, the Chargers get the win because they have LT. San Diego can run the ball and Cincinnati can't stop the run. If Cincy wants to have any chance at making the playoffs, they need to get Chad Johnson the ball and keep their receivers happy.

Abe says: Game of the Week, right here, other than the Sunday nighter. I picked the Chargers based on the fact that LT is still alive and well.

Pia says: The Bengals are in the midst of some serious team angst. Everyone wants the ball more and everyone thinks that everyone else is to blame. The Chargers can take advantage of a disconnected Cincinnati team and earn a victory on the road.

Phil says: #85 shows the world that he still is one of the league's elite receivers and Rudi Johnson will benefit from Shaun Merriman's absence.

San Francisco 49ers (3-5) at Detroit Lions (2-6)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Detroit Detroit Detroit Detroit

Josh says: Detroit shocked the world last week when they beat Atlanta. This week against the Niners, soon to be out of San Francisco (?), Roy Williams continues his rise into the class of elite receivers and the Lions win.

Abe says: My head is starting to hurt even thinking about this one.

Pia says: Normally when picking games I just pick whoever is playing against San Fran or Detroit. So this posed a problem. But Detroit did pull off an impressive victory against the Falcons last week, so I have to give them props.

Phil says: The Lions took down the Falcons last week and the 49ers aren't even in their league.

Washington Redskins (3-5) at Philadelphia Eagles (4-4)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Washington Washington Washington Washington

Josh says: Okay Skins. I'm talking to you right now. Stop messing with my head. Either win and make the playoffs and keep Jason Campbell on the bench, or lose, get a sweet draft pick and build for the future with Jason Campbell. I'm assuming he'll be the starter next year, and he hasn't even taken an NFL snap yet this year. I'm hoping we take the playoffs option, and my optimism means the Skins win this week.

Abe says: Time for the 'Skins to take it to the Igglez, wouldn't you say? Let's get it CP & friends.

Pia says: Wow. What a game last week. Having won a crucial victory against the hated Cowboys, the uplifted Redskins now go against a weaker Eagles team.

Phil says: I made the mistake of picking against my heart last week. I'll never do that again.

Denver Broncos (6-2) at Oakland Raiders (2-6)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Denver Denver Denver Denver

Josh says: Oakland seems to be the unquestioned worst team in the league. Lamont Jordan has absolutely killed my fantasy squad. Just something to debate: is Randy Moss over the hill?

Abe says: You'd think Art Shell, a Hall of Fame offensive lineman, could help the Raiders O-line out and protect Andrew Walter…but No.

Pia says: Some would call this an AFC West showdown, others would tell Denver to go pick on teams their own size.

Phil says: Jake "the Snake" Plummer should beat the Raiders deep all day. Look for Javon Walker to match is three touchdowns of last week.

Dallas Cowboys (4-4) at Arizona Cardinals (1-7)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas

Josh says: The Cowboys have to bounce back from a crushing defeat against the Redskins.

Abe says: When did the Cards become the worst team in the NFL? Oh well, at least we get to hear more Denny Green outbursts—the guy has a knack for creating classic sound bytes.

Pia says: Hate him or love him, Dallas QB Tony Romo was on fire last week. Too bad the rest of his team couldn't follow. Coach Bill Parcels needs to get his players on the same page and can use weak Arizona to do just that this week.

Phil says: The Cowboys are going to win this one, that's a no-brainier, but I am going to take this opportunity to discuss the fall of Edgerrin James. After having such a great career in Indy, this year his yards per carry are below three. How the mighty have fallen.

New Orleans Saints (6-2) at Pittsburgh Steelers (2-6)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans

Josh says: Big Ben's brain has turned into a solid Roethlis Burger. I vote for Charlie Batch and a changing of the guard

Abe says: Sean Payton is the undeniable coach of the year in the NFL to this point in the season. N.O. means Not Overrated, and the Saints prove it versus the Steelers.

Pia says: At the beginning of the season even enthusiastic New Orleans fans would have gone, "Marques Colston…who?" while eagerly awaiting Reggie Bush's performance. And Pittsburgh fans were looking for a Super Bowl repeat. Wow, how things change.

Phil says: Drew Brees and Marques Colston are frying every defense they face. Pittsburgh is no different.

St. Louis Rams (4-4) at Seattle Seahawks (5-3)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle

Josh says: Seneca Wallace proved to be an adequate backup last week, executing a conservative game plan against the hopeless Raiders. If the Seahawks can slow Steven Jackson, they will have no problem getting the win.

Abe says: Could Shaun "The Great" Alexander be back this week? Even if he doesn't play, Seattle's homefield advantage is the best in the division.

Pia says: Seattle is still racked with injuries, but they seem to be holding up. And after Sunday's game against the Rams, the Seahawks have only two more games against teams with a current winning record.

Phil says: The Seahawks will protect their house.

Chicago Bears (7-1) at New York Giants (6-2)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago

Josh says: Wow, Chicago lost last week to freakin' Miami. Well one thing is for sure, the Bears are incapable of losing two games in a row.

Abe says: Chi-town, Chi-town, it's goin' down!

Pia says: Chicago's surprise loss to Miami last week was just a minor glitch in the master plan. The Giants are strong but have too many injured players to tear down the Bears' tough front.

Phil says: In many power ranking the Bears have dropped from second to sixth or seventh. They still have only one loss and have killed most of the teams they played. If the Giants take them lightly this might not even be close.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-6) at Carolina Panthers (4-4)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina

Josh says: Just give Steve Smith the ball and let the game happen. And by happen I mean let him score multiple touchdowns.

Abe says: The folks at ESPN can't be ecstatic about this Monday Night matchup. But when those who do tune in watch this game, they will see a baby blue flash called Steve Smith fly by their screens over and over again into the endzone.

Pia says: Carolina has a chance to revive its slipping team against the 2-6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Phil says: The Panthers may be the best five-hundred team in the NFL.

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