NFL - Week Ten predictions

Nov. 11, 2007, midnight | By Andrew Kung, Pia Nargundkar, Nitin Sukumar | 16 years, 6 months ago

The Patriots have a bye!

Maybe it was the time change or the drop in temperature, but something threw the Redskins' world askew last week, as they barely managed to hold on and trump the New York Jets. On the other side of the NFL, the Patriots conjured up a few touchdowns in the fourth quarter to overcome the Colts and become the sole undefeated team in the league. What will Week 10 bring? Will the NFL's elite and bottom-of-the-barrel continue to widen the gap? Or with the Patriots off this week, is it finally time for some other team to shine?

As for our panel of experts, Andrew's streak at the top of the charts has finally been broken by last year's champ Pia, who's looking to reclaim her throne, and the newbie Anshul. This week will hopefully bring some separation among these ranks too.


Last weekSeason total
Anshul 12-281-49
Pia 11-3 81-49
Andrew7-7 79-51
Nitin 10-4 77-53

Sunday November 11, 2007

Philadelphia Eagles (3-5) at Washington Redskins (5-3)

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
Washington Washington Washington Washington

Andrew says: The Redskins were lucky to leave the Meadowlands with an overtime win. If Clinton Portis can recover after a 36-carry, 194-yard gem, then Washington can survive a squeaker.

Nitin says: Washington has escaped plenty of games with little room to spare, but given McNabb's inconsistency, the 'Skins won't falter.

Pia says: Somehow the Redskins have a winning record, despite numerous follies and last-second wins. I don't know how they do it, but a win is a win, and it's also something that the Eagles don't seem to be able to get.

Anshul says: The 'Skins are winning, if only by a few points each time. However, a falling Eagles team should allow Washington to win by more than just a field goal.

Denver Broncos (3-5) at Kansas City Chiefs (4-4)

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City

Andrew says: Injuries have put the Broncos in disarray, with the offense down Jay Cutler, Javon Walker and possibly Travis Henry. Meanwhile in KC, the Priest has returned to his pulpit, replacing the injured Larry Johnson in an ironic twist. I've always had a soft spot for Holmes, considering how many of my fantasy teams he's carried through the years.

Nitin says: With starters falling left and right, both the Chiefs and Broncos seem to be losing their respective identities. Denver backup QB Pat Ramsey still looks like the failure we saw in Washington.

Pia says: This is going to be an ugly battle between two teams hailing from the dilapidated AFC West. With injuries galore on both sides of the field, this pick will have to rely on who's the better backup - Priest Holmes or, don't laugh now, Patrick Ramsey. I think we Washington fans know the answer to that.

Anshul says: Both teams are plagued by injuries. But given Denver's terrible run defense, Priest Holmes shold be able to run right through them.

Buffalo Bills (4-4) at Miami Dolphins (0-8)

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo

Andrew says: Both of these AFC East rivals came out of the gate slowly, each losing their first three games. But while the Bills have picked it up, winning four of their past five, the Dolphins have continued to wallow in winless futility. Why rookie John Beck, the latest "heir apparent" to Dan Marino, isn't starting for the Dolphins is a mystery.

Nitin says: Buffalo's offense seems to be clicking with J.P. Losman taking the snaps again. Miami has lost its top three playmakers on offense this season and MLB Zach Thomas will likely sit out again.

Pia says: Too bad Miami isn't going to play St. Louis anytime this season. It might be their only chance of winning - just because someone has to.

Anshul says: Miami, find your first win somewhere else. The Bills are improved with Lee Evans returning to his normal self.

Minnesota Vikings (3-5) at Green Bay Packers (7-1)

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota

Andrew says: It goes without saying, but that Adrian Peterson guy is pretty good. But lost in the broken records and awe-inspiring runs is an overpowering offensive line, which deserves almost as much credit as Peterson. The Green Bay front seven has been solid all year, especially their linebacker corps, but until someone can stop him, I can't pick against Purple Jesus.

Nitin says: Can Green Bay's rejuvenated defense do what Pro Bowler-filled San Diego and Chicago couldn't in slowing down Adrian Peterson? No.

Pia says: Not even a 7-1 record can stop Adrian Peterson's legs from churning.

Anshul says: Adrian Peterson is the best runner in the league right now. The Packers don't have a running game. Sounds one sided.

Cleveland Browns (5-3) at Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2)

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh

Andrew says: The statuesque Derek Anderson will succumb to the Blitzburgh defense with insufficient time to look downfield, and the Cleveland passing game, their forte all year, will crumble at Heinz Field.

Nitin says: Big Ben Roethlisberger has established himself as the clear cut number three quarterback in the AFC after Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Cleveland's offense is golden but its defense won't be able to stop Mike Tomlin's high octane gameplan.

Pia says: Since their Week One match-up, in which Pittsburgh crushed Cleveland, the Steelers have just become better all-around, whereas the Browns, while surprisingly good on offense, haven't been able to hone their defensive skills. I mean come on, the Browns allowed the Dolphins and the Rams to score a combined 51 points against them.

Anshul says: Pittsburgh is playing at the top of its game on both sides of the ball. While Cleveland is firing offensively, their secondary or lack thereof will allow Ben Roethlisberger another great game.

St. Louis Rams (0-8) at New Orleans Saints (4-4)

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans

Andrew says: The hottest team in the NFC faces the coldest. If the Rams offense finally gets clicking, their first win is possible, but a rejuvenated Drew Brees and an improving defense should propel the Saints to their fifth straight win.

Nitin says: Drew Brees has put up Brady-like numbers in the last four weeks, thus putting together a dominant four game winning streak for the Saints. S-Jax is battling back spasms, adding more doubt to the spluttering Rams offense.

Pia says: The Saints have to win, both to further their revival against a lackluster team, and to help my fantasy football team with Drew Brees and Marques Colston.

Anshul says: The Saints are rolling again and the Rams have found nothing to spark their offense. With Drew Brees, Marques Colston, and Reggie Bush, the Saints should reduce the Rams to 0-9.

Jacksonville Jaguars (5-3) at Tennessee Titans (6-2)

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
Tennessee Jacksonville Tennessee Tennessee

Andrew says: Tennessee wins the battle for second place in the AFC South behind the Colts. Both teams can play smashmouth football by dominating the line of scrimmage, but with the Jags missing Marcus Stroud and possibly David Garrard, Vince Young and the Titans have the edge.

Nitin says: Offensively speaking, I wouldn't want to watch this game. Regardless, David Garrard's return will lighten the load for Mojo and Fred Taylor to fuel the win for the Jags.

Pia says: Even though the Titans rank 31st in the league in passing yards, they seem to be doing something right. With a 6-2 record, they're tied for the third-best record in the AFC. With a win on Sunday and a loss by the Colts, the Titans will move into a tie for first-place in the division.

Anshul says: David Garrard may be back this week, but may not be at full health. Meanwhile the Titans are playing well on both sides of the ball and should improve to 7-2.

Atlanta Falcons (2-6) at Carolina Panthers (4-4)

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta

Andrew says: Vinny Testaverde will be under center for the Panthers, and that's never a good sign.

Nitin says: Nick Harper can slow down Steve Smith when someone other than Jake Delhomme is throwing. I'm interested in seeing what DeAngelo Hall can do.

Pia says: With Atlanta finally settling down in regards to the upheaval at the quarterback position, the Falcons can finally start to win some games.

Anshul says: Carolina's QB problems continue as the starter is still unclear. With that advantage, the Falcons should be able to win.

Cincinnati Bengals (2-6) at Baltimore Ravens (4-4)

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati Baltimore

Andrew says: The return of Chris Henry should offset the possible absence of Chad Johnson, who has underperformed all year. I've had faith in the Ravens to turn it around, but they've done nothing to justify it, demonstrating nothing but a putrid offense and an injured, underperforming defense.

Nitin says: Baltimore is a mess. It gives me joy to see that Ravens fans can't legitimately claim dominance over Redskins fans anymore. Cincinnati finally gets slot receiver Chris Henry back, opening the field even more to WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

Pia says: With Baltimore's awful offense and Cincinnati's dreadful defense, it's going to be a comedy of errors out on the field Sunday. So, who's worse off? Despite the better record, Baltimore has more holes.

Anshul says: Baltimore is no longer the dominant team in the Maryland area, but should still have enough in them to handle the falling Bengals. Chad Johnson may not be at full health and Chris Henry's return may not help the Bengals enough.

Chicago Bears (3-5) at Oakland Raiders (2-6)

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago

Andrew says: Hopefully, Brian Griese has used the bye week to forget about the Detroit game and return to his early season playing level.

Nitin says: Another week goes by with JaMarcus Russell warming the bench for the Raiders. The Raiders really need to start thinking about the future and salvage what they can from these last few weeks.

Pia says: Chicago has delivered Green Bay their only loss this season, so the Bears do have it in them to win big. While winning over the Raiders may not seem like a "big win," the Bears need to win out for hopes of a playoff spot.

Anshul says: The Raiders have really nothing going for them right now and lost whatever momentum they may have gained when they switched to Daunte Culpepper. Maybe they should consider putting in JaMarcus Russell.

Detroit Lions (6-2) at Arizona Cardinals (3-5)

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
Detroit Arizona Detroit Detroit

Andrew says: After a promising start, the Cards have lost three in a row, thanks in large part to their quarterback woes. Jon Kitna moves one game closer to his 10 win prediction, with number seven in the bag with just under half a season left to play.

Nitin says: Both Detroit and Arizona will get picked apart by Kurt Warner and Jon Kitna respectively, but Edgerrin James will play a huge role for the Cardinals to help grab the win.

Pia says: Detroit in the postseason? What a concept! But it's looking more and more real by the week, especially with an improving defense. Step aside, Arizona, D-town has arrived.

Anshul says: Detroit's offense, mainly the pass, is firing and their defense is forcing turnovers. Thats how you win games, especially over a falling Arizona team.

Dallas Cowboys (7-1) at New York Giants (6-2)

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
New York Dallas Dallas Dallas

Andrew says: Their season-opening matchup seems light years away. The Giants have won six of seven after their defeat, and vengeance is on their minds.

Nitin says: Fortunes have definitely changed for the Giants since the Week One nail biter in Dallas. But Dallas has improved across the board as well, with QB-of-the-future-worth-65-million Tony Romo taking the helm.

Pia says: As long as Dallas quarterback Tony Romo keeps his eyes on the ball and off of rumored lady friend Sophia Bush, then the Cowboys should be able to put an end to the surging Giants.

Anshul says: A showdown in the NFC East should favor the Cowboys again. They're runnning well with Marion Barber and passing extremely well with Tony Romo. Although the Gaints' defense is much improved, their offense won't be able to get it done.

Indianapolis Colts (7-1) at San Diego Chargers (4-4)

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
Indianapolis Indianapolis San Diego Indianapolis

Andrew says: The Colts firmly establish their place behind the Patriots in the AFC with a blowout win against the Chargers, whose hot streak was extinguished by LT-lite (or maybe LT is Peterson-lite).

Nitin says: Ignoring the fourth quarter collapse against New England (and charges of stadium noise boosting) it appears that the AFC Championship is set. San Diego won't have a stake in that game. With DE Luis Castillo out for San Diego, its defense looks even more vulnerable to the Colts' Joseph Addai.

Pia says: How does that R. Kelly song start out? Oh, right. "I believe..."

Anshul says: The Chargers let Adrian Peterson run over them and although Joseph Addai is no Peterson, he should play a key role in helping Manning rebound the Colts.

Monday November 12, 2007

San Francisco 49ers (2-6) at Seattle Seahawks (4-4)

Andrew Nitin Pia Anshul
San Francisco Seattle Seattle Seattle

Andrew says: The Niners are bound to turn it around eventually. Alex Smith looked better in a close loss to Atlanta, and now that Vernon Davis is involved once more in the offense, San Francisco can prove why they were a supposed playoff contender.

Nitin says: It appears that Frank Gore and Shaun Alexander have taken some sort of vacation from their usually high performance running games, so both teams will turn to the air in Seattle. Matt Hasselbeck has much more at his disposal than Alex Smith does.

Pia says: Geez, what was the NFL thinking when they scheduled this game for primetime Monday night? The NFC West is even sadder than the AFC West! Seattle won the previous match-up 23-3, and with both teams pretty stagnant, there's no reason to think this outcome will be any different.

Anshul says: Seattle is playing well, with the exception of Shaun Alexander's performances. Meanwhile the 49ers really have nothing going for them right now. Seattle wins to boost to 5-4.

Bye week: New England Patriots, Houston Texans, New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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