NFL Week Ten Predictions

Nov. 11, 2012, 3:04 p.m. | By Jack Estrin, Michael Gerbasi, Jacob Buchholz, Josh Schmidt | 11 years, 8 months ago

Texans at Bears on Sunday Night Football

While the Redskins sit at home and watch during their bye week, DC fans will have to find another game for their Sunday fun. The Houston Texans against the Chicago Bears will be that game. Both teams are 7-1 and boast two of the top three defenses in the league. While neither quarterback is elite they are both supported by top tier wide receivers, in Brandon Marshall and Andre Johnson. Not to mention two of the best running games in the league with Matt Forte on one side and Arian Foster on the other. Around the league the Raiders at Ravens, Falcons at Saints and Cowboys at Eagles should all be interesting.

Jacob: 88-44
Jack: 85-47
Josh: 79-53
Michael: 78-54

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars
Jacob: Colts
Jack: Colts
Michael: Colts
Josh: Colts

Jacob says:
No contest here. The up and coming Colts will run over the hapless Jaguars.
Jack says:
Andrew Luck is the clear favorite for rookie of the year, so don't look for the hapless Jags to stop him.
Michael says:
I think Andrew Luck is the real deal. He has led a rebuilding team, virtually the same team as last year that sported the worst record in the league, to 5-3. With Luck, the Colts are now the league's fourth best offense in terms of total yards per game. I like Indy to go to 6-3.
Josh says:
Andrew Luck's game isn't based on luck. He's just simply a great young quarterback. Blaine Gabbert on the other hand is a wreck. Chad Henne gives them a better chance, he should be starting in a week or two.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

San Diego Chargers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jacob: Buccaneers
Jack: Buccaneers
Michael: Buccaneers
Josh: Buccaneers

Jacob says:
The Chargers are unable to consistently show that they can play at a high level. The Bucs have had consistency problems of their own but they are the more talented team.
Jack says:
Josh Freeman has played well as of late, so I give the edge to the Bucs at home. Philip Rivers and the Chargers will by no means lie down and the game will be close. How about a Freeman to V-Jax connection for the win?
Michael says:
I really like the receiving core that Josh Freeman has to throw to and the rookie running back Doug Martin. Expect the Bucs to surprise the Chargers as their offense helps Tampa Bay triumph over San Diego. Vincent Jackson takes one from his former team.
Josh says:
With Phillip Rivers you never know whether he'll have 5 turnovers or have a fantastic game. I say Ronde Barber picks him off and the Bucs' offense gets something going against the weak San Diego defense.

Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins
Jacob: Dolphins
Jack: Dolphins
Michael: Dolphins
Josh: Dolphins

Jacob says:
The Dolphins could be a playoff team. They have an explosive offense and a shutdown defense. The Titans have neither.
Jack says:
The Miami offense will have a field day against the Titans' joke of a defense. Reggie Bush should explode for a big game and Ryan Tannehill should have a career day. The return of Jake Locker could ignite the Titans' offense so this one could turn into a shootout.
Michael says:
Reggie Bush and Chris Johnson: two great running backs. The Titans and the Dolphins: two very different defenses. The Dolphins' D has been great and the Titans' D has been sub par. I like Bush's chances to torch the Titans over Johnson's chances to torch Miami.
Josh says:
Dolphins' fans are confident that Ryan Tannehill will end up as a franchise quarterback in a few years. Jake Locker doesn't seem to be on that same trajectory and the Titans are struggling mightily. Dolphins move up in the playoff race.

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots
Jacob: Patriots
Jack: Patriots
Michael: Patriots
Josh: Patriots

Jacob says:
It will be a shootout in Foxborough but there really is not contest between Tom Brady and Ryan Fitzpatrick.
Jack says:
This will be a high scoring game, much like the last time these two teams met. The Pats will win again.
Michael says:
Must I even explain? If the Bills remain without CJ Spiller, the Bills have no chance. The Pats have one of the league's leading rushers in Stevan Ridley and one of the best passing games. I don't know how the Patriots don't win more games, but they will win this one against one of the worst defenses.
Josh says:
Mario Williams= free agent bust. It's official. He can't handle the pressure of being the only good player on a defense. Tom Brady will carve up the Bills' defense and show all at home how to do the carving just a little bit before Thanksgiving turkeys are bought.

Oakland Raiders at Baltimore Ravens
Jacob: Ravens
Jack: Ravens
Michael: Ravens
Josh: Ravens

Jacob says:
The Ravens are going to make the playoffs but I am not so sure they will do much more than that. A preseason favorite coming into the season, they have struggled on and off. They can beat the Raiders, but can they beat the Texans or the Patriots or the Steelers with their season on the line—that will be the question.
Jack says:
Joe Flacco will return to his form of earlier in the season and the Ravens will get the win in blowout fashion.
Michael says:
The Ravens are not the same team they were, but they should have enough to beat Oakland. Terrell Suggs should provide enough energy on defense to carry Baltimore to victory and slow down Palmer and the Raiders, especially the potentially Darren McFadden-less Raiders.
Josh says:
If Doug Martin ran for 251 yards and 4 touchdowns against the Raiders, what can Ray Rice do? Maybe it's a little crazy to expect anything approaching that, but the Ravens will indeed win this one.

Denver Broncos at Carolina Panthers
Jacob: Broncos
Jack: Broncos
Michael: Broncos
Josh: Broncos

Jacob says:
The Broncos are dangerous. They have a good running game, a strong defense and Peyton Manning at the helm. What more can you ask for?
Jack says:
Although every game here on out is a must win if the Panthers hope to make the playoffs, Peyton Manning's Broncos are certainly not the team you would want to be facing in a must win game. The Broncos will roll.
Michael says:
The Panthers played very well last week and are better than their record shows, but Peyton Manning is too good. That Denver offense is finally meshing and continues to get better every week. As long as the Broncos' D holds down the fort, which I think they will, Denver will take this game.
Josh says:
Peyton Manning is back to his old form. Cam Newton is not back to his old form. The Broncos are a good overall team. The Panthers are not a good overall team. The Broncos are built to win now. The Panthers need help in the next few drafts to win.

New York Giants at Cincinnati Bengals
Jacob: Bengals
Jack: Giants
Michael: Giants
Josh: Giants

I like the Giants in this game and here's why: Eli Manning.
Jacob says:
The Giants finally came back to earth against Pittsburgh and they will be stumped again by an AFC North team. This time it will be Andy Dalton, AJ Green and the Cincinnati Bengals taking down the Giants.
Jack says:
The Giants are the better team, and the Bengals have been trending downwards as of late.
Michael says:
I like the Giants in this game and here's why: Eli Manning. Eli is playing like a near MVP QB this season and I think that continues despite an average game last week. On defense, Cincinnati's Andy Dalton should be concerned about the Stevie Brown factor. He and Charles Tillman of the Bears have been playing at an extremely high level. Give me the New York Football Giants.
Josh says:
While the Bengals reel after a good start the Giants will expand their lead in the NFC East. Eli should be able to return back to his elite form while the Giants defensive line will be able to rattle the mind of Andy Dalton.

Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings
Jacob: Lions
Jack: Lions
Michael: Lions
Josh: Lions

Jacob says:
The Lions are working their way back to last season's form. They now stand only one game behind the Vikings who have lost two in a row.
Jack says:
The Lions picked up a clutch win last week, winning on a last minute TD pass from Matt Stafford. Look for them to keep that momentum going in this one and dominate the Vikings.
Michael says:
This game looks like a shoot out to me. I think AP will run all over the Lions' weak defense and that the Lions' potent offense will put up major points on the Minnesota D. I just think the Lions' offense is just a little better, such that the Vikings will not be able to keep up.
Josh says:
The Vikings are on the decline while the Lions are moving up. Christian Ponder will lose the game for the Vikings despite Adrian Peterson having a big game.

Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints
Jacob: Saints
Jack: Saints
Michael: Falcons
Josh: Falcons

Jacob says:
Everybody knows the Saints are better than their record shows and the Falcons are bound to lose at some point.
Jack says:
The Saints must put some wins together in a hurry if they hope to make the playoffs. The Falcons are bound to lose some time, so why can't that time be now? I expect the Saints to be ready to play at home, and win this game plus the next couple. The Saints are about to get hot at just the right time. The rest of the NFL: beware.
Michael says:
Atlanta has played like a super bowl team so far this year and have proven themselves as one of the elite teams in the NFL if not the elite team. They have the best receiving core, a top QB and a great running back. What more do you need to torch the NFL's worst D, even with Jonathan Vilma back?
Josh says:
This could be a trap game for the Falcons, but the Saints are now even more distracted after learning that Sean Payton may not even be their coach next year. Matt Ryan will feel right at home at the Superdome as Falcon chants ring throughout the stadium towards the end of the game.

New York Jets at Seattle Seahawks
Jacob: Jets
Jack: Seahawks
Michael: Seahawks
Josh: Seahawks

Jacob says:
Hopefully Rex Ryan and the Jets figured a lot out over their bye week because they will need everything against Seattle.
Jack says:
If Mark Sanchez starts, this will be his last game as the Jets' starting QB. He will be harassed by the Seattle defense all game, if he starts, and I fully expect Tim Tebow to be the Jets' starting quarterback by week 11.
Michael says:
The Jets are just about done. I foresee Marshawn Lynch running all over the Jets' defense and the stingy Seattle defense shutting down the weak New York offense. I got Seattle.
Josh says:
The Seahawks' defense would be a top ranked defense in a normal year if the Bears' defense wasn't playing out of its mind. Their pass rush is only enhanced when they play at Qwest field and the opposing offenses can't hear anything. Seahawks have a good shot to sneak into the playoffs as a sixth seed.

Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles
Jacob: Cowboys
Jack: Cowboys
Michael: Cowboys
Josh: Cowboys

Whoever loses this game will lose their head coach job.
Jacob says:
Both coaches and quarterbacks are on the hot seat but Romo has played much better than Vick this year and Garrett will finish the season with Dallas. Andy Reid may not.
Jack says:
The Eagles are a mess right now. The Cowboys will get the much-needed win.
Michael says:
I got the Boyz this week over the Eagles mainly for one reason: the battle up front. The Cowboys have maybe the best pass rusher in the league in DaMarcus Ware and the Eagles, after giving up seven sacks last week, have one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL. I got Dallas.
Josh says:
Whoever loses this game will lose their head coach job. Unfortunately for Andy Reid I trust Dallas more. Tony Romo should have a big game as will the Dallas defense against a weak Eagles' offensive line.

St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers
Jacob: 49ers
Jack: 49ers
Michael: 49ers
Josh: 49ers

Jacob says:
The 49ers have given up the fewest points in the NFL this year. They will have a field day against the Rams who are only averaging 17 points a game.
Jack says:
The 49ers' defense will cause the Rams all sorts of problems on offense. Even with the return of receiver Danny Amendola, Saint Louis will not be able to get much going on offense in this one.
Michael says:
San Francisco has been flying somewhat under the radar as of late. They are a great team and should be able to take care of an average St. Louis team.
Josh says:
The Rams are improved with Jeff Fisher at head coach, but nothing he does can match the Niners. Watch out Sam Bradford.

Houston Texans at Chicago Bears
Jacob: Texans
Jack: Bears
Michael: Texans
Josh: Bears

Jacob says:
The main difference between these two teams lies at the quarterback position. Cutler may have more big play potential than Schaub, but Schaub can do something that Cutler cannot and that is hold on to the ball. Cutler has twelve turnovers this season compared to only five for Schaub. Meanwhile they have the same number of touchdowns but Schaub has thrown for approximately 150 more yards and a four point better completion percentage.
Jack says:
I love the Bears at home in this one, and I don't think it will be as close as many expect it to be. The way the Bears' defense is playing right now is incredible. Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall will continue to connect, and the Bears will get the huge win in the windy city.
Michael says:
This will be the best game of the week, slightly ahead of Falcons-Saints. All due respect to the exceptional Chicago defense, but the Houston D has also been one of the best in the league. JJ Watt is virtually unblockable and the Bears' offensive line has been struggling so far this season. The Texans' defense is also very good at disguising and bringing gap pressure. They will bait Jay Cutler into throwing the ball into coverage and force a few picks. I like the Texans to take this one.
Josh says:
This is going to be the best game of the NFL season so far. This matchup of 7-1 teams is wonderful and many fans will be pumped to sit down and watch it.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers
Jacob: Steelers
Jack: Steelers
Michael: Steelers
Josh: Steelers

Jacob says:
The Chiefs are easily the worst team in the NFL. The Steelers are dominant once again.
Jack says:
The Chiefs will have all sorts of trouble cracking the Pittsburgh defense.
Michael says:
As long as Matt Cassel starts the Chiefs will never win. As I said last week, Cassel has more turnovers on his own than every other NFL team excluding three. I expect the Steelers' D to force multiple turnovers and lead Pittsburgh to the W.
Josh says:
Is there any question?

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