NFL Week Thirteen predictions

Nov. 30, 2006, midnight | By Phillip Allen, Abe Schwadron, Josh Zipin | 17 years, 6 months ago

Are Skins' fans talking playoffs?

Thursday night games premiere this week on NFL Network, which means either more excitement or more frustration for football fans, and earlier deadlines for us. But either way you slice it, it's football.


Josh 104-71
Abe 100-75
Pia 112-63
Phil 104-71

Last Week

Josh 11-5
Abe 10-6
Pia 10-6
Phil 11-5

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Baltimore Ravens (9-2) at Cincinnati Bengals (6-5)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Baltimore Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati

Josh says: The game of the week is also the earliest in the week. Baltimore takes it because if anyone can shut down Chad Johnson, it's them.

Abe says: I am going to continue to pick against the Ravens until it works. And, yes, I realize that this means I will continue to hear it from purple-faced Baltimore fans. Bring it on.

Pia says: The Bengals are picking up steam and have no intention to yield the division to the Ravens. Overconfidence might do Baltimore in, especially with the short week.

Phil says: The NFL Network's best game to date. (Even though it's only the second) These two teams met last in week nine in a thrilling 26-20 victory by the Ravens and are both coming off big shut out wins. Since their last encounter both teams have reached their mid-season form going a combined 5-1. Chad Johnson and Carson Palmer rekindled their chemistry that made them so successful last year. With both teams playing so well I have to give the edge to the team with home field advantage. The Bengals pull out a nail-biter.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Arizona Cardinals (2-9) at St. Louis Rams (5-6)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
St. Louis St. Louis St. Louis St. Louis

Josh says: Steven Jackson is as powerful as a steam engine. Once he gets moving, it gets harder and harder to bring him down. The Cards' defense resembles swiss cheese, so he could have a field day.

Abe says: S.T.L. is sick at home, and Marc Bulger and friends should have no problem bulging a fat lead against the worst species of bird in the league.

Pia says: The Rams have been slipping, but now they finally play a team they can beat up on.

Phil says: The Cards with their loss last week officially are eliminated from any playoffs and resuming their position as contenders for the first overall pick. The Rams are still in the thick of the race at 5-6. Who has more to play for?

Atlanta Falcons (5-6) at Washington Redskins (4-7)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Washington Washington Washington Washington

Josh says: Last week Mike Vick gave his own fans the bird. Imagine what he'll do this week on the road. The Skins defense stepped up last week and Campbell looked studly. If we win out, we could make the playoffs. Cross your fingers…

Abe says: By the end of this year, the Falcons are going to rid themselves of either Jim Mora, Jr. or Michael Vick. Who will it be? I'll give you a hint: he ain't the QB and he doesn't sell jerseys.

Pia says: Hey, Michael Vick…obscene gestures don't win games.

Phil says: I still have to cling to the hope that the Skins can win out and grab a playoff spot. And with the inconsistent Vick at the helm of a sputtering Falcons team we might just be able to take the first step.

Detroit Lions (2-9) at New England Patriots (8-3)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
New England New England New England New England

Josh says: Tom Brady is unreal. I could play wide receiver for the Pats and he would find me. This game is so unfair.

Abe says: I'm a little frightened for Lions' fans these days. No, not because they're one of the league's bottom-feeding teams, but because in the event they get a top-5 draft pick—which seems inevitable—they will likely take another bust wide receiver…and that's why exists.

Pia says: And now begins the Patriots easy coast to yet another division title – four of their last five opponents having below .500 records.

Phil says: If Joey Harrington can torch the defense imagine what a real quarterback could do!

Indianapolis Colts (10-1) at Tennessee Titans (4-7)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Indianapolis Indianapolis Indianapolis Indianapolis

Josh says: Vince Young is making a strong case for offensive Rookie of the Year. Too bad his biggest competition is now Joseph Addai. If he runs like he did last week when he had four touchdowns, good teams will have problems with the Colts, let alone the Titans.

Abe says: Doesn't Mr. Addai teach at Blair? I'm confused.

Pia says: Two weeks from their only loss in Dallas, the Colts are not going to fall to the struggling Titans.

Phil says: It's possible the rookie wonder Vince Young could orchestrate another come-back this week, but after the Colts offense is done with the Titians he will have to crawl out of a lot deeper hole than last week.

Kansas City Chiefs (7-4) at Cleveland Browns (3-8)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City

Josh says: I don't care who quarterbacks the Chiefs. As long as number 27 is in the backfield, Kansas City will have time to throw the ball and make things happen. Oh yeah, Cleveland is terrible.

Abe says: I nearly picked the Browns. Ok, I was lying; I had no intention of picking the Browns. Ever. Not in the past two years.

Pia says: With Trent Green getting back in the swing of things and Larry Johnson leading the NFL in carries and rushing yards, the Chiefs are looking to roll over the weak Browns.

Phil says: The Chiefs are on a two game winning streak and the Browns are bad. Period.

Minnesota Vikings (5-6) at Chicago Bears (9-2)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago

Josh says: Memo to Michael Wilbon: I would love for the Bears choke here, like Tony wants to choke Theismann, but they are just too talented. They should get an easy win here.

Abe says: I know the Bears are a great team, but they'll never win a Super Bowl with a struggling QB like they have now. Let's face it, Rex is just Gross, Man.

Pia says: The Bears aren't worried about winning this game – that's what kicker Robbie Gould is for. They just want to make sure QB Rex Grossman stops throwing so many interceptions.

Phil says: The Bears will rebound from their humbling experience last week in Foxburough like me over Josh: With ease.

New York Jets (6-5) at Green Bay Packers (4-7)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
New York New York New York Green Bay

Josh says: I don't know what it is about the Jets. I never see their games on TV, probably because they play an extremely unattractive style and have like two marquee players, but their box scores tend to show W's. J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!

Abe says: Normally I would go with the Pack because I believe that Brett Favre plays better as the temperature drops. But that theory was blown out of the water on MNF last week, as Green Bay laid down to the Seahawks. Bummer, dude.

Pia says: Sorry Favre, but you're just too old. Freezing weather is your forte – how could you lose in the snow!

Phil says: The Jets continue to win unspectacularly. At 6-5 and currently one game out of the wild card, this team is only plus one in turnovers, gives up an average of 4.4 yards per carry and only gains 3.4 on their own rushes. Along with being outscored by their opponents these are some telling statistics of an inflated overachieving team. They're much closer to an even match with the Packers than their record lets on and Favre will show you why.

San Diego Chargers (8-2) at Buffalo Bills (5-6)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
San Diego San Diego San Diego San Diego

Josh says: The return of Shawne Merriman can only make the Chargers better. Let's hope he still plays angry even without roid rage on his side. If LT doesn't win the MVP, I don't know what an MVP performance looks like.

Abe says: Is it too soon to question the Giants for not keeping Phil Rivers in favor of Eli Manning? I don't know, but I do know that the Chargers are frying this year. This a "duh" pick.

Pia says: Don't be surprised with last week's close game between San Diego and Oakland – the two teams are old and fierce rivals. But, in any case, LT is God and the Chargers should be seeing their sixth straight win.

Phil says: A healthy Ladainian Tomlinson makes for unhappy Bills.

San Francisco 49ers (5-6) at New Orleans Saints (7-4)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans

Josh says: Drew Brees is a top five quarterback in this league. No matter who his receivers are, he hits them for big gains. Did I mention that New Orleans is being rebuilt faster than expected thanks to a certain Mr. Bush?

Abe says: Frank Gore is a monster. Unfortunately he can't play quarterback, wide receiver, defensive tackle, linebacker and safety. Oops.

Pia says: Just as Drew Brees has nearly double the amount of passing yards of Alex Smith, I'm predicting the Saints will have double the score of the 49ers this game.

Phil says: Not since Rich Gannon's 2003 and Peyton Manning's 2004 campaigns have we seen such an efficient and effective pass offense. Drew Brees is setting records and with Deuce McAllister running to prove he still is the number one back the 49ers have little chance to slow them down.

Houston Texans (3-8) at Oakland Raiders (2-8)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Oakland Houston Oakland Houston

Josh says: This was such a tough game to pick. Unlike the Ravens vs. Bengals game however, it's not because it's between two good teams but because it's between two NFL Europe teams. I hope Pia picks the same as me here because we all know she is never wrong.

Abe says: Game of the Week alert!

Pia says: With a new offensive coordinator and a fair defense, the Raiders may be able to turn over a new leaf.

Phil says: Neither team has more than pride to play for. In Houston the expansion team excuse is starting to get old and they need to win at least three more games to prevent major overhaul up and down the organization.

Jacksonville Jaguars (6-5) at Miami Dolphins (5-6)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Miami Miami Miami Jacksonville

Josh says: Joey Harrington really does not want to be a bust. During Miami's smallish win streak, he has been superb. He must really hate the Lions. He frustrated the fans to no end while in a Detroit uniform, and as soon as he switches teams he comes into his old building and lights it up. By the way, can we officially laugh at Abe's Jacksonville Jaguars Super Bowl pick yet?

Abe says: The Jags are my squad, and as inconsistent as they are, I think I've figured them out. They are most successful when they rock the all-black unis. Someone call Jack Del Rio, ASAP.

Pia says: The Dolphins? With a four-game winning streak and an oddball chance at the playoffs? It's weird, but it's true.

Phil says: The Jags continue to be consistent only in the fact that they are inconsistent. I'm taking them here but with about as much confidence as a coin flip. I just don't know.

Dallas Cowboys (7-4) at New York Giants (6-5)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas

Josh says: With Mike Vanderjagt gone, T.O. finally has room for his ego. On the other side, I don't think any team has been more inconsistent than the Giants this season. Those guys have more problems in the locker room than Phil getting girls.

Abe says: As much as it pains me to say it, the 'Boys are looking awfully mighty right about now. As for the G-Men, Tiki and company couldn't beat Blair's marching band if they were spotted a two-touchdown lead.

Pia says: Maybe the Cowboys released kicker Mike Vanderjagt because they knew they didn't need field goals anymore. Not with Tony Romo at helm, at least.

Phil says: Romo's the real deal and Giants team turmoil under the microscope that is NY news is crumbling.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-8) at Pittsburgh Steelers (4-7)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh

Josh says: Was Jerome Bettis that important to the Steelers' success? Bill Cowher might have to bring him out of the broadcast booth just to boost team morale.

Abe says: I don't care what's happened this season, the Steelers are still the defending Super Bowl champs. They simply cannot and will not lose to a rookie quarterback at Heinz Field.

Pia says: Last year's Super Bowl champions look to salvage what's left of their season against a team who's 0-5 on the road.

Phil says: I despise each team equally but Cowher will have the Steelers ready to play.

Seattle Seahawks (7-4) at Denver Broncos (7-4)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Seattle Denver Denver Seattle

Josh says: With rookie quarterback Jay Cutler starting this week, expect Mike Holmgren to mix things up and get in his head. If Shaun Alexander carries 40 times again this week, he might have to retire from football before the playoffs even start.

Abe says: Am I the only one who noticed that the Broncos' savior at QB has the initials J.C.? I'm just sayin'…

Pia says: Denver joined the growing list of teams who have gone from their starting quarterback to their back-up (due to injury or benching) this Monday. With struggling Plummer benched, it's up to rookie quarterback Jay Cutler to try and get his team back on track for the playoffs. He might get a lucky debut against an inconsistent Seattle team.

Phil says: Only thing more rookie than Jay Cutler was the decision to start him. Seattle will make Shanahan regret benching the Snake. With the offensive leaders back and healthy it's back to business for the Seahawks.

Monday, December 4, 2006

Carolina Panthers (6-5) at Philadelphia Eagles (5-6)

Josh's Pick Abe's Pick Pia's Pick Phil's Pick
Philadelphia Philadelphia Carolina Carolina

Josh says: If the Skins can do it…

Abe says: Josh stole my upset special this week, but I can't blame him. Carolina is reeling and despite playing zero defense against the Colts Sunday, Philly didn't look half-bad with Jeff "T.O. called me gay" Garcia at the helm.

Pia says: Without McNabb, Philly really can't do much, even with RB Brian Westbrook.

Phil says: The Eagles offense ran completely on the Van. Without that prized automobile they won't budge.

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