Orange Julius

Oct. 25, 2002, midnight | By Josh Gottlieb-Miller | 21 years, 7 months ago

Review: Cute rockers already surprising people with their catchy lyrics and upbeat rhythms, Orange Julius has established themselves as up and comers on the local music scene. Jaeggi is a skilled guitarist and Hatton and Blythe-Goodman are establishing themselves as capable musicians. Orange Julius could benefit from greater stage presence, but already it has the potential to be one of the superior Blair bands.

Genre: Girly rock.

Band Members:
Lisa Jaeggi (Blair, senior): Guitar, vocals
Laura Blythe-Goodman (Blair, senior): Bass
Emma Hatton (Blair, senior): Drums, cowbell

Influences: Mark Knopler of Dire Straits. Bill Withers. Bluesy R and B. Bob Marley. Reggae and soul. Emma adds more rock and Laura adds "Shakira."

History: The SGR Spectacular (2001) initially impressed them. According to Jaeggi, they thought, "Right on, girls, band, let's do it." Their first show was CAP cabaret and Orange Julius plans to play in the next SGR Spectacular.

Albums: None.

Website: None.

Best Song: I Miss Transformers.

Worst Song: Yellow Materialism.

Best part of being in a band: According to Jaeggi, "We get to make beautiful, beautiful music. [We] get to practice, everything comes together, we actually have a song, and people like it, and the old people at Laura's church like it, and say that was great. Instead of finding the music to listen to, I get to make it, so it's exactly how I want it to be. I enjoy the creative elements of touching lives through profound music."

Worst part of being in a band: Jaeggi says, "Extreme drama and we fight about people not coming to practice, and I hate it when I personally get into a lull and I cannot write or do any kind of music. Not everybody agrees on how things should be. [We've] got to figure out something that will work for everyone."

Reaction from other Blair musician: "They're cute." (Charlotte Littlehales, Culo Balena)

Quotable: Jaeggi asks, "When's the last time you had a girl band at Blair? Boys get too caught up in this thing that you've got to be cool and write music that's crazy. As girls we just want to entertain and we put together three chords and some universal lyrics. And we say hey that's cool. We're going to have covers of every song ever. Every 80's song ever, we're going to have a cover of."

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