Oscars an okay platform for political opinions

March 25, 2003, midnight | By Nora Toiv | 19 years, 8 months ago

Like the saying boys will be boys, Michael Moore will be Michael Moore. If you are going to give an Oscar to Michael Moore during a Republican presidency and a controversial war than you are going to get a speech. I was watching my TV yelling, "You say it Michael Moore!"

I do not believe that celebrities should think that they are above other people and need to set a political precedent, but they are Americans just like everybody else. I don't believe that I heard anybody say that they supported Saddam Hussein or that they did not support the troops. The way in which these people supported the troops was the saving of their lives and their quick return home.

These people are actors and therefore are likely to have outspoken personalities and also egotistical ones. Therefore they are probably going to take their chance in the spotlight to put forth their opinions. People forget that that %70 of the people in this country support the war but that leaves %30 or over 85 million people that do disagree with the war. I was glad that there is someone in this country who was willing to tell the truth and not care about bearing the consequences and that man was Michael Moore on Sunday night.

Now if there had been someone who had wanted to say that he/she supported Bush and all of his efforts than he/she might have gotten a bit of a cheer too and no one would be complaining because it would seem "patriotic." Being patriotic in this country, hopefully, is disagreeing, too. Some people did expressed their opinion very casually such as Susan Sarandon who just flashed a simple peace sign. Gael Garcia Bernal expressed his opinions as did Adrien Brody and I could have sworn I heard Dustin Hoffman emphasize the word occupation in his introduction of The Pianist.

It was a night meant to honor the people of the entertainment industry but there were a lot of things that were different about this night because it was during a time of war. There was a very toned down red carpet presentation and a very loud presentation of political opinions at this year's Oscars that make this country what it is.

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