Phonebook directory distribution delayed

Nov. 18, 2004, midnight | By Zahra Gordon | 16 years ago

Delivery expected in early December

Distribution of the student phone directories has been delayed this year, though the PTSA expects them to be delivered to Blair on Dec. 3, according to directory editor of the PTSA, Laura Steinberg.

Steinberg said that this year's delivery date is around the usual time for distribution. Last year, the PTSA delivered the directories to Blair on Nov. 17, but Steinberg added that this year's election coverage led to a delay because the phonebooks are donated by The Gazette and Comprint. "We have to work on their schedule," said Steinberg by way of explaining why the directories will be so late. "The directories are a generous donation."

Steinberg estimated that if the school were to print the directories without the assistance of The Gazette and Comprint, the cost would be approximately $10,000. "The directories are 100 pages each, and they give us 3,800 copies," said Steinburg. "We would not be able to afford that."

The process of putting together the directories does not generally begin until around Oct. 15 due to the fluctuation in school registration at the beginning of the year. "I usually wait for enrollment to get settled," said Steinberg.

PTSA Co-President Fran Rothstein emphasized the fact that the PTSA is an organization run by volunteers. "You have to remember that [Steinberg] is doing this in her spare time out of the goodness of her heart," said Rothstein. "I'm sure she is doing the best she can."

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