Police arrest suspected snipers

Oct. 25, 2002, midnight | By KC Costanzo | 21 years, 7 months ago

Night of breakthroughs leads to capture

Early on the morning of Oct 24 at a Maryland rest stop, authorities investigating the string of sniper attacks arrested two suspects.

According to the Washington Post, the two men, 41 year-old John Allen Muhammad and 17 year-old Lee Malvo, a boy Muhammad says he took in as a son, were surrounded and apprehended by Maryland State Police the day after several breaks were made in the case.

An angry caller, believed to be one of the two men, hinted that he had murdered someone in Montgomery, Alabama. Authorities in Alabama confirmed that there had been a murder and police found a fingerprint belonging to Malvo at the scene of the crime. The information eventually led police to a house in Tacoma, Washington where bullets found in a tree stump were matched with those used in the sniper attacks.

The suspects were caught just one hour after Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose released their names at a press conference around midnight. A truck driver recognized the 1990 Blue Chevrolet Caprice police were looking for and called 911.

The truck driver, Ron Lantz, has repeatedly said he was only doing what others would have done. "I'm no hero," he said according to CNN.com. "I just want people to think what I did was what I should have done."

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