Positions 2004: Bush v. Kerry

Sept. 30, 2004, midnight | By Jeremy Goodman, Zahra Gordon, Allison Elvove | 16 years, 7 months ago

Many see this election as a crossroads in determining the direction of America's future. On November 2, Americans will vote to determine the U.S.'s domestic and foreign policies. The following is a non-partisan compilation of viewpoints of the candidates, Senator John Kerry and President George Bush, for the 2004 presidential election. This is meant to inform, not to persuade.

Issues Bush Kerry
Abortion opposes except in cases of rape, incest or when mother's life is in danger opposes partial birth abortion
Same-sex marriage supports constitutional amendment that defines marriage as heterosexual opposes Bush's constitutional amendment defining marriage as between man and woman
Death penalty supports opposes except for post-September 11 terrorists
No Child Left Behind Act supports idea that state and local governments are responsibile for funding schools, wants to help with Title I students and Reading First programs supports funding of act, wants to raise an average of $10 billion yearly to hire teachers and decrease class size
Oil drilling supports drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge opposes Bush's plan to drill in Refuge
Patriot Act supports extension of act supports 95 percent of act, wants to strengthen remaining sections
Prescription drugs supports Medicare prescription drug benefits supports prescription drugs from Canada
Privatization of social security supports opposes, voted no on allowing personal retirement accounts
Military service served on Air National Guard served in U.S. Navy, received three Purple Hearts, Silver Star and Bronze Star with Combat V
Foreign policy withdrew support from International Criminal Court, Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, Kyoto 
Protocol, Anti Ballistic Missile Treaty and Biological Weapons Convention Protocol
supports increased U.S. involvement in international treaties and organizations
War in Iraq supports transfer of power back to Iraqis, wants to rebuild Iraq and keep troops in region supports eventual withdrawal of troops, voted no for $86.5 billion for military action in Iraq
School vouchers supports opposes
Creating job opportunities signed Jobs and Growth Act of 2003 to provide tax relief for workers, families, seniors and small businesses to increase the demand for goods and services supports elimination of tax breaks for companies that create jobs overseas
Tax relief supports making tax cuts during the last four years permanent supports tax cuts for middle-class Americans and repealing tax cuts for the upper class
Deficit will push Congress to carry out a budget that funds the War on Terrorism and homeland security while also limiting growth of discretionary spending to four percent supports plan to cut deficit in half, will push for McCain-Kerry Corporate Welfare Commission to eliminate unnecessary corporate welfare to then use savings towards decreasing deficit
Gun control supports fewer restrictions supports more restrictions
Drug penalties supports stiffer penalties supports fewer penalties
HMOs supports placing a cap on HMO settlements supports full collection of punitive damages

The above information was compiled from the Bush website, the Kerry website, the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center website, the Congressional Budget Office, and the National Priorities Project.

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