Preparing for Potter

Nov. 16, 2005, midnight | By Juliet Garlow | 18 years, 5 months ago

Blazers wait for the release of "The Goblet of Fire"

There're only two days left until the release of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," the movie based on J.K. Rowling's fourth installment of the fantasy novels, and Potter fans can barely contain themselves.

They have a good reason to be psyched. The first three movies accurately stuck to the plots of each book, overflowing with whimsical creatures, enthralling magic and unforgettable performances by Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. Touches of light comedy entertain the viewers, much like Rowling's brilliant sense of humor in the books. The characters and actors mature and demonstrate increasing talent in the magical arts with each movie. Fans can only expect that the newest Harry Potter movie will brew up a complex, thrilling and exciting plot.

In contrast with the first three books, the fourth book is the first in the series in which Harry and his friends inch away from their relatively safe lives as the plotline darkens. In "Goblet of Fire," Lord Voldemort, Harry's nemesis, is restored to his body, able to resume his role as the most feared and treacherous wizard in the world.

It is therefore necessary for some Blazers to ready themselves for this pivotal moment in Harry Potter history. Preparation is crucial for many Blazers because the books are complicated and detailed, and their memories need to be refreshed in order to thoroughly enjoy the film.

Tape and book worms

Freshman Susie Branson dragged her large stereo from her basement to her tiny nightstand so she could listen to the fourth book on tape. The books have been read and recorded on tape by Jim Dale, who has an "amazing" ability to invent different voices for each character, says Branson. Book four is recorded on 12 tapes. In order to finish the tapes by Thursday, just in time for the premiere, Branson started listening to the tapes last Sunday, listening to the "soothing" sound of Dale's voice every night.

Freshman Adam Carey is re-reading the first four books "as quickly as possible," before the movie comes out on Friday. He was not quick enough in buying tickets to the midnight premiere, so he will have to wait a little longer before seeing the much anticipated film.

First in line

Some Blazers are so eager to see this movie that they bought their tickets weeks in advance. Online ticket buyers had the advantage of being able to quickly purchase their tickets and choose a prime seat in the theatre. Junior Anna Szapiro bought tickets for herself and a few friends three weeks ago, making sure she would have a seat in the Uptown Theatre in D.C., which is the best place to see the Potter movies, she says.

Stickin' to the series, not the movies

Although many Blazers are thrilled with the ever nearing release of "The Goblet of Fire," some students are strictly fans of the novels and not the movies. Junior Zach Eaton attributes his dislike for the movies to the poor character development, lack of substance and inability of producers to stick to the storylines of the books. He says that the "fluffy scripts" take away from the films' potential and that the actors display little talent.

Eaton also complains that special effects in the previous movies were overdone and distracting. Although he is "definitely going to see it," Eaton is worried that this movie will be "off" and will exclude many important details from the fourth book. He is so familiar with the books that it is painful for him to watch the movies as they stray away from events in the stories.

Praying for perfection

Branson is almost done with the tenth tape, and has just finished listening to an essential scene in the book. To Branson, these books are nothing short of perfection. Though she has yet to be disappointed by any of the movies, she hopes that "The Goblet of Fire" will live up to her high expectations.

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