Prosthetic Pain

March 24, 2003, midnight | By Josh Gottlieb-Miller | 21 years, 2 months ago

Review: This noise metal group is able to put out sound worth heavy moshing, but is indistinguishable from other local acts. Though the guitarists are talented the rhythm section could use more work. With a little more experience and evolution to their sound Prosthetic Pain will be a distinctive band.

Genre: Metal.

Band Members:
Matt Stawski (Blair, sophomore): Lead vocals.
Jake Weidl (Blair, senior): Guitar.
Nick Kerr (Blair, senior): Guitar.
Rob Lorenze (Blair, senior): Bass.
Nasser Moore (Northwestern, senior): Drummer.

Influences: Black Jaw. Mud Vain. Def Tones.

History: Stawski was told he had a good voice. Subsequently a bowling alley meeting occurred between Stawski and Weidl. "You play guitar?" Stawski randomly asked Weidl. After gathering the rest of the band they suddenly "clicked."

Albums: None.

Website: None.

Best part of being in a band: "Everything. Just playing music," according to Lorenze.

Worst part of being in a band: "When someone really talented is in your band but you just can't work with them," claims Lorenze.

Best song: Disgusting.

Worst song: Broken World.

Reaction from other Blair bands: "From what I heard they sounded good," (Laura Blythe Goodman, Orange Julius).

Quotable: "There's nothing more to say," asserts Lorenze.

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