PTSA committee discusses minigrant allocations

Nov. 30, 2004, midnight | By Christopher Consolino | 19 years, 6 months ago

Recommended amounts to be voted on in upcoming PTSA meeting

The PTSA Minigrant Committee held a meeting at 3:30 p.m. today, Nov. 30, to discuss the allocation of $7,000 set aside by the PTSA to fund projects initiated by students, staff, parents and community members. The recommendations made by the Minigrant Committee will be considered and voted on by the PTSA this coming Monday, Dec. 6.

The committee reviewed 23 different minigrant applications requesting a total of $10,040. By the end of the meeting, the committee projected a total recommendation of $6,675 to be distributed among all minigrant applicants.

Although several of the original requested amounts for minigrants exceeded $1,000, each application was labeled as a large-scale minigrant (given $500 or less) or a small-scale minigrant (given $250 or less) based on the number of students the project would benefit, as specified in the application.

Committee members Cindy Allen, Carolyn Litchenstein, Joe Bellino, Lansing Freeman and Linda Kahn all considered the grants based on need and the proposal's ability to receive separate county or corporate funds. "Our general philosophy about minigrants is that if you applied for funding, you have a need for it," said Allen during the meeting.

Regardless of the minigrant amounts, Allen hopes that the PTSA's help will allow unique programs and organizations expand and benefit the school. "The minigrants are meant to inspire people to develop programs and projects that benefit all Blair students," Allen commented.

Although both student liaisons to the committee were not able to attend the meeting, SGA President Sebastian Johnson was present for a portion of the meeting. Johnson recommended that the committee allocate requested funds to the Platicas con Mamá (Chats with Mom) program, the Special Needs Newsletter and the math help for ESOL students program. He also suggested that the $500 recommended minigrant for the freshman social should be allocated to the freshman calculator fund.

The committee's final recommendations for individual grants ranged from $80 to the maximum of $500. These recommendations will be presented, discussed and voted on by the PTSA this coming Monday, Dec. 6, at 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium.

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