Red Lobster is red hot

March 19, 2004, midnight | By Shewit Woldu | 16 years, 10 months ago

Long lines but worth the wait

Located at the heart of Silver Spring, Red Lobster is one of the best restaurants in the area.

The service was even better than the excellent food. Upon being seated, the waiter immediately gave us a formal introduction and made me feel comfortable. The waitress was patient and helpful when I asked about some of the meals.

Waiting for my food, I was given time to really enjoy the atmosphere. In the family section, the fish tanks made me feel as if the ocean were surrounding me. The walls were a deep maroon and gave the restaurant a nice, dim ambience.

The salad came, and, since I am not a big fan of salads, I was not excited. But the lettuce was crunchy and the Caesar dressing made me want to lick the bowl for its remainders (don't worry, I didn't). It was like magic; within minutes, the salad disappeared.

The salad only had me anticipating my all-you-can-you-eat shrimp meal for $14.99. Once it came, I knew I was getting my money's worth, because the plate was humongous. On the plate were popcorn shrimp and fried shrimp. You could get the same popcorn shrimp from school for about $2. Chomping on the popcorn shrimp made me think of school, and I didn't want to do that. A frown hit my face when I contemplated how I might have made a mistake in coming to Red Lobster. That frown turned into a smile once I had the fried shrimp.

The fried shrimp made my $14.99 worth it. As soon as the fried shrimp entered my mouth, everything was perfection. The crunch and the overall taste were beyond imagination. Just thinking about it now makes me want to return.

After I ate the shrimp, I was yearning for a drink, and, surprisingly, before I could ask for a refill, I was getting one. That's the kind of service that every restaurant should have!

Sadly, not everything was as nice as my waitress on that Saturday night. Before I got seated, I had to wait an hour. They give you a beeper once you sign in, which plays music and shakes when you are called to be seated. I drove myself crazy staring at the box, waiting for it to play music and shake. Red Lobster is not for the impatient, but you can entertain yourself by watching TV at the bar (assuming you can find a seat).

Overall, the restaurant was great. If you are trying to impress someone or make up for something bad you've done, grab them and take them to Red Lobster, because they will certainly be impressed and appreciative.

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