Reverend Al Sharpton

Feb. 2, 2004, midnight | By Kedamai Fisseha | 20 years, 4 months ago

Profile for the 2004 Blair Primary

Currently working as an activist and minister, Al Sharpton is an outspoken advocate of civil and human rights legislation. His current campaign slogan is "fighting for fundamental human rights," a sentiment which guides his platform. He is also currently involved with numerous human rights organizations, many of which he founded himself. Sharpton's official campaign website ( presents a list of promises, in which he propounds women and minority rights as well as the establishment of a universal healthcare system. He also calls for anti-death penalty legislation.

Sharpton, who attended Brooklyn College, has been an active figure in New York politics for a long time. Since 1992 he has twice campaigned to represent New York in the US Senate and ran once for the New York City mayorship. He also ran for a position in the New York State Senate in 1978. Though unsuccessful in those attempts, his numerous campaigns have brought him great publicity throughout the US. His popularity assisted him in the non-binding DC primary in the second week of January, in which he received 35 percent of the vote. However, many conservatives discredit his success and popularity. The Republican National Committee presented a profile on Sharpton in March 2003, in which he is labeled a "hatemonger." Joe Scarborough, a former Republican US representative, openly criticized Sharpton on the House floor at around the same time.

Sharpton is praised by most Democrats and was especially popular with the Clinton administration. He served as a consultant to Clinton on matters of civil rights, primarily racial profiling. He has also consulted many international leaders, including Fidel Castro and the prime minister of Jamaica on a variety of issues. Sharpton is married and has two children.

Information compiled from The Washington Times, The Nation and C-Span.

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