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Jan. 14, 2003, midnight | By Josh Gottlieb-Miller | 21 years, 5 months ago

Review: Rocktapus smooth production establishes themselves as ambitious and skilled amateurs. Sleek and basic, The Final Cut raps with ease and doesn't lack lyrically, Aikens especially setting himself above his associates with his powerful flow. Rocktapus' only weakness is their occasionally clichéd topics: girls and violence dominate a few tracks. Also The Final Cut's effects are almost too glitzy. Shiny and slick, Rocktapus only rarely exhibits true menace. Still, Rocktapus is doubtless the best rap group at Blair.

Genre: Rap.

Note: Explicit content.

Producer: Ben Garlock (Blair, senior).

Will Campbell AKA K'Lijh (Blair, senior): Lead vocals.
Jessica Stamler AKA J Sizzle (Blair, senior): Back-up vocals.
Aaron Hernandez AKA Etcetera (Blair, senior): Lead vocals.
Lily Hamberger AKA Lil'E (Blair, senior): Back-up vocals.
Adam Cutloff AKA Adam Bomb (Blair dropout): Lead vocals.
Jaron Aikens AKA Spear (Blair graduate [02], Oregon): Lead vocals.
Bernard Olatin AKA Kno-1 (Blair graduate [02], Montgomery College): Lead vocals.

Genre: Hip-hop. Now branching out into female singers.

Influences: Primo. Stevie Wonder. Cannabis. Eminem. Peter Rock. Large Professor. Ron Jeremy.

History: Garlock and a friend decided to form a rap label and though the friend left Garlock decided to go through with it. He met up with a keyboardist (Campbell), and they decided to start recruiting Blair talent.

Albums: The Final Cut.


Best Song: OK.

Worst Song: Can't [Expletive] With Us. "Or anything by John," Garlock jokes about a former artist associated with Rocktapus.

Best thing about being in music: Garlock claims, "We get to do what we love, set our own hours, and there's enormous cash potential."

Worst thing about being in music: According to Campbell, "The haters. Like John."

Reaction from other Blair musician: "Rocktapus is hizzot." (Ian Shiver, Brutal Kick in the Face)

Quotable: Campbell says, "Buy the album." Garlock claims, "I'm the self-proclaimed best DJ in school and anyone who thinks otherwise can come and battle."

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