Rose, William

Oct. 10, 2006, midnight | By Boris Vassilev | 15 years ago

Name: William Rose
Subject: Magnet precalculus
Education: University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Amsterdam.
Year Started at MBHS: 2006
Previous Jobs: Substitute Teacher
Hobbies: Playing tennis, biking and listening to European music

The precalculus student remains thoroughly confused, staring at his math problem, which is a quarter page of mathematical monstrosity. Rescue comes in the form of his new favorite math teacher, William Rose, who enters the Math Help Room with a usual quick and upbeat pace, looking to help anyone with a math dilemma. In a matter of minutes, the problem is quickly deconstructed and the crisis resolved, thanks to a quick intervention by Rose.

At first glance, the young, trendy Rose does not appear to fit the math teacher mold. Yet, he began this year as the new Magnet precalculus teacher, helping to usher his new pupils into their high school careers and adjust to the rigorous math in the magnet program.

"I actually never wanted to be a teacher," Rose laughs as he recalls his early ambitions, "I wanted to be a college professor." A New Jersey native, he attended a high school that he "hated." Rose became interested in math and logic later and pursued it at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he earned his undergraduate Mathematics Degree. Seeking to continue his education, Rose started working towards a Master's Degree of Logic at the University of Amsterdam, where he got a "taste of Euro culture" which still influences him to this day in his style and music taste. After 3 years, he left his thesis in order to pursue other interests. According to Rose, a thesis is still somewhere on his long term to-do list.

From there, Rose steadily moved towards teaching, starting with a generic substituting every once in a while. "I quickly became everyone 'favorite' substitute," Rose admits. Drawn in by the allure of teaching high school mathematics, he applied and got several long term positions as a math substitute, including one for a three-month period here at Blair, where he first heard about the job opening as the Magnet precalculus teacher. Tackling the long bureaucratic process, he was finally hired. When asked about the future, Rose says, "This is a job I hope to have a while."

When not teaching precalculus, Rose enjoys playing tennis, listening to music that he picked up from his stay in Amsterdam and biking to school from his DC residence. In school, Rose can be found in the habitat of rooms 309 for math help and 317 in his classroom, helping any and all who seek assistance.

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