Safety committee enforces new lunchtime hallway restrictions

Dec. 31, 1969, 7 p.m. | By Edward Chan | 51 years ago

The Safety Committee has begun patrolling hallways and stairwells during lunch, keeping out students without passes. Blair's administration is also more aggressively enforcing school policy in the hallways and might restrict students to the SAC during lunch.

According to Safety Committee Advisor Mark Curran, the patrols aim to ensure that the school can be accountable for students' whereabouts. Keeping students in designated areas will allow the school to facilitate evacuations, said Curran.

Safety Committee Advisor Hugo Harrison said the new patrols will also help reduce trash, traffic and other disruptive behavior in the hallways outside classrooms.

Students eating lunch outside the SAC and Blair Blvd were leaving behind too much trash. Business Manager Anne Alban said that if the trash problem continues, the administration could restrict lunchers to the SAC.

Assistant Principal Linda Wolf said Blair's administration is also attempting to "take back the hallways." Instead of simply asking students to remove hats or put away CD players, the administration is now confiscating those items.

The administration has become more aggressive because of Principal Phillip Gainous' desire to ensure safety and enforce school regulations, said Wolf.

Currently, students walking outside the SAC or Blair Blvd during lunch are required to have passes signed by teachers. If students do not have signed passes but have a legitimate reason to be in the halls, they can talk to an administrator in the SAC to get a pass.

Harrison believes the patrols are having a positive impact on Blair. "So far it's been very effective," said Harrison. "Most of the students are where they're supposed to be."

The Safety Committee is composed of about 50 to 60 members, and approximately ten are stationed at stairwells and hallways around the school during lunch. They can be identified by their orange vests and badges.

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