SCO Classic: Silver Chips Online guide to love, relationships, and Valentine's Day

Feb. 4, 2003, midnight | By Annie Peirce | 17 years, 11 months ago

For couples everywhere, the season of doom and glory has arrived. Valentine's Day, the holiday of candy, commercialism, stress and expectations, has arrived in the American supermarkets and the rush is on to validate one's relationships. In honor of the holiday spirit, Silver Chips Online has exhumed from its archives articles from as far back as November 1998 about the interactions and anxieties involved in Blair romantic relationships. Enjoy.

Coming out and coming into their own

by Elana Eisen-Markowitz, Features Editor
Like every American teenager, senior Tim Pittman has a lot on his plate. With college only months away, AP exams only weeks away and an English paper due any day now, life is a big ten on the scale of one to hectic. But, surprisingly enough, Pittman's shoulders have been just a little bit lighter since the beginning of the school year. Maybe it's because, for the first time in forever, he can finally stop pretending to be straight.
The perfect equation for love?

Chips takes a lesson from Cupid and sets up two young singles
by Elana Eisen-Markowitz, Features Editor
As St. Valentine gets restless for his big day and Cupid prepares to do his thing, dating services also want to cash in big time on loners looking for love in a hurry. And because Blair's got plenty of youthful souls eager for romance, Silver Chips decided to give back to the community this year with the creation of Silver Lips"a short-lived experimental dating service designed specifically for the Valentine's Day '02 pursuits of Blazers and Blazerettes.
Loveless and loving it

Cupid out of arrows? A single's guide to avoiding the Valentine blues
by Nora Berenstain, Centerspread Editor
Whoever said that June 21 is the longest day of the year was obviously never single on February 14. It's hard enough to endure our nation's day of love alone, but with card and candy companies starting their sickly sweet sales shortly after New Year's, Hallmark and Russell Stover can turn the Valentine's Day 24-hour heartache into a month-long headache.
When the Ex-factor strikes back

After relationships have soured, vengeful former lovers take justice into their own hands
by Julia Crane, Entertainment Editor
Senior Cecilia Recinos and her boyfriend have both been cheated on in past relationships. But unlike Recinos, who believes that her cheating ex will "get what he deserves later," Recinos' boyfriend"a student at Blake High School"decided to take a different path. He got revenge.
Love hurts? It doesn't have to

Blair students tell of experiences with physically and verbally abusive relationships
by Nora Berenstain, Centerspread Editor
"I was just teasing him one day, and he slapped me," says Maggie about the first time her former boyfriend became violent with her. His reason: "I messed up his hair."

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