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Oct. 2, 2012, 8:40 p.m. | By Hannah Lynn, Stacy Mathew, Mimi Verdonk | 11 years, 7 months ago

It doesn't matter, we're giving it to you anyway.

Junior-itis asks: "I'm a junior and I'm already suffering from junioritis. I know this is the most important year, but fear and other negative motivation isn't helping me, it's only making me more stressed and less willing to do work. Any suggestions?"Stacy: Ah, the infamous junior year. Don't look at it as "the most important year." Instead, look at it as your last chance to show 'em what you're made of. Motivate yourself by researching possible post-high school plans and seeing what they want from you. This will give you that extra push you need to do work and be your absolute best. But remember, don't make it all about school work. Leave some time off during the weekends to have fun and go out with your friends; otherwise you'll just end up being even more stressed.

Hannah: Well first off, you're not alone. I'm pretty sure I suffered from freshamnitis. and sophomoritis as well. It is hard to keep up with all the work especially during junior year if you have AP classes and SAT studying and thinking about college. Just remember two things: 1) Junior year really counts so this is the time to put in effort, get help from teachers, study during lunch, etc. 2) It's OK if a grade or score or what have you doesn't turn out perfectly. It's not the end of the world.

Mimi: In the words of the great philosopher Drake, "YOLO." Stop stressing and start guessing. But really consider adding a study hall next semester, so you'll be forced to do work at school and have more time to loaf at home. And don't forget you have less than 700 days until your own graduation.

Confused friend asks:"My best friend keeps lying to me about his grades, the places he goes and things that other people say. None of the lies are very big, but I wish he would just be honest with me. What should I do?"

Stacy: Although the lies may not be big now, if you continue to let it slide, you might end up dealing with some even bigger lies. Confront your friend as soon as possible (in a gentle way, of course) and let him know that you are well aware that you're being lied to. This will make him realize his faults and will end up with him telling you why he was lying in the first place.

Hannah: This can be tricky. Your friend might be lying because he wants to seem "cooler” and has some insecurities. He might also be lying because he thinks you might judge him if you knew the truth. Whatever the reason, lying to your best friend is never a good sign. Talk it out like an adult and use your words.

Mimi: There's a word for friends like these, and the word is mythomania. Yes, ladies and gentleman, what we have here is a case of a pathological liar. Best friend, smeshfriend, if he's going to lie to you it's time you drop him. There's no point in keeping around someone who never tells the truth no matter how pointless it was to lie in the first place. Confucious kept it real when he said, "I do not see what use a man can be put to, whose word cannot be trusted." It's time to cross this friend off.

Madly-in-love asks: "I have the biggest crush on my best friend. How can I let her know without risking ruining our friendship? I'm not sure if she likes me back."

Stacy: I would suggest having a mutual friend ask your best friend how she feels about you. Make sure this mutual friend is someone close to her, where she feels like she wouldn't have to lie about her feelings. If she's feelin' ya, then go for it! If not, don't push don't want to lose a good friendship!

Hannah: If you're feeling confident, just be honest and tell her. Let her know that's it's OK if she doesn't feel the same way. Having a crush doesn't have to ruin a friendship; however, if you're too nervous about it, it's better to be safe than sorry. Remember that not every friendship-turned-crush works out like Harry and Sally.

Mimi: Sounds like you should sign up for MTV's "Friendzone.” If you've ever watched the show, you know that most of the couples don't end up working and ruin their friendship in the process. Maybe I'm being a negative Nancy, but get a grip here. Maybe you'll be the lucky one in a thousand of these high school couples that works out, but if not, it's no big deal. There are plenty of other fish in the sea.

Soccer stud asks: "How do I juggle school and sports?"

Stacy: Make a schedule and STICK TO IT! This will help you later on in life too when you get a job or pick up another extracurricular activity. Use time between classes, such as lunch, or even downtime in class, to knock simple homework like worksheets out the way. If you have a lot of reading to do, save it for when you get home, but do it the moment you step in the door. If you wait too long, then you'll probably just get lazy and go to bed (story of my life). Really, just don't procrastinate and utilize your free time wisely.

Hannah: Do not procrastinate. I'm serious. If you're reading this to procrastinate on work, then stop and go finish your work. Having a calendar on your wall will also help. Write down the schedule for all your games and practices, and whenever you find out the date of a test or essay, fill that in too. Another tip: use the weekend. Don't wait until Sunday afternoon to start your homework. I mean, don't get rid of your social life, but spend some free time on either Friday or Saturday (or both if you really want to get wild) doing some work for the week. Also, remember that the media center, computer labs and teachers offices are available during lunch, and they are there to help you. Take advantage of your resources if you need help. Oh and one more piece of advice, don't procrastinate.

Mimi: Despite what Stacy and Hannah say, feel free to procrastinate. The key to sports and school is efficiency. Read your book while switching between classes, fill out worksheets in that extra thirty seconds that everyone is packing up their bags and stay at school for the fifty minutes between the end of your class and the beginning of practice instead of wasting your last $6.35 plus tax on a burrito bowl with no guac and extra sour cream. It isn't healthy for you anyways.

Gift-giving girlfriend asks: "What do I get my boyfriend for his birthday?"

Stacy: Well, it depends on what kind of guy your boyfriend is! Most guys love hoodies, hats and -- well, actually, I don't know what guys love because I am so ridiculously single right now, so I'll just let Mimi and Hannah answer this question.

Hannah: Get him a mouse pad with your face on it.

Mimi: Do I look like I know your boyfriend? Then again, maybe I do. The point is guys are individuals and whereas some would be chill with Madden 13, the other might prefer a fedora for his well coiffed hair. I get it. Giving presents are hard, especially for those of the male species. But it's time for you to think like a bro. And if worse comes to worse, watch an episode of "Guy Code."

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