SCO writer seeks new footwear

Oct. 6, 2008, midnight | By Sean Howard | 13 years, 7 months ago

Hello all! Welcome to this new exciting experience that is my "blog." As Humor and Food Editor, I'd like to talk about something safe the first time so that my editors don't hurt me. With that said, I'd like to talk about my shoes.

Photo: The shoe in question. Photo courtesy of Sean Howard.

I know it's not very often that a writer asks his audience for advice, but I'm lost with no one to guide me on this. I myself have a pair of ratty, one year-old pair of green striped Adidases (or Adidi or whatever the plural form of an Adidas shoe is) and they were quite fly in their time. They had a faded gray singe around the crest of each shoe which kept me from violating the "no whites after labor day rule" and an old school blue Adidas logo which looked like a stamp on the sexiest letter that could be written. For some odd reason, they were almost impossible to scuff above a certain point. I was in love when I saw these shoes.

But now those days of free wheeling swagger in my fresh kicks are over as they slowly break down. It is a gradual decline, they are losing their whiteness in some places, there are some nicks and scratches that no shoe cleaner can correct and I need help. These shoes have lasted me for almost 18 months and I am very attached to them. I'm the only person I know that will buy new shoes and wait months before wearing them. I'm very open to your suggestions for new shoes; you have pictures of my old shoes, and some insight to who I am as a person based on my writing but just in case, you can also stalk me on Facebook or find me in room 158 during sixth period. Thanks Blair, and choose wisely.

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