SGA plans to improve Blair's physical appearance

March 8, 2004, midnight | By Cori Cohen | 20 years, 3 months ago

The Blair Senate recently approved the SGA's plans to beautify and personalize the school. The SGA proposed three main ideas: a free speech wall, a student mural and a row of flags from every country represented at Blair.

The free speech wall would provide students with a way to express their opinions to the SGA and the administration. According to SGA president Denise Sylla, the goal of the wall would be for the SGA to "establish a rapport with the student body."  The wall would be a piece of paper wrapped around the portion of the building next to the elevator. Every two weeks, the SGA would ask students to respond to a new student-generated question. The first question will be, "Do you feel safe in Blair?" Sylla said the SGA could greatly benefit from this form of student feedback. She thinks it will be taken seriously. "I have faith in the student body not to abuse this," Sylla said.

Another way the SGA hopes to personalize Blair is to create a student mural. The proposed mural would be on the wall below the SAC. Sylla said she was inspired by other schools decorated with student art. The SGA is asking people to submit designs.

Lastly, the SGA hopes to line Blair Boulevard with flags from around the world. Sylla said, "Blair is one of the most culturally diverse schools. We have pride in that and we should show it." Sylla also hopes that the flags will make new students from other countries feel welcome in the Blair community.

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