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Dec. 17, 2002, midnight | By Josh Gottlieb-Miller Alexa Scott | 18 years, 1 month ago

The third annual SGR Spectacular on December 13 showcased diverse and exciting entertainment benefiting several charities, including Shepherd's Table and Save the Children, through which SGR sponsors children in Mozambique and Appalachia.

A growing Blair tradition, the Spectacular serves both as a display of prominent local talent as well as a successful fundraiser.

Both solo and group musical acts dominated the evening's 24 performances; however, acts ranging from kung fu to break dancing and a poetry reading also gave the show variety.

Seniors Tom and Pete Johnson, who introduced each act with improvisatory humor sketches, felt the show was a success. "[The SGR Spectacular] was a heartfelt union of people coming together for a cause. It's really touching to see this kind of support for the community," Pete claimed.

Although all good, several acts distinguished themselves such as the break-dancers, who delighted the audience with various head spins and freezes. Several solo singers were also notable; among them senior Febe Huezo who covered Mariah Carey's "Hero." Orange Julius' Lisa Jaeggi was surprised by Huezo's skill and remarkable voice. "(Huezo) had incredible range and sang beautifully," Jaeggi remarked.

The half hour intermission was dominated by the popular SG-aRm wrestling, though an art showcase, a giant twister board and David Kim's piano styling were crowd pleasing. Blair graduate Mehran Mizzani (02) proved unbeatable at arm wrestling, taking all comers and dispensing each with ease. Refreshments were also provided with suggested donations and literature detailing SGR's activities were circulated.

The shows second half commenced with the Blair Kazoo Band conducted by Sam Goldman. They presented several classics, including the Kingsmen "Louie, Louie" in kazoo form. Among the bands Strength in Numbers, Orange Julius and Culo Balena also proved to be crowd favorites.

Strength in Numbers energetic playing convinced several fans to get up and start a small mosh pit. Furthermore, all girl Orange Julius' simple arrangements proved powerful enough to prompt several crowd members to exclaim they wanted to be in a girl band and Culo Balena's Charlotte Littlehales amazing voice prompted several crowd members to wish they could sing. Ultimately, the Spectacular was a success.

There will be another Spectacular in the spring. The majority of bands can be seen here.

See pictures from the Spectacular here.

The acts in order of appearance:

Pete and Tom Johnson: Skit Surprise
Maya Jackson: "O Holy Night"
Josh Gottlieb-Miller: Original Poetry
Noah Simon and Leven Browne: "Under the Bridge"
Febe Huezo: Hero
Break Dancers: "Breaker's Delight"
The Awful Waffles (Ben, Kyle & Austin): "If you could only see"
Chris Fitzgerald: "Ready for You"
Phil Francis: Kung Fu
Jason Hill: "One Man Woman"
Eugene Garilov: "Rockin' in the Free World"
Sam Goldman: "Kill the Washington Monument"
Alexa Scott: Scottish dance
Triple Threat: Dancing to "Like I Love You"

SG-aRm wrestling, SG-twist-R, SG-aRt gallery. The piano stylings of David Kim.

Kazoo band
Strength in Numbers
Orange Julius
Orange Julius featuring Karen Martinez
Amina Baird, Josh Scannell, Kevin Collins, Spencer Lee
Culo Balena

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