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Jan. 30, 2009, 5:33 p.m. | By Susie Branson | 12 years, 10 months ago

Blair hallways buried beneath fashion flurries

Despite the growing urge to remain curled up under those warm sheets wrapped in that favorite pair of sweats, Blazers have continued to burn up the hallways in the latest winter fashions. Silver Chips Online now brings you the hottest winter trends to keep us sizzling through the winter weather.

Photo: Sophomore Alessandra Mantovani mixes casual wear with elegance in a versatile ensemble.


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This trend dates specifically back to the 1970s, but definitely is not going anywhere soon. Colorful yarn pom-poms on the top of cozy winter hats, berets and patterned trapper hats add a cute touch to any boy or girl for a flirty, fun winter look.

On the way out

This chilly weather is the perfect opportunity to go out and find some cute headwear to spice up your outfit and keep those ears warm! Sadly, our mild Maryland climate sets some boundaries. Keep your money and pass over those excessive, overly dramatic fur-lined trapper hats that make you look like you are either trying to hide an awful hair day or decided to don your latest hunting catch.

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Feeling crushed by the complicated choices in hats? Instead, keep your head up and your eyes out for cute earmuffs. They not only keep your ears nice and toasty against the harsh winter wind, but are an adorable touch to any winter jacket and scarf ensemble.


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Maryland is known for its unpredictable quick-to-change temperatures. But never fear, Blazers, for cute pea coats in any color and length are the perfect chic staples for a changing climate and they can finish any outfit with a polished, professional look.

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Despite how cute cropped jackets may be with a tank underneath, it is still winter and nothing is cute about a girl shivering from the cold. So pass these fake-out jackets and look for something that will actually keep you toasty through any winter weather.

Photo: Senior Elizabeth Shemondy stays in style with wintry blue plaid top, red scarf and a neutral cardigan while junior Sierra Shepherd shows off her curves in a long sweater and sporty leggings.

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Flannel and plaids have been all over the fashion runways this winter season. Staying in tune with the trends, Blazers are combining the best of both worlds with plaid flannels! Whether a jacket or a comfy, button-up shirt, this sizzling look not only complements the holiday spirit, but gives you that comfy complexion.


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The classic solution to cold weather: whip out a pair of classic thermal long johns to pair under any jeans or sweatpants to keep you toasty outdoors all winter long. Then brag about it to your friends.

On the way out

While they might be stylish under your skirt, leggings are not pants. Although showing off those Blazer curves is not always a bad thing, be especially careful when it comes to colored leggings because they reveal unwanted lumps and bumps. If you just cannot find a way to let go of those leggings quite yet, at least be sure to pair them with a long shirt to create a retro look.

Watch out for

Just because the weather outside is frightful doesn't mean you have to hide all your pretty dresses until spring. Instead, break out your dress drawer and match some of your favorites with a warm pair of tights. Be sure to be creative with this look, watch out for patterned or textured tights in different fabrics and colors!


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Toe Warmers...just kidding! With chilly weather becoming the norm, it is difficult to even imagine switching up a pair of comfy slippers for real shoes. But never fear, for moccasins are not only an amazing compromise of warmth and comfort, but are also stylish and cute! An everyday staple, Blazers cannot go wrong with a comfy pair of moccasins in different brands, designs and colors!

Photo: Senior Amelia Coffey stays warms in a black turtle neck accented with bright beads.

On the way out

Please keep the critters in the wild and out of the hallways. With many options for warm footwear this winter season, do us all a favor and pass up the furry disasters that have plagued winters past. It may be cold, but this is not the Arctic and fur is not a vital survival tool.

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Each Blazer faces the brutal reality of facing freezing temperatures the moment the door opens and they begin their journey to school. But smart and fashionable Blazers have eased this outdoor transition through the donning of a chic plethora of boots. Whether leather or suede, ankle or knee-high, feel free to experiment with these season favorites through different earth-tones or rainbow colors that complete a look and keep those legs and toes nice and toasty all winter long.

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