Should Blair's athletes be required to attend study halls? Why or why not?

Jan. 12, 2005, midnight | By Tiffany Yee | 16 years ago

"Blair's athletes should not be required to stay at school for a study hall. A mandatory study hall only keeps the athletes from home for a longer period of time. A stunt hall makes the difference between getting home at 7:00 pm and getting home at 6:00 pm. That extra hour gives us more time to do homework at home. Blair's athletes should be mature enough to take responsibility for their homework after practice. Besides, it's already been made clear that the athletes need to keep their grades up."
-senior K. J. Bonhomme

"Blair athletes should be required to go to study hall. Even an hour or 45 minutes of time to do your homework, and have an opportunity to ask the coach or other athletes for help makes a huge difference. Many athletes have trouble keeping up their grades due to practice and games. Study hall, for some, is the only chance they have to do their homework."
-sophomore Jesse Ruf

"Blair's athletes make the choice to play sports. They also make the choice to get good grades or bad grades. They should not be required to attend study hall or attend academic help. If they can't maintain a 2.0 GPA then they can't play. If they choose not to keep good grades then they choose not to play. It should not be forced upon them to maintain grades or study. Athletes must manage their time to fit in school first and then sports. As high school students we have the right to choose what's more important but we must deal with the consequences."
-freshman Brent Jones

"Blair's athletes being required to attend study halls is wrong. If a student has higher than the required GPA to participate in sports, and has shown a history of this, he or she is doing alright and shouldn't have to go. Study hall is force those who need it, those who don't are just taking up space, and preventing those who need it from getting the help they need."
-sophomore Prince Griffin

"Athletes at Blair should be required to attend a study hall. For example, the football team has practice from Monday to Friday. With that kind of commitment, with the exception of weekends, athletes do not have enough time to get all of their homework done, succeed in class, and maintain a social life. Study halls give athletes an opportunity to save some time and complete their homework while waiting for practice to begin. Without study hall, athletes feel too much pressure, and might not get enough sleep, leading to decreased performance in school."
-freshman Andy Zheng

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