Should gay couples be allowed to bring up children?

April 26, 2004, midnight | By Shewit Woldu | 16 years, 9 months ago

"Gay couples should be allowed to bring up children. I see no reason why they shouldn't."
-junior Arnoan Rerngsamai

"I think that it isn't right for a guy couple to raise kids. When the kids grow up they are going to have a weird view on what husband and wife is all about. They might turn gay and marry someone that is their same sex. It's like they say a kid that is beaten up by their parents or abused will more than likely do the same to their kids. That's all they know about parenting. That will be the same with kids with gay parents. That's all they'll know about marriage, society will treat them bad, peers will aught, intimidate, and even hurt them. So it isn't right for a gay couple to raise kids. I didn't say that it is wrong. I am not a judge of that. Let God deal with that problem. It's his job, and he will judge justly."
-senior Roberto Parada

"Gay couples should not be allowed to bring up children because the kids are not culpable for what their parents are. Gay couples should let kids grow up the normal way."
-junior Daniel Bartolo

"Honestly I think gay couples should be able to do everything straight couples are allowed to do."
-junior Chris Isong

"Gay couples should not be allowed to bring up children because children's minds should not be made corrupt purposely."
-junior Gary Jeanty

"Yes, gay couples should be allowed to bring up children because gay couples could give a child the tender, love and care that he/she needs just like a straight couple. Gay people want children because they want a family to call their own, just not with an opposite sex. Why should taking, providing for a child not be allowed to someone that is guaranteed to love someone as if he/she was theirs regardless gay or straight. Every child needs a home. Everyone needs a family. A family seems to make a house complete."
-senior Danielle Bailey

"In my opinion it really doesn't matter. A lot of gay people have brought up kids and they don't come up gay. The way they are has nothing to do with the child. They're going to love and care for them like any other regular couple love their own. Should America stop judging them and let them be: yes.
They're not doing anything to anyone [so] let them be happy. So they should bring up a child if they would like."
-senior Anna Otta

"I don't think that gays should even be together much with each other. The Bible clearly says that it's not a right thing to have two men or two women much less with kids. The kids that they are raising would grow up with a corrupted mind, thinking it s a right thing to have two mothers or two fathers. After that then they'll want to teach the kids the same thing, that parents of the same sex is an okay thing [to] have.
Another reason why it is wrong is because a kid needs the love of a mother and the teachings of a father not the teachings of both fathers and the love of two mothers. Also because parents of the same sex cannot really reach out to the child the way a mother and father could."
-senior Swaby Toney

"I personally have nothing against two gay people because it is nobody's business about them getting married. But having a kid is pushing it. It would be a very bad influence in the kid to his/her future. The two boys or girls that are two couples having a kid is very ridiculous and unbelievable. I don't wan to think about it. Basically what he will have and develop on his/her mind while he is growing is that being gay.
Because in a kids life parents are the raw models to the child's future. What do you think when two of his/her parents of the same sex go to the bedroom together? Sooner or later he will ask why he has two of the same sex parents. What would be the answer for that? So once again I don't have nothing against people as long as they don't approach me in a sexual manner."
-senior Simon Tikue

"What I think is this. When I was younger I wanted my mother and my father. I don't know how I would've turned out if I didn't have a father in my life. I also don't know how it is to have two mothers, or one lady as mother and the other as dad. I don't look down on anyone who does it but I also don't agree with it.
I can't see two gay mothers raising a child with a single father figure in the picture, especially if the child is a boy. Two women can't raise a son and two men can't raise a daughter. It's all about the child.
It's not about the couple. If the couple really took time and thought about the child then there wouldn't be a lot of gay [couples] wanting to raise children. I dont agree with it."
-senior Ashley Mallory

"Well I think that gay couples have the right to have all the children that they want with no trouble because it's their life and no one should have a problem with them or their life. What a lot of people don't know is that gay is the best friend that you can find [because] they are so sweet and kind and full of a lot of life. I know because all of my male friends are gay."
-senior Shona Chong

"I believe that gay couples should be allowed to bring up children because they're capable of raising and nurturing children as well. Just because they choose to be gay doesnt mean that they're not fit to raise children. They're no different than any one else. It's no one's business who's gay or not. Who are we t restrict people doing things, especially raising children. We should applaud and appreciate the decent people out there who are willing to raise children.
There are so many abandoned children, and neglected children that would love to be in a caring, loving, and stable home, and now that there's people who are willing to do that we're going to turn them down? Gay people are as capable of taking care of children as anyone else. People are treating them like they have some kind of contagious deadly disease, like as if they dont belong. People's sexual orientation should not matter. The fact that they're willing to bring a child in to their home and nurture it and raise it is what should really matter. We need to look past people's differences and accept people for who they are, not what they are. No one's perfect, so who are we to judge?"
-senior Diana Manzanarez

"I personally think that gay couples should be allowed to raise kids. To me they seem like the perfect parents and mediators. They have been through enough with discrimination. Many people think its wrong. But I say why not raise children in a gay family rather than having found infants being killed or abandoned by young and weak-minded mothers? Why not give these babies to a caouple of the same sex who are prepared and willing to raise them under any circumstances rather than seeing the same femailes face entering the abortion clinic every 8 months? To have a gaay couple ready to give up anything just to have a family is so beautiful. So why not see them happy? Gay couples should be allowed to bring up children but only it they are ready for the long years of a future life.
Just like any other parents."
-senior Shonelle Bruce

"Well I really dont care about gay couples being allowed to bring up children. It all depends on if they really are in love with each other, and they really want to have children. So it ain't in my place to say they cant have kids."
-freshman Andri Bonds

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