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Oct. 6, 2009, midnight | By Jenna Bushnell | 12 years, 2 months ago

Cooler weather brings hotter fashion to the Boulevard

As the temperature goes down, Silver Chic is back in action to keep Blazers up on the latest trends. For its first installment of the year, Silver Chips Online has taken it to the Boulevard and to find out exactly which trends Blazers are setting on fire as autumn arrives.


Photo: Bright colors are highlights in the outfits of sophomore Alexis Fennell, Nechelle Dean and juniors Hanan Ahmed, Angela McPhaul and Sarah Legesse.

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With both form and function, printed scarves still have their place in the halls of Blair. Perfect for adding an extra flair to a simple outfit, scarves can be worn so many different ways that no two scarf-clad Blazers will look alike.

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Reminiscent of elementary school fashion, headbands are making their mature comeback. Instead of the cheap plastic ones of yesteryear, this season is all about metallic and cloth-braided headbands. Perfect for an unruly hair day, these instant-outfit-updaters are a sure-fire way to get a-head!

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While shades are cool even in the cool weather, aviators are no longer flying high on Blair Boulevard. Wayfarers are way more flattering and look great with stocking caps. Blazers are ditching the cop look for a more trendy and less costume-y look.


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It may not be springtime, but that has not fazed Blazers who are embracing flower power! Many Blazers can be spotted on the Boulevard wearing floral prints with a cardigan thrown over their shoulders. Perfect for those not quite ready to transition to winter just yet, bold flowers look great on any body type.

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Photo: Senior Angela Nunez combines plaid with leggings for the fall look.

No, the counseling office at Blair has not added a Lumberjack 101 elective, but Blazers are incorporating "brawny" style into their day-to-day wear. Flannel shirts of all colors are a great way to stay warm and comfortable during a tough day at school. Worn buttoned up or over a tank top, Blazers have brought back this 90s trend and added a millennium flair.

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When it comes to belted skirts and dresses, chuck those chunky belts. Big belts are a thing of the past when most Blazers are rocking thin belts to perfect their polished outfits. Thin belts are ideal for accenting the waist , with browns and blacks as the top picks for this autumn.


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High-waisted skirts continue to be a versatile option for fashion-conscious Blazers. Whether they want to be bold with statement-making prints or sophisticated with polished buttons, Blazers are giving a new definition to the word "hip." Even if the weather is chilly, throw on a pair of tights or leggings and make a smooth transition from summer to fall.

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Photo: Freshman Avi Li wears blue skinny jeans paired with a colorful, conveniently sized purse.

Who knew the mom jeans could look so cute? High-waisted trousers are all the rage on the Boulevard as Blazers take advantage of this new comfortable alternative to the ubiquitous skinny jean. Blazers can find these in denim, twill and numerous other fabrics, which make these pants as versatile as they are stylish.

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Say goodbye to the low-rise jeans that leave little to the imagination. As the waists of jeans begin to rise, Blazers will no longer have to squirm to keep their pants from exposing more than the dress code allows. Saying no to crack will be a breeze, as higher waisted pants become the new fashion norm.


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Brown and black riding boots are charging in this season with flair. Worn with jeans or a cute dress and tights, these boots are the perfect way to finish off an autumn outfit.

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Black and white patent-leather shoes may seem like they are for tuxedos, but many lady Blazers have played down these fancy shoes and made them perfect for the Blair Boulevard runway. Since they come in a wide variety of colors, Blazers can wear them with a wide variety of outfits, from sweaters to jumper dresses.

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While comfort and warmth are major factors in this season's fashions, Uggs no longer have a place in this equation. With so many cuter shoe options out there nowadays, it's time to retire Uggs to around-the-house-wear.

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