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May 22, 2013, 10:37 p.m. | By Emma Yeager | 11 years ago

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First of all I would like to declare this week the best week of school ever. Not only have we slept in practically every morning (unless you had a ton of HSAs), but Memorial Day weekend is coming up! The weather report for Monday looks great (a high of 73 degrees), so I'm sure many of us will be headed to the pool. If you're searching for a bathing suit for this weekend and the upcoming summer, Silver Style has some options for you to consider.


This picture from H&M's 2013 swimwear shoot suggests that zip-front swimsuits will make a return to their stores this summer. Photo courtesy of Courtesy of H&M.

If you're a regular customer at H&M, chances are you've seen the zip-front one pieces they've been selling for a couple summers. It's a pretty unusual style, and I admit my first reaction to them was "What is that?" But it's starting to look like H&M was just ahead of the game! Scuba-style suits are popping all over the place this season, including at big names like Marc Jacobs and Lisa Marie Fernandez. If the style catches your eye then have no fear and dive in, pun intended, Fashion Week approves.


This suit has an adorable unstructured top and sweet polka dots.  Photo courtesy of Courtesy of Modcloth.

Vintage-looking two-pieces are big every season. Not only are retro suits a cute blast from the past, they're also really practical. Their traditionally high waisted bottoms are great for water parks and beaches because you'll never be in danger of accidentally losing them in the surf. These bathing suits also offer a little more coverage than your average bikini if you want something more conservative. I like this suit from ModCloth.


If you want to try it on before you buy, they're selling this exact bikini at Nordstrom. Photo courtesy of Courtesy of Topshop.

The edges of these fun bathing suits look like they've been cut with the patterned scissors of our childhoods. Not quite bold enough to be called graphic, these swimsuits still make a statement. Scalloped edges look best on suits with a sweetheart cut, like this bikini from TopShop.

Crop Top-esque

This two piece from Roxy comes in lots of different colors. Photo courtesy of Courtesy of Roxy.

I don't know what to call this cut but I like it. Swimmers sick of clingy, skin tight styles will likely see these bathing suits as welcome change. The length of the top varies, from styles verging on tankini to shorter crops. And check out the crop top-esque bikini's weird cousin, the fringe bikini!

As always, the most important thing to remember when shopping for a bathing suit is to have fun and not stress. It can get frustrating but as long as you love it (sorry for the cliché), that's all the matters.
Silver Style Tip: Always rinse your bathing suit after you wear it to prevent pilling and stretching. There's nothing worse than finding a great sporty/retro/scalloped/crop top style bathing suit and ruining it with chlorine.

We have 22 days left of the school year so get pumped for pool days and most importantly…swim suits!

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