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Nov. 14, 2012, 6:52 p.m. | By Stacy Mathew | 11 years ago

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As temperatures dramatically drop and Thanksgiving creeps around the corner, we are reminded that fall is coming to an end and soon enough it will be winter. After last year's disappointing, snow-free winter, we are expected to have quite the opposite this year. Whether we are joyously watching the snow fall and schools days pass by from the comfort of our home or dreadfully dragging ourselves home from the bus stop every day during two degree weather, we could always spice up our life with a new style for our lips. Often times, we neglect this important feature of our face and pay more attention to the eyes, but you would be surprised as to how much a beautiful lip can improve your entire look. This will especially benefit those whose faces get very pale and flushed out during the winter due to the lack of sun.

Not your typical lip product
Ever heard of lip cream? No, it is not some type of strange ointment for unknown sores on your mouth. Instead, it's the perfect mixture between lip gloss and lipstick that applies to lips smoothly and typically has a matte finish, although you can purchase lip creams with a kick of sparkle. The creaminess of the formula allows it to be easily spread against lips and the color lasts for a long time and even gives the impression of having fuller lips. Lip creams are especially awesome when bought in vibrant colors, such as a pure red or a deep cranberry. My favorite lip cream happens to be this one by Nyx.

Actress Hayden Panettiere is often seen using a lip stain in her red carpet appearances. Photo courtesy of Fame Pictures.

An (almost) permanent solution to full lips
If you enjoy having the appearance of full lips, then you definitely want to try using a Lipstain The fine tip of the applicator allows you to easily glide along the outer lines of your lips and color in accordingly, and the color also lasts all day (hence it being called a lip stain). Because of how long they last, I would not suggest using an overly bright color if you only wish to keep the color on for a few hours. "Nude Kiss," "Flirty Nude," and "Wild Berry Wink" all work well with most skin complexions and add definition to the lips without appearing too heavy.

Everyone should be able to confidently say that their "lip gloss is poppin'" as Lil Mama did in '07.

A twist on a classic
We were all introduced into lip gloss in middle school, and although there have been many improvements from the sticky "Lipsmacker" days, it is still important to be careful when it comes to lip gloss. Many lip glosses dry out easily and leave white chafings where the sticky gloss dried up on your lips, causing an extremely unattractively look. However, the lip gloss world is much like the dating world in that if we look hard, we will find a lip gloss worth investing in. Golden Gloss from Yves Saint Laurent is sure to prove your past lip glosses to shame. This lip gloss provides a "mirror effect” due to its high shine and real 24-carat-gold flecks. It nourishes your lips without requiring the constant applying that many lipsticks do and smells wonderful, too. This lip gloss can be purchased in any color and will still look stunning, but I do recommend staying closer to the natural color of your lips so that it doesn't look like you just spilled gel on your face.

Lips don't produce natural oils like the rest of your body, so it's important to moisturize them as much as possible. Using the above products will have your lips looking plump, healthy and fashionable, as long as you don't get any of the above products in blue, purple or orange.

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