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Nov. 7, 2012, 1:10 p.m. | By Temi Ibirogba | 11 years, 6 months ago

During the winter time, most people's main concern is staying warm and the cold morning walks to the bus stops for most Blair students are not enjoyable.

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During the winter time, most people's main concern is staying warm. The cold morning walks to the bus stops for most Blair students are not enjoyable, but here are some things people should rethink before leaving the house these next coming months.

Shorts and Uggs

Some people love the combination of shorts and Uggs and that's totally fine but when it's 30 degrees outside, it's not as sensible. Instead, go for a skirt with tights and combat boots. And if combat boots aren't for you, try leggings with the shorts and Uggs. At

least that's a little warmer. Fingerless gloves

It's understandable that touch screens and gloves don't always go well together but fingerless gloves are not warm. Try touch gloves which are meant for touch screens and have a special padding on the some of the fingers so that users can stay warm and text. Just make sure they

work with which ever phone you have.Flesh colored leggings

Even if you know you're wearing leggings, other people might not. Stay away from ones that match your skin tone. Stick with solid blacks and grays for the most part and fun colors are always cool if worn right. Remember that crop tops and leggings are not an acceptable outfit especially in these cold months.

Huge fur jackets

I'm not going to lie, (fake) fur vests can be cute despite the popular opinion that they are hideous. A little white one with a simple long sleeves shirt, jeans and boots can work for tall girls especially. But if the sleeves go past tank top length, maybe rethink it. Overall, it's a trend that mainly the Upper East Side can make work but if you have a Serena van der Woodsen or Blake Lively build, you might be able to pull it off.

Neutral Tones with a Pop

Magazines and fashions blogs have been pushing the pop of color trend forever. People might be able to get away with wearing hot pinks and oranges combined in the summertime but once winter rolls around, it's time for neutrals. Try a white baggy sweater, black or grey leggings, light brown boots and blue headband or scarf to finish it off. The blue makes the outfit stand out more while the other colors are more winter appropriate. But a pop of color isn't always necessary; sometimes it's nice to go with the classic blacks and whites for a perfect look.

Those are all the tips for now but remember that these are just recommendations, if one of these pieces are your thing then go for it. No one can tell you that you're wrong if something is your signature look.

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