Silvia Trumbower leaves after teaching English for 19 years

May 30, 2004, midnight | By Kate Selby | 20 years ago

English teacher reminisces about Blair

Silvia Trumbower, veteran English teacher of 19 years, plans to retire but still recalls fond memories of Blair.

She insists that no matter how long she's been teaching, "New things happen every day." To keep sleepy students awake and alert, she maintains classroom morale with clever tricks of the trade, like beginning her SAT prep classes "with vocab cards and a bag of Hershey's kisses."

Over the years, Trumbower has not been able to warm every student up with chocolate, but she accepts that a teacher is not always perfect. "Sometimes I just fail," she admits willingly. "If I had the answer to how to get all kids to work, I would've retired years ago. I would be a millionaire."

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