Snoozing is the way to win

Sept. 10, 2013, 1:49 p.m. | By Samuel Popper | 10 years, 2 months ago

During the weeks before school, much was on my mind. Besides football practice, I had friends, my classes for the upcoming year, and especially summer homework to juggle. It took enormous amounts of energy to get everything done and to be ready for the first day of school, August 27th.

But that night before the start of arguably the most important year of high school: my junior year, I noticed that I was in fact not ready for school. I did not have a single school supply! No pens, no notebooks, no folders, and no highlighters…just a MAJOR problem. So after the most unorganized day of my young life, my mother and I made an emergency trip to Staples on the intersection of Randolph and Georgia.

Surrounded by some of the many supplies I purchased.  Photo courtesy of Connor Smith.

My mom and I shared the same pessimistic feeling going into Staples. We hoped supplies wouldn't be too overpriced but most of all that there would be something left. Once we got inside, we saw the mob of last minutes shoppers heading towards the school supplies aisle. Once we arrived, we immediately figured out why such a huge crowd was there. The prices were astounding! Only 32 cents per notebook, 5 dollars per 24 pens, 5 dollars per 5 highlighters, and the best deal of all, when you bought 10 folders they each became only 1 penny!

And the inventory was massive! I bought 15 notebooks, 24 pens, 5 highlighters, and 20 folders for my twin brother and me. Our final total added up to only 15 dollars! 15 dollars for 15 notebooks is fine on its own, not even adding the 24 pens, 5 highlighters, and 20 folders.

Shocked by the success of our emergency shopping, my mother asked the cashier at Staples why all their school supplies were so cheap. He explained to us that we had just been a part of Staple's "end of summer rush”. Staples always has extra school supplies at the end of summer that must be sold, so it goes for an extremely cheap price. My mother and I left Staples with smiles on our faces, school supplies in our bags, and more money than we expected in our pockets. Boy did we learn our lesson that day.

So here's a tip to all the Blazers out there: wait until the absolute last minute to buy all school supplies! You're doing yourself a favor and saving big time.I guess most of all from that experience I learned that you can snooze, and still end up winning, a lesson I can "profit” off of for the rest of my life.

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