Dec. 3, 2003, midnight | By Branden Buehler, KC Costanzo | 20 years, 6 months ago

It's never too early to dream

It's on folks. MCPS vs. Winter 2003/2004 promises to be an epic battle and we may get round one as early as Thursday night. This could be the first time this school year that Blazers get a legimate excuse to skip school for reasons unrelated to PEPCO and its inability to keep electricity running. Will there actually be snow, and if so, will Blair close? Will the Redskins ever make it back to the playoffs? Read on for answers to two thirds of those questions.

Here's what and the National Weather Service are predicting:


» A winter storm watch has been issued from Thursday night until Saturday

» Snow showers and a steadier snow developing late

» Chance of snow 80%

» Low: ~30°

» Accumulation: Two to four inches


» Rain and snow in the morning becoming lighter in the afternoon

» Chance of precipitation 80%.

» High: 39°

» Low: 30°

» Accumulation: About one inch

» According to the people who know about this stuff: "We could not be more on the fence in terms of the precipitation types [Thursday] . . . a real wintry mix that could make it real tricky to get around." – Dave Lew, WTOP meteorologist

Chips' best guess: 50% chance of cancellation on Friday; 70% chance of at least a two-hour delay. While the temperature outside will probably only just barely reach freezing, meteorologists are now more certain of at least some snow. Importantly, there should be snow accumulated and still coming at the time buses head out to pick up kids. Roads will likely be a mess and schools will take some sort of action. And if snow doesn't come through in Silver Spring, one might be able to count on Damascus.

Current radar image from the National Weather Service (click to enlarge)

Check the Silver Chips Online weather page for additional information, including a link to real-time weather conditions at Blair.

MCPS weather policies can be found on their emergency information page.

snoWatch discussion: Is Ice, Ice Baby an appropriate song to use during a snow dance?

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