Jan. 13, 2004, midnight | By Branden Buehler, KC Costanzo | 20 years, 5 months ago

Brace for impact: snow, exams begin collision course

White gold, fake-me-out ice, nature's confetti. Snow goes by many aliases, most used by snoWatch editors trying to think of something to write. Winter's prodigal son is elusive and often causes false alarms. For instance, if what you see falling from the sky is white and in flake form, you're more than likely safe. It's probably just volcanic ash. If it's wet, though, there's a problem. What you've got now is either snow or an underwater volcano and both lead to treacherous road conditions. This week, the weather people aren't predicting much volcanic activity in our immediate area, but they haven't ruled out snow. Don't sweat it though . . . because it'll freeze to your face.

Here's what and the National Weather Service are predicting:

Wednesday night

» 70% chance of snow before 4 a.m.

» Possible accumulation: less than one inch to two inches.

» Low: 26°

» According to the people who know about this stuff: "It's going to be one of those situations where everything that falls will stick." – Doug Hill, ABC 7 chief meteorologist

Chips' best guess: 55% chance of cancellation on Thursday; 60% chance of at least a two-hour delay. It all depends on what you're reading. One weather report says one thing, another weather report says another. Will the madness never end? If you believe, then the the roads will probably be in poor condition tomorrow morning. MCPS will also be wary of holding school following the dusting last week that got Fairfax in trouble with parents when traffic conditions took a turn for the worse. Add to that the recent issues MCPS schools have had with water pipes, and it remains possible students will be getting a little time off. However, this one is very much up in the air folks. It's true, Silver Chips Online has a pretty abysmal record for predicting this stuff, but you have to cut the snoWatch writers some slack. The weather team is doing the best it can with only minimal motivation.

Check the Silver Chips Online weather page for additional information, including a link to real-time weather conditions at Blair.

MCPS weather policies can be found on their emergency information page.

snoWatch discussion: Snow and plow. Two words in the English dictionary that, when joined, cooperate to communicate to the reader a large vehicle capable of pushing snow. How can two words that, to all outward appearances, are the best of friends not rhyme even though they end with the same two letters?

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