Soccer games postponed

Oct. 14, 2002, midnight | By Luke Bostian | 21 years, 8 months ago

Blazers frustrated, but optimistic about rest of season

All soccer games and outdoor practices have been cancelled indefinitely due to the recent sniper attacks. Blair's players and coaches are frustrated, but maintain an optimistic attitude.

Blair boys' varsity soccer coach Adrian Baez is in favor of the cancelled practices and postponed games. "Make no mistake about it, it's safety first," he said. "There's a big question about who will be next, and we can't be trying our best with this going on."

Despite his agreement with the county's policy, Baez is frustrated by the lack of time his team has had together in the last week and a half.

His players are frustrated as well, and disagree with their coach on the beneficience of cancellations. "I have a strong feeling that [the games] should be played. We're basically living in fear. They're stopping what we do in our regular lives," said senior co-captain Andrew Shoenfeld.

Shoenfeld and senior co-captain Alieu Terry believe that indoor practices won't amount to much, agreeing that practices would do little but help get the players back in the soccer mindset.

Despite their misgivings, both players and coach are hopeful about the rest of the season. Baez said he is sure that the games will be made up. He and Terry both said that because the other teams have had as little practice as Blair, the Blazers should be at no added disadvantage when they face their most difficult opponents in the next few games.

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