Sports dreams shot down

Nov. 8, 2002, midnight | By Calvin Anderson | 18 years, 2 months ago

On Sept 11 we were told not to let the terrorists change our everyday lives. We were told to continue on as normal because they wanted to disrupt our way of life, and if we changed, we would be giving in. Once again, the time came when some psychos were trying to force us to change how we live our lives—-but this time, we gave in.

For over three weeks in October, the Washington, D.C., area was swamped with a number of tragic sniper shootings. Much of the fall sports season was cancelled as a result. The snipers single-handedly ruined many athletes' opportunities to be recruited for college. It is an absolute outrage that quality football players like seniors Avon Jackson and Chris Giovanniello may never get recruited to play football at the next level because of two men.

Jackson arranged for coaches to watch him play and possibly offer him a scholarship. "I got in contact with a coach from Virginia Union, and he was planning on taking a trip to see me. But because of the cancellations, that trip couldn't happen," said Jackson, adding that the coaches would probably not have another opportunity to come to Blair.

Giovanniello was hoping to be recruited by many Division I-AA and Division III schools, but because of the cancelled games, his chances of receiving a football scholarship may be shrinking as well. "I have fewer games to show off my talent and try to get myself a scholarship. Everyone else will have a full season of tape whereas I may only have the first five games," said Giovanniello.

Cal's Call: Since the sniper has been caught, athletes may be able to get back on track and perform well enough to get the scholarships that they deserve. But if this type of situation were to arise again, would the county still put that much power into the hands of an individual? It's an outrage and an injustice to Jackson, Giovanniello and so many others like them who may not receive that scholarship or get a chance to attend college. Superintendent Jerry Weast and company must find a way to maintain safety without jeopardizing the future of the student athletes.

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