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May 13, 2009, midnight | By Susie Branson | 12 years, 6 months ago

Blair hallways blossom with spring fashions

As the weather heats up, so do the hallways! Spring fever is sparking fashion passion as students and teachers are pulling out their most beloved shorts, skirts and shirts from the depths of their closets. While the cold rolls back across our northern border, Silver Chips Online brings you the newest fashion crazes for the spring - styles as fresh as the weather.

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Photo: Junior Leyla Aguilar dons a light, patterned dress and a white cardigan to keep out the spring chill.

As sweaters become obsolete with the rising heat, try to emphasize necklines with cute accessories. Whether it's a string of beads, a classic strand of pearls or exquisite pendants, look for fun colors and antique finds to complement and add a little creativity to your outfit.

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This season is all about experimenting with different hairstyles. Put it up or keep it down, but try and play around with cute hair clips for a funky new or classic style.

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Give your poor ears a break and put down those heavy, oversized earrings. Achieve the same coolness with cute little studs or light earrings that don't crowd your face.

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Ah yes, the quintessential sundress. Even though these familiar favorites have been around for a couple of years, nothing captures spring fever quite the same. Mix it up this year by trying long maxi dresses and avoid the typical floral patterns and instead opt for bright colors or patterns. To truly capture the fresh silhouettes these dresses achieve, avoid chunky leggings that shorten the leg and opt for sleek tights if the air still has a nip to it.

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This spring is all about color, color, color! Brighten the hallways with bright yellows, greens, pinks and blues that flatter newly tanned skin tones. Also look for sheer and ruffled fabrics to breathe a little air into your typical crew or v-neck shirt collection.

Photo: Junior Kiah Mahy shows that dresses are becoming more and more popular as the school year wears on even if she needs a sweater for those colder days.

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Shrunken cardigans can flatter a figure in a mini dress. However, try and avoid these doll-sized doozies when pairing them with a tank-top and jeans - it often imbalances your body and emphasizes the wrong areas.

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Show some leg and break out a spring favorite: shorts! For both the ladies and gents, try and steer away from last season's favorite plaid picnic patterns and opt for bright solid-colored shorts instead.

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Highlight a tiny waist and silhouette with full high-waist skirts this spring. Be sure to keep those eyes peeled for fun flirty colors and patterns that will perfect your outfit.

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With all of the flirty colors and patterns cluttering stores this spring, be sure to avoid denim skirts that are often dangerously short and provide a day of constant readjusting. The fabric skirts of the season are not only more flattering, but also a lot comfier and classier. With all of the options to keep cool this spring, there should be no excuse for jean skirts on top of leggings.

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Ah yes, it is time to let those toes breathe! Wiggle, bend and be sure to paint them in fun colors for a picture of perfection in your favorite strappy sandals. Cute in any color or design, strappy sandals are a great way to finish an outfit and achieve a fresh spring look. The classic favorite Rainbow sandals are also a repeat for the season as it's impossible to avoid the luring call of such comfort.

Photo: Sophomore Tanisha Henry wears bright, sunny, gold, open-toed sandals as a way to invite spring into her life.

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To add to the collection of footwear, this season's runways were filled with thick-strapped sandals. Whether flat or with a small heel, this fashion-forward look provides sturdier support and often more comfort. Also, for a girlier look, check out a childhood throwback: brightly colored jellies! This cute and quirky sandal is definitely worth the occasional squeak.

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This season is all about feminine silhouettes and gentle figures, so when sandal shopping, try and avoid the overly strappy gladiator sandals. Opt for a more fluid, approachable look. Especially watch out for the knee-high straps as it often interrupts the length and fluidity of your leg, making you look shorter.

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