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March 28, 2010, 10:38 p.m. | By Jenna Bushnell | 11 years, 8 months ago

Warm weather brings hot trends

Ah, the smell of springtime is enough to make even the coldest of hearts thaw. Along with the snow, layers of clothes have melted off Blazers as the warm weather brings even hotter fashion. Springing up along with flowers are all sorts of new trends that are sure to sizzle in the sun.


Photo: Freshmen Avi Li, Eloise Goldsmith, Peter McNally and Jordana Rubenstein-Edburg wear shorts and bright colors in celebration of spring.

In While headbands may always be a constant fashion staple, this year be on the look out for bejeweled and befeathered headgear. It's all about making a statement, so don't be afraid to be headstrong.
Out It's time to retire those stocking caps to the closet. Free your head of the sweaty, thick burden of a winter hat and switch to a baseball hat or fedora. Your hot head will thank us!


In Like the springtime air, shirts and dresses are reflecting a light and breezy attitude. If you really want to embrace the season, look for shirts made of linen or ones that feature lace detail to give off a wispy vibe.
Out It's time to say goodbye to dark, dreary fabrics. This season is all about light and pale colors and floral prints. You no longer need to mourn the absence of winter with your black clothes.


Photo: Freshmen Katherine Romero and Sara Sanchez sport flirty floral prints and strappy sandals for the warm weather to come.

In It's time to get crafty, Blazers! The boulevard is heating up with savvy students who made their own shorts out of old denim. Check out local thrift stores or raid your mom's closet for old jeans, grab a pair of scissor and go for it. High waisted "mom-jeans" are being reinvented into hip shorts thanks to some clever innovation.
Out Bye, bye jean skirts - high-waisted floral skirts are becoming a staple. Sad to see your denim go? Look online for cool ways to transform your skirt into a purse.


In In addition to the typical sandal, this season prepare to see canvass shoes make a big comeback. Stores are selling them in a variety of different colors and prints, which make for some great mixing and matching options.
Out Wedged shoes are a thing of the past. The once popular and bulky shoes are making their way out as the summer sandal of choice are strappy flat shoes.

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