Spring Shindig postponed

May 16, 2006, midnight | By Mary Donahue | 18 years ago

Lack of venue leads to rescheduling

The Spring Shindig, a concert originally to be held in the SAC for Blair bands to perform in, was postponed until June because organizers of the event were not able to schedule a place to hold the event.

Initially planned for May 12, the Spring Shindig was postponed after the Blazer Bash, a dance sponsored by the SGA, moved to May 12. Junior Nicholas Lukehart, who organized the concert, and faculty advisor Lansing Freeman tried to move the concert to May 19, but were unable to do so because of "shifting availability dates and administrative difficulty," Freeman said.

According to Carrie Addison, a secretary in the Main Office and coordinator of building use, there was confusion due to lack of communication and failure to fill out the proper paperwork. "This is the first I've ever heard of it," Addison said, although Lukehart claims to have gone three times personally to ask for an available date, but Lukehart also admits poor communication was involved. He also did not want to publicize the concert extensively until he got concrete confirmation for May 19.

The Blazer Bash, which was originally scheduled for April 21, was moved to May 12 because of slow ticket sales, according to junior class president Kenny Coleman. "To my knowledge the Spring Shindig was unofficially scheduled, so we scheduled the dance for that day," Coleman said.

The concert, which would have been sponsored by the Young Democrats, was to feature nine performances by Blair bands and students. "I think the school has priorities that aren't necessarily in accordance to the students," said junior Colin Forhan, guitarist for the band Ninjas Against the Ebola Virus that was scheduled to perform. "I feel that a concert event should have taken priority over a DJed dance since it features actual Blair students."

Lukehart, who coordinated the SGR Spectacular and the Rock for Change concert, wanted to organize a spring concert since the other two were so successful. "It was just going to be for kids to come out and have a good time," said Lukehart.

Lukehart plans to hold the concert in the basement of a friend's house at the beginning of June to help raise money for Mairi Rothman's trip to El Salvador.

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